XXL Announces Freshman ’10 Live Concert

It’s time for XXL‘s new Freshman class to show and prove in front of a live audience. In celebration of the release of the 10 Freshman for ’10 issue, XXL has partnered with MTV2’s Sucker Free and New York City’s Highline Ballroom to present a special, one-night-only concert, titled, Freshman ’10 Live, showcasing this year’s new breed of hustlers.

The show, scheduled to take place on March 31 at 9:30 p.m., will feature performances by PillNipsey Hussle, Jay Rock, Donnis, Big Sean, and Freddie Gibbs, along with special surprise guests and DJs. It will be hosted by Power 105.1 FM’s DJ Envy and sponsored by MTV2 and Corona.

Fans can purchase tickets, starting today (March 10) at either ticketweb.com or the Highline Ballroom box office.

On Monday XXLMag.com released the 10 Freshman for ’10 Mixtape, hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. The tape, which features 17 brand new tracks by this year’s Freshmen 10, is available now for free download. [Click Here]

XXL’s 10 Freshman for ’10 issue hits stands on Tuesday, March 16. In addition to the Freshmen 10 roundtable, the issue also includes stories on the Freshmen producers, hip-hop soul artists and hip-hop duos/groups, as well as an in-depth look on what it’s like to be a new rapper today, a special recap of last year’s Freshmen class and an Eye Candy that’ll make you say ahh. —XXL Staff

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  • ee bubble

    Freddie Gibbs is my boy, dats who im rooting for in this list, live from washington heights

  • Nicholas

    So there wont be appearances by neither Wiz Khalifa or J. Cole ? earth to XXL … those cats would have been a main attraction ! word up from us commenters

    • Who

      Co-sign Nicholas. J.Cole is bomb, fire, whatever you wanna call it. The mans flow is tight and his lyrics are sick.

  • chiff

    Wow. No Wiz? They just lost half their audience.

    • higgidy

      wiz shouldn’t really be a freshman

      • http://twitter.com/aquma aquma

        damn, what a dope show. I’d go just to see Jay Rock, Nipsey Hu$$le, and Freddie Gibbs. I wouldn’t really be missin’ Wiz Khalifa or OJ Da Juiceman. Just sayin’.

    • HomerPimpsonUGA

      Wiz gonna be at Toad’s in New Haven, CT with Yelawolf the same night

  • http://myspace.com/iamvsv VSV

    I’m far from a hater but watch me surpass these dudes.
    QUEENS….On Trak Trak StarzZz.
    http://www.youtube.com/iamvsv -VSV-

  • jock

    Where is YO Gotti? That Boi is hot in the streets!

    • sparkcity911

      yo gotti been moving for a minute.atleast7 or 8 i 1st heard him in 02,03. where my nigga jay electronic.you bums at xxl aint never right yo.

  • robotkilla


    need t shirts?

  • ojdajuice

    I’m only going if OJ DA JUICEMAN performs…

    AYE AYE AYE OK AYE AYE AYE OK AYE WELL DAMN AYE YUNG JUICE on hating ass xxl bitches hahahah

    btw fuck vsv your shit is garbage oj da juiceman would cream your ass, oh wait he’s got more attention than you already damn fail!

    • sparkcity911

      only them cats with a 4th grade education an them A.T.aliens[atlanta niggas]listen to dat bird brain shit.that clown came to upstate S.C. an niggas did’nt even check him. he poped up did’nt see nobody but afew heads so he kicked rocs. plus that nigga jacked juelz shit an made it faggerish.

  • trak record

    ee bubble – I am with you on that! Freddie so underrated & that boi sh*ts tracks.

  • caino

    Man , no J Cole ….FAIL!!

    and no Pac Div on the list……*shakes head*

  • oliver watts

    freddie gibbs, gary indiana putting us on the map the right way

  • http://www.danteross.com dante Ross

    How is Yelawolf not in the Freshmen 10 list? Of all these cats he has the biggest upside and might be the best spitter of em all….

  • grown simba

    if J cole and Wiz khalifa arent performing y should any1 go. its in NY and we only fuck wit them two. taylor gang or die

  • tgod

    Wiz will be in CT that night that’s why

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  • Anonymous

    Shit I am from Dallas,Texas who cares if Wiz or J-Cole aren’t there perhps they have others things too do. That young nigga from Gary is a problem Freddie Gibbs D-Town stand up!
    P.S. Dreams. Always.Live.Long Among.Stars

  • Grizzly Benguin

    If you’re wondering why Wiz Khalifa and J. Cole are not on this bill, it’s probably cos XXL couldn’t afford them or simply didn’t want to pay them. Those cats are gettin money on the road.

  • kidd7 u/m

    Sparkcity I truly agree with you oj can not rap and neither can i but if a pussy nigga test me they will be in the sky

  • Chitown finest

    WTF is up wit ya’ll? No Alley Boy? This young nigga got over 4 million views on worldstarhiphop and over 85,000 on his new mixtape that just dropped. And to top if off DJ Khaled co-signed him as the future. Ya’ll trippin I’m not goin to this shit

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  • http://www.myspace.com/realmccoy 1ST LADY HU$$LE

    Wish I could attend to check it out… just to see how they get down, from a LIVE perspective!

    Diggin that “Spiritual Pistol Grip Poetry” :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/djbutter DJ Butter

    Nipsey Hussle got it thats why hes first West up Thats whats up

  • JBreeze

    all i gotta say is, XXL fucked up by not havin XV on the freshman cover again. cuz last yr tht man deserved it, nd this yr it was a god dam given.

    OJ da juiceman? realli?

    i respect his grind nd hustle. shitt… performin on cructhes after gettin shot? lot of respect 4 tht even tho ur riskin ur well-being. but rappin wise?

    *Ed Lover Voice* C’mon Son!?

    “6 rings on like a basketball player /
    freshman of the year like a basketball player /
    what it do cuz, i’m here to stay /
    Aw man cuz, we in yo face…Aye!”


  • T-Zak



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  • Anonymous

    nipsey and jay rock are niice

  • Anonymous


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  • butter

    1st thing first…pittsburgh all day..u niggas like wiz dats cool big ups to him..but lets keep it 100..dem taylor gang cats write for dat nigga..he a book worm..not a street nigga.. he not from the burgh forreal..da burgh got niggas dat will demolish him..he wont battle or do shows in pittsburgh unless its a under 18 crowd..or a suburb setting..but like i said wiz get urs.but do us burgh niggas a favor..rep oklahoma