Waka Flocka Flame Concert Ends in Violence, Eight Teens Shot

Violence continues to follow Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame. Just one day after getting into a scuffle with Young Jeezy’s camp at a local clothing store, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that eight young men—ranging in age from 14 to 18—were shot following the “O Let’s Do It” rapper’s concert in Indiana.

According to the Post-Tribune, the shooting took place in the parking lot of the World of Skates in Gary, Indiana, following Flame’s set last Friday (March 5). The victims suffered wounds in the legs, wrist, stomach and back. Their injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

Cmdr. Michael Mallett told the Post-Tribune that he believes a hype man that took to the stage before Flocka may have been responsible for igniting the incident, by dividing the audience into East vs. West.

“The kids have separated themselves into East and West sides,” he said. “They’ve been doing it for many years now, but it’s gotten worse, especially when you have entertainers making references to East Side vs. West Side. The youth in our community have taken it to heart.”

One of the victims has described his assailant as a Black man with dreadlocks who was wearing a red hat. As of press time police have not made any arrests.

As previously reported, Waka was also, just recently a victim in a shooting of his own. The Gucci Mane associate suffered two gunshot wounds in a botched robbery attempt last January. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://www.xxlblocktalk.com/indoe INDOE

    Can we get rid of this cat already , not kill him , just leave the spotlight .

    His rich mommy sais hey why not have my son be a rapper ? This Wacka needs to go away . If you project the image that your hard then this is the things that happen .

    • King Don GUnit

      Wacka didn’t you learn a leasson from Gucci Mane beefing with CTE? Jeezy the real thing! PS On the low you can cuddle me up in my bed we can toss a couple salads until the heat is of ya…we can crank the heat up in the sack though

  • Munnie

    hahaha . Waka Flocka Flame ? i love all the southern rappers and there bullshit names .

    • just joe

      rappers from everywhere have bullshit names…

      • Will E. Will

        Joell Ortiz is a bullshit name?

        • Brandi

          Isn’t it his real name?

  • that nigga

    I just dont understand how these niggas get 15 min of fame. Wocka, OJ, and the rest of them horrible ass rappers. Gucci sucks but he gets his shit of sometimes. I still cant listen to that garbage.

  • Munnie

    Wacka Fuckup Flame needs to be in the speacial education rap class with the rest of the retard rappers … ” O lets do it ” is the dumbest shit ive heard since ” Bird Walk ” by soulja boy

  • caino

    ‘One of the victims has described his assailant as a black man with dreadlocks’

    LOL hmmm ^^^

    Police blaming it on splitting the crowd into East vs West !! c’mon what age are these cats at this concert!

  • jonny bizness

    why do kids with rich parents always try 2 hard 2 be down .this kid is gonna b dead b4 the end of the yr at this rate

  • AZ40

    They were ages 14-18 and this nigga was performing at a skating rink…c’mon son!!

    • JBird

      You don’t fvck around nowhere in G.I. Them cats are crazy as hell up there. G.I. used to be murder capital of the US. Check it out on wiki for yourself. Gary, Indiana is a town one does NOT want to get lost in!

  • Rap Concerts

    Where keeping it real happens.

  • http://officialfelton.ning.com officialfelton

    its crazy how all of this violence still happens. i dont know whats up with people now. it’s like they dont know what’s really important.

  • Nat Turner II

    Wacka Flacka Lame…this mahfucca is a tool of the man to help kill and corrupt the black youth…he is even more blatant than Gucci Man, Joung Jeezy, TI, Lil Wayne…I swear i hate rap music…when will hip-hop be back?

    • westcoastaggie


  • The real chris

    Damn flocka staying in some heat,nigga got kids life being in danger cause of his duck ass.sadly to say but i co-sign with jonny bizness and i co-sign with nat turner 2.last but not least somebody want flocka bad and it looks as flocka best bet is to lay low.

  • jay real

    Man, this generation of kids have this mentality of; “I don’t have to respect NO ONE, but I ain’t letting NO ONE disrepect me!” It’s like they confuse fear with respect. If you don’t fear them, they feel disrepected.

