Young Jeezy & Gucci Mane Camps Fight in ATL

The beef between Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane may be over but no one sent the memo to their respective crews.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the two camps were involved in a dispute in downtown ATL this afternoon (March 4). Shots were fired today at around 4 p.m. at Walters Clothing store but no one was injured.

The altercation started when Wacka Flocka Flame, a member of Gucci’s 1017 Brick Squad and the son of rap manager Debra Antney (Gucci, Nicki Minaj), and his affiliates spotted Jeezy’s crew in the store. After the fight broke out, Flocka’s bodyguard allegedly fired his weapon. He is currently in police custody.

“There was a physical altercation inside the location between several men,” Atlanta Police spokesman James Polite told the AJC. One of the men produced a gun “and as a result a private armed security guard of a local entertainer discharged his weapon.”

An employee at Walters said that the “O Let’s Do It” rapper suffered injuries. “Whoever he is he’s got a big swollen eye now,” he said.

As previously reported, Waka was just shot last January in a botched robbery attempt.

Gucci and Jeezy publicly squashed their long-standing beef live on DJ Drama’s Hot 107.9 radio show in December. —Elan Mancini

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  • EMG

    Bloods and Crips obviously don’t get along….

    • THUNDA

      I dont think its that i just think they didnt like how eachother got down, me personally i dont like tha way waka carries hisself i mean a hood nigga is a hood nigga but when you get tha oppurtunity to get tha fucc away from all tha stresses in tha street get yo ass away he still tryin to prove he hard and shyt. i dont know what part of tha game that is

      • Yodel


        His mom is Gucci’s rap manager–he’s obviously just on some made-up hype tip. I mean, he can’t rap…what’s he gonna do all day but try to create more hype for himself by getting shot at?

      • $yk!

        @ THUNDA

        Liking the first 2 cuts. The pen game is like a zone away from writing 3-5 plates of food to eat forever.



      Ya’ll know who did that shit ME

    • NotoriousAGC

      bloods and crips? i think you mean watered-down,lazy,southern,chicken and beer,lames,fruit punch and blueberry gangs bunch of WEST COAST wanna-be’s IS MORE LIKE IT.

      Snoop said it himself, don’t come to cali thinkin’ your red gang fits the rules and codes from out here.

  • the change

    Of course wacka flocka flame or i prefer (lame, lame, & lame)would be put on by Gucci Mane it all makes sense now, see a rapper that thinks he’s good can go ahead since he’s put some work out can now give the go to put out acts as bad as himself. That’s funny and Fucked up cause it only feeds more fuel into the fire man (creating not good music just a one hit wonder, catchy jingle, crap). Like Freeway said “There shit is ass, on toilet seat, I should of took a shit on them.” lol “Laugh At Them” – Freelapse cop it.

  • hate

    An employee at Walters said that the “O Let’s Do It” rapper suffered injuries. “Whoever he is he’s got a big swollen eye now,” he said.

    1st he get shot up. now he get beat up.

    this pussy stay losing

    and his mommy gucci’s manager?

    what a faggot

    fuck a waka flaka

  • $yk!

    ??? Word?

    Where my ATL affiliates @? Waka caught an eye jammie?

    • capcobra

      they just popped at him in charlotte during ciaa…smh…this dude gon be dead or in jail before his 2nd cd drop.

      • EReal

        I guess they chose not to salute him.

      • $yk!

        @ cap

        Good looking. Youngin’ got the goons trying to bite his head off.

        2 highly publicized events within 3 months. That whole crew better fall back, they just gained some more spectators if you can smell what I’m cooking.

  • VRoc

    “WAAAAAKA, WAAAAKA!” (said in my best Fonzi voice)

    • KG


      You have won the internet for the rest of the week.

  • Beave

    Lame, unintellectual, southern rappers. This dude is a clown. Get an IQ above 70. He going to end up between a rock and a hard place…then in a hard case.

    “Shots were fired today at around 4 p.m. at Walters Clothing store but no one was injured.”
    Quit holding the piece sideways, it might help. How are these idiots allowed to rap?

    • king of mississippi

      first of all yall some fucking haters all yall do is hate on the south for what reason cause we get money.YALL LAME and alot of yall internet pimp c said put our music on one side of the store and yall music on the other SEE WHO SALE MORE RECORDS PUSSY!

