Yukmouth Speaks on Alleged Suge Knight Robbery

Yukmouth recently hit up VladTV.com to clear up the rumors that he was robbed and assaulted by Suge Knight earlier this week.

According to the Bay Area MC, Knight was not involved in the incident. “L.A. police have been after Suge Knight for years and are lying about me to try to get him,” the former Luniz rapper said. “If Suge was caught jaywalking they would lock him up. I never filed a police report and I never pressed any charges. Me and Suge have always been cool – I wouldn’t have had a meeting with him if I thought there was some sort of problem. The situation happened with some other people that didn’t have anything to do with Suge, probably because they saw me shining. I’ve spoken to Suge after the incident and we’re good.”

As previously reported, authorities told TMZ that an altercation happened on March 22 at Ralph’s supermarket in the San Fernando Valley, that ended in Knight and 10 associates allegedly walking away with $92,000 worth of Yuk’s jewelry.  —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • http://www.djcbz@myspace.com Worldizmine

    Dude going to kill Suge knight & say I didn’t do it we are cool man!

  • A Genius

    WHATEVER NIGGA!… Sounds like a cover up to me… but hopefully he’s covering up a Upcoming ass whoopin Suge is bout to recieve! maybe Yuk can get another Barber to cut the Suges Head for real!.. either that or SUge, TOLD him to cover it up!

  • Justice4all

    Who cares, ni**erdom at it’s finest.

  • bullets

    yukmouth a real nigga he aint snitchin them nigas gone handle that like g’s

  • Worley

    In other words “I received a picture of my home and a burned cigar in the mail so I stopped cooperating with the police.”

    • Jack Tripper


  • http://xxl.com BZ

    Is this not like the 3rd time Yuks bin jacked for his chain??Then dudes like C-BO go get it back for him lol

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Haha, maybe so, but ain’t nooooo one catching up Yung Berg’s chain snatching record. I’m not sure it’s possible.

  • these posts are racist

    “Nah man, me and Deebo are friends.”

  • LoL

    lol like they told Ice Cube on Barbershop……HOW YOU GONNA RE-NIG????? 1st reports said he told the police it was SUGE now he re-nigging saying it wasnt SUGE.

    To quote Keith Sweat = something something just aint right

  • murdermami

    lmfao @tpar

  • js416

    lol @ kid pistol

  • yall_trippin

    umm suge and yuk got connections together thrrew rap a lot jprince so HE PROBABLY TELLIN THE TRUTH!

  • trinadoll

    see if you can take my identity

    Geraldine Castillo
    DOB 11/29/81
    Lic number B7852741 (CA)

    • sinaloa cartel hit man

      why you lying about your old ass age on myspace? lol..

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Get off XXL you wack ho cake!

  • Fireforreal

    Yuk a scared ass nigga lol now he’s switchin up his story. Kids just because a nigga acts thoro on a record doesn’t mean shit in real life. Over half these so called thug,gangster and real rappers be getting punked and tell you the total opposite on record and in interviews.

  • fardeas

    yukmouth diss to game in breath”and every week you get slapped by suge”

  • holy denial batman

    LOL YUKMOUTH is a BITCH!!!! The Bay should run him out

  • Rizzo Fa Rizzeal

    Who is Yukmouth anyway? Him and suge need to take a backseat. And if you want the bay area to run Yuk out, just holla at ya boy, holla at ya boy.

  • Ramesh

    at least suge didn’t fuck him in his ass

  • Anonymous

    yall are onnsome fuckin fan shit niggas is really in the streets out here in the bay doin it live fuckin wit the goons n gobilins on some real shit sayin yuk scred and half the rappers be gettin punked, u must be listening to some bitch ass mainstream artists if ur sayin ther gettin punked an they aint gangsta. niggas in the bay are really doin it in the streets out here unlike u internet gangsters and u fake ass main stream ass wack rappers

  • Cheeky

    Oh my God,Yuk is shook n scared,ofcourse hes goin to switch it up now…he doesnt want to be remebered as a snitch,which he clearly is,bkoz he spoke already and cried to police about it.
    Ofcourse now hes switching it up,hes terrified of his life lol.

    He def aint no gangsta and def didnt have that much in jewellry stolen from him,he just exaggereated to make gettn robbed look better.
    YUKMOUTH is a wanksta lol

  • Anonymous

    Use a search engine & look up his track record (albums/mixtapes) & tell me he don’t have over 90 g’z in jewels. How do niggaz do shows overseas (throughout europe & australia) put tour in the states. His all out war mixtapes sold over 3 times more than these mainstream albums. Check the numbers & if anybody has ever heard his music (which none of the broke ass niggaz on this site talkin shit probably has) then you know the man got skillz.

  • Anonymous

    suge would not think of it, yuk fuck with the mob. the whole bay would be pissed, c-bo, messy, the regime, fat tone, the jakka, etc. etc.

    • Caine

      Deez niggaz don’t know nuthin homey…Chuuch…tell em to go snatch the Albulation if they wanna get up on Yuk.


    Id like to know why this friggin idiot would have on 92k worth of jewelry at a friggin SUPERMARKET .. lol.. smh..

  • disoBAYish

    Yuk is a beast. He better strike back at them niggas, or I am going to stop buying his albums.

  • Anonymous

    yukmouth if you read this please listen to me.. im not from usa and i am not blsck but i listen to your music because i can relate cause i am a orignal criminal and your music is really heavy..i no about reputation and your name is all you got think hard on this my friend…you know what to do

  • Anonymous

    in other words prove us real criminals that you ar real my friend i know its hard sometimes a lot of politics but there are many ways to skin a cat…….

  • Anonymous

    loose ballin my nig .

  • Anonymous

    suge is a boss and shit jus happens

  • dollartrill

    I’m glad somebody finally tore off in his ass, nigga a buck 50 and be talking mad shit, dissed P, g-unit, game, short. it’s been a long time coming fuck nigga.

  • thugfather

    what up yuk.
    dont disapoint tha thugnation

  • thugfather

    i dont need 10 others to help me do a robbery.
    we live by the street rules and we dont snitch.
    we solve it ourself.tell suge to come rob a suriname nigga.south american nigga