    • bullets

      real talk nigas went from gangsters to sociopaths

  • bullets

    im not one of those hug the world people im old school strong silent type lol this niga needs to be killed for the good of the community think about how many lives you would be saving if every time he’s around theres gonna be a shoot out and his music aint even worth the trouble

  • KS

    am i the only one that think this picture of him looks a little feminine??

    • King Don GUnit

      You gay as hell for that comment right there

      • KS

        meh…if u say so. im a female so idk how that would make me gay lol. but ya kno to each is own…

  • http://letyoutellit.com/ http://letyoutellit.com/

    Wacka Flocka Flame Is On His 2pac *shit right now

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

      Can’t see that one.

      People seem to forget that Pac was conscious because they connected with his ‘thug life’ antics.

      Waka doesn’t deserve to be in a sentence with Tupac Shakur.

    • Axeo

      I guess that means if he goes to vegas and gets in a fight with come crips he’ll end up dead.

    • Axeo

      If he on his 2pac shit i guess that means he’ll get in a fight in vegas with a crip then get shot in a drive-by.

      Shit is dumb. Gangsters and thugs in hip-hop played out

  • Technique

    Lol @ King Don GUnit for callin people gay when you have a gay comment on every post. I appreciate the irony.

    Fuck this dude Waka though. Get his ass out the spotlight and tell his scrubbed out dirty lookin ass to take a bath.

    • King Don GUnit

      You following my ass nicca?! YOu be making this nicca blush! Hit me up at Twitter and we ca toss a salad together. Then the two of us can scrub the dirt off of each other and toss a salad again. I will swallow a load of last names for you if you’re interested!

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    Damn, this dude needs to find another profession…go to school, learn another specialty or something…because obviously the rap game isn’t working for him, dude’s life stay on the line…

  • Will

    This nigga performing at the teen clubs though… Exploiting these kids like that, he better calm down b4 people start boycotting his shit

  • Brahsef

    I still fuck with his single. Shit gets me hype. An obvious one-hit wonder though. Let him enjoy his limited celebrity.

    Not his fault people be foolin at his concerts. People gotta stop packin at concerts. Shits ridiculous.

  • HU

    It is his fault people act retarded at his concerts. He makes retarded music and exploits black youth that have grown up in desperation. What the hell is “drug dealin music”? I think we’re getting on the verge of the revolution in music. This shit can only get so bad before the people say “enough”! Boycott this lame.

  • HU

    Consider this, white kids pack the shit out of their rock concerts, get drugged up, and actually smash into and punch each other in an act called moshing, and NO ONE EVER GETS SHOT. Food for fucking thought!

  • YungCEO

    forreal everybody need to calm da hell dwn a whole lot of hip hop since the 90′s has been violent and talked about drugs so this is still hip hop its just yall old ass niggas caint get over da fact dat yall old so yall critisize yung ppl’s music yap I fuqs wit Flocka yap I fuqs wit gucci and oj and jeezy and t.i and wayne… Yeah wacka and oj may be garbage as fuq but they get me hype my mindset isnt changin beckuz of wat these niggas say Im 17 and im in college wit a 3.2 gpa and all i listen to is rap and Gucci is one of my favorite rappers idgaf that he talks about drugs dat guy be sayin real shyt too how bout yall niggas listen to da shyt or look at the lyrics of certain songs. Like “Worst Enemy” by gucci he talkin bout how he is bestfriend and his worst enemy that the only thing fuqin him up is his self and its alot of yung men that need to hear that… Its not hip hops fault it aint the music its these dumb ass niggas dat dnt think for themselves dnt blame da rapper blame da dumbass tryna be like tha rapper

  • HU

    @yungceo, you must attend an HBCU. You’ve got a lot to learn. Get that GPA up, especially since you’re at an HBCU and there’s no reason not to have a 4.0 at those “schools”.

    • Mr. Mister

      Excuse me? Are you inferring that HBCU’s are inferior? Those “schools” have produced some of the greatest leaders and thinkers. Maybe you should take some time to learn more. @ yungceo, otherwise than that crude grammar, I’m glad you’ve got a 3.2 GPA. Keep on working hard brother.