      • Shawtyizza10

        “Niggas frown when u up and smile when u down.” Pimp C

        Hip hop is hip hop. everybody got they preference. The South is shynin and there is no reason to be mad about that. Say wut u want but the numbers and the gwap speaks for itself. Ya’ll got one rapper that the country truly recognizes right now. We got about 20! Ya’ll hatin just motivatin. Thank you yankees for eveything! We love you!

    • Mr 843

      Being from the South, I just gotta say stop lumping all of our artists into one group because of dumbasses like Waka Flocka Lame and Coochie Mane. Not all of us, and not all of our artists, are that fucking ignorant. For example: T.I., Jeezy(on “The Recession” anyway), XXL Freshmen Donnis & J. Cole, just to name a few. Don’t think just because someone is from a certain area, they must be ignorant. Must I remind you that it was someone from up north who made “Chicken Noodle Soup?” What about “Give Me $20″ and “Jumping Out The Window?”

      • J


  • Daquan

    I dont know how you can diss on Waka. He is the shit he is gunna make it bigger then he is. He is the freshest shit out. And whats this shit about Freeway? Freeway who? Freeway is a dumbass and cant rap for shit.


      “Freeway is a dumbass and cant rap for shit.” …WoW youngin…WOW,.. you can tell your like a fuckin 12 year old kid. you cant be serious…comparing freeway & waka?, N your sayin wakas better?? go re-evaluate your life nigga.

      • Daquan

        Haha you obviously must be 12 years fuckin old. You cant even compare Waka and Freeway because Freeway doesnt even know the first thing about rap. What kind of name is Freeway?

        • akaTheRealist

          “What kind of name is Freeway?”

    • bullets

      u must be ten years old or something or live in a fuking card board box in atlanta where do they create people like yall who think wacka wacka is talented where let me know so i can blow that shit up

  • drox

    who in the world gives a rat ass about these lame ass people??? whether it jeezy nor esp gucci??? men, I feel xxl lost a couple of points runnin their mouth on these southern sell outs… stupid article

  • J Ceasar

    Freeway will never sell even if he makes a classic because he already blew his shot. Far as Waka, i hope he lives long enough for me to confirm what i suspect: o lets do it was luck and he wack.

    • bullets

      freeway already has a platinum album you dick head wacka wacka will be dead in a year and good fucking riddance

  • Kid Pistol

    Jeezy!!! Freeway’s newest album packaging is sooo dope too. Creativeness.

  • Random

    Humorous gangs “beef” and crews conflict… *sight* With so much energy put towards hate in their mind, why not join the armed service and fight for something with a little more purpose?

    All the media and balls jocking fan boys like some of you guys on here are the reason why these supposed rappers are so egotistical. Sad.


    @the change, @hate, @beave, @drox


  • Young 50

    Couldnt have said it any better @Random.

  • adamsexton


  • The187Worm

    This world is becoming like that movie IDIOCRACY!! All you young fucks out there need help… these rappers are a fucking JOKE!…LIL WAYNE! DRAKE! GUCCI! OJ DA JUICE MAN!<<<REALLY…YOUNGMONEY! WOCKA FLOCKA<<AGAIN REALLY?….SOULJA BOY! I CAN KEEP GOING….these motherfuckers are garbage and yes im a hater and i do wish death upon these whack ass motherfuckers…other artists hate these cats but they dont want to say shit to ruin there image and record sales!…I know if Pac or Biggie were alive this shit would not be going on!!! especially LIL WAYNE CALLIN HIMSELF BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!…ALL YOU YOUNGBUCK FAGGOT ASS MOTHERFUCKERS NEED TO KILL YOURSELVES AND THATS FOR WHOEVER LIKES THIS SHIT!…READ A COMMENT SAID FREEWAY AINT SHIT COMPARED TO WOCKA FLOCKA….LIKE YOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!…THIS WORLD IS GOING TO HELL AND I CANT WAIT …IMA SIT BACK GET DRUNK AND FLIP IT THE FUCK OFF!!…




    • jtm

      i agree hip hop has become a joke .