  • HU

    While some great leaders and thinkers may have come from HBCU’s that says nothing of the actual schools. I attended grad school at Howard which is supposed to be the best HBCU and I, and anyone unbiased professor there can tell you that HBCU’s are indeed inferior in all respects except creating a sense of community amongst black students that can’t be matched in PWI’s.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    “its just yall old ass niggas caint get over da fact dat yall old so yall critisize yung ppl’s music”

    ^ The same old, lame excuse used by the youngin’s.

    “WAAAAAA, mommy & daddy won’t let me play with my toys they bought me…”

    • Brahsef

      Comeon Syk, you know it’s true. Posters on this site always bitch about the state of rap. There’s a reason why older white people listen to classic rock. Popular music is a young man’s game, you got an endless amount of classic 90s and 80s albums to listen to. No, the dude ain’t lyrical at all, but the beat knocks and shit is HYPE in the club.

      And HU, he ain’t exploitin shit. He can’t help if dumb motherfuckers come in fuckin strapped. I suppose Big, Clipse, and the Wu also exploit(ed) black youth cause they rapped about the game. Oh wait, they’re lyrical so they get a pass.

  • av

    ” uhhm yes i dont like this Mr. flame or wokka or whatever his name is. his music doesnt touch that nerve on the inside of my soul. now that drake and that kanye west they are true artists. i bust a nut in my pants whenever i hear thier creative works of art. they are truly creators of masterpieces”
    F#ck yall, waka’s shit tight. this sight is filled with a bunch of geeky, artsy type cats. and drug dealin music is the music that you bump when you makin runs, but i guess yall wouldnt know that. And as for them kids gettin shot, i knew this cat in okc named the postman that got shot at the 7-11 on ne 10th, but no one said slurpies was responsible.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

      “this sight is filled with a bunch of geeky, artsy type cats. and drug dealin music is the music that you bump when you makin runs, but i guess yall wouldnt know that”


      You play this rap sh*t to go get work and money? N*ggas is laughing at your comment right now. You don’t even know how to be covert.

      Us geeky, artsy guys on this site know where you’re heading. No need to give you advice, you already know it all.

  • The real chris

    @youngceo dude u are a prime example of the young ignerant hiphop youth,go read a book kid i mean u dont know the first thing about real hip.gucci,flocka is horrible i gave them listen after listen and they are horrible,oh where have real hiphop went!

  • HU

    Av you are dumber than hell. A true ignorant fool.

  • http://www.twitter.com/bossrife BossRife
  • av

    aaah i knew that 7-11 shit would piss someone off. but nah them kids getin shot is horrible dont get me wrong, but unless dude come out and said ” hey cap these fools right here” you cant really blame them. and anyway all we know is whats on this site. how do you know what really happened? maybe they jumped the wrong dude earlier. maybe they mugged his ass and he just lost it. its easy to read a little article and start judging fools, but what do we REALLY know about it?

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

      Here’s when experience comes into play:

      1. It’s was a roller rink. 90% of shows there are for teenyboppers (no alcohol) 16-20 years old, tops. If it happened @ Conseco I would say different.

      2. The youngin’s are hyped and starstruck. A ‘big’ artist is in their town performing. And he’s into the things they are into (gangs, rap, drugs, getting $).

      3. There’s already a turf war, even the cop knows this. Segregating the crowd only identified and intensified the problem. Not bringing them together to have fun as being a solution.

  • ONE50

    first off you can’t spell wacka without the wack part. does one enter the nba draft with the self nickname NoJay (pronoucned noh=chey)that right there tell me there is a complete lack of knowledge of the history of the game. not to mention that on the internets the word flame is associated with the word faggit. then I hear this song on the radio “olay duit”… only on urban radio would you hear some shit like that.

    But we all know that if he/she is young and has a cool beat to rap over, it has to be the new hottest sh*t ever, right? Never mind that these rappers of the last 10 to 15 years only make news is when they get shot, somebody gets shot around them or the sell a couple units. I can count on one hand how many of these rap niggs made news due to the fact of the skill of their profession.

    I’m just saying would you be a fan of an NBA team of young untalented ball players who only make the news because of their off court antics? But the uniforms are fresh?

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    @ Brashef

    It is still an excuse. I see more of the young guys on here getting at these artists more than the old heads. When the OG’s of my time were saying keep the culture alive we didn’t complain and say they were hating, we sampled their songs and showed respect and made classics to make them proud of us. Melly Mel came out saying something, Puff went and sampled The Message. Got Flash to spin for his parties. These dudes now ain’t doing that.