    • Deadly MIME

      yea I gotta cosign with 187worm myself. One day me and my homie was talking about the future of hip-hop and I told him in 5 years, I’m not gonna care anymore. In 5 years hip-hop is gonna be well on its way to the grave and I’m leaving it to the hood, jiggaboo niggaz cause thats all they can live for. far as the comment that one dude said about freeway ain’t shit but Waka FLocka is dope like WTF!!! That kid had to be like 13 or 14 cause no 19 or 20 year old would have said that. With the whole Gucci and Waka thing, man I ain’t worried bout them no more cause their just gonna fade to black like JAy did

  • caino

    if these kats put as much dedication into their music like they do their ‘beef’ they might actually come on my radar!!

    waka is going to end up dead soon. THis kat seems to be trying to prove how hard he is , yet keeps coming up with a L, shots to the body now a bruised eye to go with his bruised ego!!



  • heartlandG

    Am I tha only one thinkin why tha soldiers ddnt follow lead??? SMH @ Jeezy and Gucci unable to handle their crews…Understamd Jeezy lost a soldier tho, and Im sure tha goons aint jus goin squash this beef, it’s an eye for an eye…Life for a life. This is a street beef! not a hiphop beef

  • The real chris

    I had to co-sign beaver thats real what u said,and to mr.flocka take heed and be wiser u damn lame u make not make it to summer the way going son,and damn u got ass beat and last u got robbed.damn damn damn!!!!

  • The real chris

    i just read capcobra comment damn he got poped at and nc to damn he really is lame.hell and another thang what eva happend to shoot to kill dis clowns scared to kill a u pull the gun out u got to kill its a must.

  • The real chris

    @ 187 worn yeah t-rock is dope alot people overlook the guy but he aint bad damn show better than gucci and flock-lame

  • Jayhard

    It’s really sad that the music I know and love has come to this!! These young ass bubble gum, tootsie roll ass(suppose to be rappers) have killed the game. PLEASE BRING BACK THE GOOD OLE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you actually had to have some skills to touch the mic!!!!!!!!! If things keep up at this rate…. in 5-10years there ain’t gonna be any Hip Hop!! And what’s even more pittiful is not only can they not rap, but they can’t fight either!!!!!!!!! To quote A&E(Masta Ace & ED OG) for you youngins that don’t know-”That’s cause you a LITTLE YOUNG” check out the cut and learn something!!!!

  • 6661joker

    1st up FUCK anybody hatin on WAKA!!!! According to other sites. Slick Pulla was not even there. WHY!!! Cause he is on probation. But I bet his dumb ass will mention it on a mixtape to seem all hard. 2nd Waka did put a beatin down as well. Except the other “crew” ran out like bitches. Waka stood ground. To ya’ll who don’t know Waka was Gucci’s goon. But after what happened to OJ. He decided to get his people out the game. But Waka openly admitted that he is no rapper. That’s why he is not planning to drop an album anytime soon. He is gonna live off mixtapes. But after all this publicity. He is hot enough to drop an album & have it go platinum off one single. Fuck Ya’ll. @187. All those dudes HAVE SOLD OUT. Crooked I can’t drop an album because Suge Knight still owns his ass. Same goes to T-Rock DJ Paul & Juicy J own him too. They can hoop & holler all hard. But at the end of the day. They gotta pay up. Get ready for Gucci’s bro. Young Throwback. He on the way. Zone 6 Anthem. Bitch!!!!!

    • The187worm

      i dont give a fuck crooked i dont drop and album yall young muthufuckas dont deserve to hear his shit in the first place…and T-rock choice not to drop albums hates industry muthufuckas….and as for you sticking up for this lame ass nigga flocka…get off his dick.. what u know this cat personally? you have recess together? yall share your pb&j nigga? and Gucci is a real piece of shit whack ass bitch!!!! fuckign beats are garbage and lyrics are so bad id rather listen to fucking Enya nigga…so go back to doing ya jerk dance and rocking tighht ass jeans…you ignorant ass muthufuckas nbeed ya own style cuz that shit been done in the 80′s already playa….oh and fuck xxlmag!!!!