    When did we forget that some of these youngin’s are seeds of the old fans? Just because they may not be our own children doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned or give them rap experiences. When their version of rap switches/fades out, or when they can’t take advantage of the same opportunities we worked hard for, what will be the excuse then?

    Because just like you said, we have the 80′s, 90′s, and early 00′s. Rap tried to pass the baton in 2005, it was go time for the youngin’s and the game got worse.

    So who would teach them the real deal? Lead them in the right direction? I don’t see any young 18-30 Universal/Warner Bros/Sony label execs, 20-ish politicians, teens running TV or in cushy executive seats in the media. There are way more old school actors and actresses than Gen Now.

    So we should let someone else be the elders? Why can’t our elders have a voice? This is how bad the Black social equality is. Other cultures laugh at us because we refuse to pay homage to our elders, the ones who went threw the same thing, if not worse, than our young. We allow our young to determine what’s good or bad. Our young are disconnected from their culture and history. The music and actions are proof of this. Youngin’s refuse to sample or re-do old songs. It’s deeper than just “their sound, their music”.

    You cannot deny the ‘old head’ age of rap has connected Black history thru the samples, ideas, and songs.

    Another good example is ‘Soul Train’. BET was supposed to lock that in, keep that going as an example of Black music culture, a mainstay program on Black Entertainment Television regardless of low ratings or viewership. Comcast set up a ‘Soul Train’ channel for On Demand. That’s a fail, an uber failure. We let anyone come in and take control of our sh*t. Even our children.

  • TM

    the youth of today are so lost when it comes to real hip hop music,but i cant blame them.when i was 14-15, it was all about the wu,mobb deep,big,pac,(everyone popping at that time).and these kids today,back then were like 5-6 yrs. old. thats just like when i was kid,popular black music was what we consider to now be old skool.(marvin,al,teddy,) but i am not defending this new generation of trash rappers either. it seems that in the past 4 yrs,hip hop has been recreated into rap. lyrics and context mean nothing anymore. all it takes to be successful now is a hot beat and a catchy hook. if you have those you can make a song about lemonade and everyone will love it. so to these lost kids of 2010,do your homework,learn about what it takes to be a real mc by finding out who a real mc was/is.bet youll have a different outlook on hip hop then.at that point youll realize that us “old-heads”,know what we talking bout.Chuuch!

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    Blessings ONE50 & TM

    A good percentage of ‘old heads’ are not trying to stop you youngin’s from living, they’re just trying to put you on to real game. If you don’t listen to them, who 9 times out of 10 are you or have been you at one time, who will you listen too? Them who don’t have your best interests in mind? Those other dudes are trying to take advantage of you. Until the OG’s see you are ready to take the reigns they will stay with the crown. Too much is at stake brethren.

    And we have so many different representations of rap/Hip Hop, why can’t we have the elders represent? If my kids don’t want me around that reeks of trouble…them telling me I shouldn’t be there means they know they are fukking something up and don’t want me there to pull that card, bottom line.

  • WOW

    For some reason a lot of people just get mad listening to Wacka Flocka. I was having a chill day n threw on his Throwin Fingers record and was bout ready to hit someone lol.

  • Sparkcity

    son gettin money.bottom line niggas is ass. short bus rap.special ed niggas stand up

  • http://aol.com cedgimon

    Look at this nigga!!! Man its like Jadakiss said years ago about guys like this…”Funny stlye niggas never down with me,type to go to the bathroom sit down and pee” As long as cats like dblock is still out…I am good

  • CBS

    The real reason violence broke out was because motherfuckers wanted their money back. Shit, I would be pissed too.

  • CBS

    BTW, is it me or does this guy resemble the dude from GoodBurger.

  • cece_017

    well….dha concert was fun as h3ll 2 me…even doe my lil cuzin got shot ova sum stupid shiT{eastside vs. westside}…i thought dat shit was dead….{drug dealing music is was up…lol}

  • j-money

    I took flocka bricksquad chain when he came to greenville… its on sale…

  • http://submityournewsvo.info/ Douglass Moench

    Do you know of your content jogs my memory of some other the same the one which I read somewhere else?