      hater out

    • Deadly MIME

      WTF!!!! O.K. its one thing that you like and support an artist. Then its another ting where ppl just flat you dick ridin a nigga and thats what this 6661 joker cat is doin. I mean if you read his comment to respond as to why he thinks Waka is dope, you notce it had nothing to do with skills or at least how much he sells. So 6661joker, you judge a rapper based on hodd credibility? So you want a fake ass nigga to inspire you dumbass? C’Mon son!!!! Sometimes ya’ll really gotta grow the fuck up and stop worrying about dumb shit cause the reality is the government is trying to get rid of you roaches aka niggas. but your dumbass don’t see that

  • bullets

    sometimes i wish all these rap nigas would get on a cruise ship for a big baller ass party and then that shit would sink so the world can be free of ignorant cheap jewelry wearing poor excuses for black people !!!! jeezy need to get these nigas killed fuk the personal shit them nigas is wack

  • Yesssss!!!!

    Waka, what’s up broham. Don’t get distracted from getting money, those CTE bitches ain’t shit anymore. Keep pimpin on these hoes, who cares if they don’t like you. What up Gucci, OJ, Wooh. So Icey/Brick Squad is on the come up while CTE is going down. The fans of Gucci and his crew are past the haters, we are ripping the music and having a ball while doing so. It’s Friday which makes it my day, O Lets Do It! Yeahhhhhh!!!!

    • The187Worm

      @YESSSSSS! Jesus christ playa u sound pathetic and u wanna be down so bad with these muthufuckas…whack ass nigga!…take ya young ass back to the mall where ya belong ..u think these rappers really read ya comments? ya talkin to them like there gonna read ya shit and be like this nigga right here is the truth lets cosign this cat lol…fuck you!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Nigga Moments……..

  • The real chris

    6661 joker shut the fuck up!!!!! u bitch ass nigga!!!! and stop dick riding flock,u say flock. gonna live off mixtapes?man thats all he can do cause a albulm from that clown would never ever sale.

  • The real chris

    @ the king of mississipppi,first off im a state im from the south but the truth is just the truth alot of the rappers out the south are damn clowns, gucci and flocka-lame arent making it any better.point blank if we as the south want true respect we got to get it together and bring rappers into the game who can actually rap.

  • Kid Pistol

    @187Worm. Thank God you exist my dude. This site is funny like that, you say the truth by pronouncing all these new “less is more” rappers and pop-rappers WACK AS F**K, and you get a hoard of d-riders defending them at you.

    Compare Nas’ WORST verse to Gucci’s “best” verse. Who wins. NAS urrrrrytime cot damnit.

  • The real chris

    And this the list of current decent and great southern rappers ,luda,ti,boosie,trick damdy,bg,juvi,jeezy,and damit thats not a damn nuff

  • The real chris

    And this the list of current decent and great southern rappers ,luda,ti,boosie,trick daddy,bg,juvi,jeezy,and damit thats not a damn nuff

  • Anonymous

    Damn Spoiled rotten Kids popping off… Is It Me or is wack-ass flocka flamer have the uncanny ability to keep getting fucked up and not doing anything…

  • Anonymous

    Ok… Now is it me Or Does Wack-Ass Flocka FLamer Have the Un-canny ability & habit of getting Fucked Up… Stupid Ass Kids… Damn That dude reminds me of that Lame Ass rapping nigga from College HILL ATL…

  • Man….

    Im in the A and my boy who was there called me and told me about it last night… The other rapper involved in the scuffle was Slick Pulla, whos in Jeezy group, USDA… Slick’s crew got off in Waka squad’s ass with the hands and his bodyguard had to let off a few in the air to get them off em… Waka needs to stop with the tough guy act for that shit leaves him dead. He needs to be blessed his nontalented ass is making some money while others who actually can rap well are starving. One day niggas ain’t just gonna be satisfied with shootin his arm, some of these niggas shoot for the head…

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  • $yk!

    “Slick’s crew got off in Waka squad’s ass with the hands and his bodyguard had to let off a few in the air to get them off em…”

    ^ OK.

    Because that’s what it sounded/read like.

  • Anonymous

    In the words of Charlie Murphy, “We got to do better”….. I mean what the fuck!!! This is 2010. We’ve spent years fighting injustice so you little motherfuckers could have open doors and you guys just try and exterminate each other. Wake up to reality motherfuckers. Nobody cares about your street cred and white people are more than happy to see us at each others neck. If yall are gonna be so big and bad ass, kill a cop, gov. official or a kkk member. BUT DON’T TRY TO KILL THE PERSON THAT LOOKS LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE ONLY HELPING THE MASTER PLAN! DUMBASSES!!!

    • nicholasdelorejo

      Cosign to annonymous, 187worm, and whoever else that was saying some real shit. Don’t any of these niggas realize how close the US is now to losing its position as a superpower and being over run by China? So much shit is going on in the world (not including the Illuminati and Jay-z becomming closer to leading his listeners to the river of fire) and muthafuckas are worried about seeing some dude in crew (belonging to a nigga that has absolutely no substantial power to influence anything their own lives let alone others)? WTF? But this is what happens when you let ignorant muthafuckas overun a genre of music that was meant to speak out against the system and unit foks in party music. I swear these so-called hood niggas are truly the biggest bitches out now because they’ll put up as hard as front in order to hide themselves from any resposibility of getting their lives together.

  • tommy gunz

    filthy mooncrickets

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  • $yk!

    @ Worm

    “u think these rappers really read ya comments?”

    ^ Think that one over. Dudes be in the studio w/laptops. Interns. Weed carriers checking their Myspace accounts. It’s 2010.

    Dudes like Mike Bigga and Sean Price get love because they also comment back on websites. Wale, Rae, Freeway have expressed they peep the comments. It’s what makes the blog fam.

    But anyway my questions about this situation w/Waka were answered with the WSHH video. I ain’t never seen that dude with glasses on until now.

    The same thing I thought when when I saw Q-Tip with a mask on.

  • newyawka631

    I wouldn’t have squashed da beef with Gucci if i was Jeezy.Da nigga whacked one of da goonz or some shit like dat.If Gucci wasn’t “hot” right now,lol,it probably wouldn’t of happened..


    str8 dummys,man money rules all evil



  • Anonymous

    igree with 187, not just hip hop tough, the world in general. if a galaxy where sex in the city 2 generates a single ticket, its a bad one.

  • lil Juan

    boy fuck flocka lame ass nigga!!!! he always talking bout a gun and all this shit .”’ but everybody listen and listen good man”’. i got love for everybody we aint gotta argue about none of this shit …..but why he always poppin shit?? im from da south so it aint no side choosin. its da truth! why he always poppin shit and he got shot but where was tha choppas and all dat shit??!!!!! hum………………… news flash!!!!!! i guess shit aint what it seem!!! u got cha ass whopped at walters for tryna suck gucci dick and dnt know what da fuck going on!!!!……. word to the wise… mind yo own fucking shit.. stop tryna be smebody u aint!!!! all the tuff ass niggas dead!!!!!! be u and live yo life get yo money…… if u doing all dat u aint got time to suck gucci dick but when u wana be this crunk ass wana be!! shit always gon happen just like it did twice!!! got shot and got yo ass toe up!!! chill out be u dats all ima say!!! cse dat aint u……

  • emotionlesss

    HA! fuck wacka…i dont even compare him with anyone…and im not a hater…im a person who knows what rap is. not no screamin on tracks…and did that nigga say what kind of name is freeway..NIGGA!! WHAT KINDA NAME IS WACKA FLOCKA…I LIVE IN GA.(from ny tho) and all these ppl bumpin oh lets do it and wacka flocka shit are idiots…wtf…why is he rappin this this nigga suck more then superhead did back in tha day..wacka is annoying his music makes my ear bleed. and call me a hater if you makes me a hater cause i have my own opinion…if thats the case everybody is a hater… aint nobody hatin on his garbage ass theres no use in usin my hate up on him..he suck…so does gucci mane..and dont get me started on OJ…did yall see his freestyle on the freshman of the year thing…lol…SMH….all 3 of em garbage..dont free gucci…i fux wit good shit…fabolous new mixtape..bumpin that shit right now..

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  • sc803

    i honestly think that them being or trying to be cool isn going to work.its an personal thing they got going on and aint nothin gone change them two niggasz a blood and a crip being in the same gang wouldnt bring them any closer.rap beef is the thing for them

  • t-boz


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  • damedash600

    but dat nigga waka is a bitch

  • berry

    sometimes i dont think people understand that they be hate’n . i like waka, gucci, jeezy everybody . fucc it