Update: Lil Wayne Serving Jail Time in General Population

Lil Wayne is a man of the people. Prior to yesterday’s (March 8) reports from tmz.com that Weezy would be serving out his one-year gun charge at Rikers Island under protective custody, it ends up that the rap superstar will be treated like any other inmate.

According to New York’s Daily News Wayne’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, originally claimed that the rap superstar was being forced into protective custody. Stephen Morello, a spokesperson for the Correctional Department, cleared up those allegations, saying that the New Orleans-bred MC will have “general population escort” status. This means that whenever Lil Tunechi is outside of his housing unit, he will be accompanied by a correction captain; similar to how authorities handle gang members.

Inside his housing unit, on the other hand, he has the option to socialize with the 17 other men sharing his cell block.

Wayne was arrested in 2007 when a police officer boarded his tour bus, after smelling marijuana. Once inside the vehicle she caught the rapper with a .40 caliber handgun. Last October he entered a guilty plea in order to receive lesser jail time. He was sentenced and immediately shipped off to Rikers yesterday, after several failed attempts. With good behavior the Young Money general may be home in eight months. —Elan Mancini

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  • Nuttyboy

    Wayne is a target and he might get touched as long as “fellow” bloods look out for him.
    This dude got arrested in 2007 and goes to jail in 2010. Damn talking about double standard.

    • the change

      Personally why do ya’ll care so much acting like Weezy gonna give you something for caring about him. He won’t do shit for you, so lets stop posting shit about him like its worth our time. He’s in prison now lets give weezy a rest, he old news now. I’m looking forward, shouldn’t you. DAMN!!

      • http://yahoo.comormyspace.com shia-11

        danm wtf you hattin on man like danm if they want to worrie let them it aint got nun to do with you so get off their dick and stay da fu*k off of wezzy f. bby dick…… gr0up3$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      • kmony

        dont talk shit ’bout weezy man,lets be sorry for em

        • http://nil ChristoMoh

          men u re a broda dnt mind those fake ass niggas, talkin trash about wezzy, as far as am consign every one is guilty. as for wessy he should not see where he is as an impediment, but try to make the best out of it. i believe God got his back!

    • Anonymous

      he is in a medical ward! Not in regular population. Do a NY offender search and you would know this! I work for NCDOC and they would never include him in regular population for fear for his safety.

  • King Don GUnit

    He probably got a black diamond butt plug…he going to be ok

    • hahhahah22

      hahahaha that’s some funny shit king don

  • E-Man

    well damn

  • romil

    Dang they puttin him in regular population. This is probably Good for Wayne maybe he can get his head right.

  • AZ40

    WTF so many conflicting stories I don’t believe he’ll be in gen. pop they just tryin’ to boost the story

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    Damn niggas is hating. Yall mad he getting more money than you will ever have? They targeting black folks with money and you simple minded fucks just going right along with it out of jealousy. If you don’t like it don;t listen to it.

    • El Tico Loco

      I didn’t know niggas was still defending other niggas income from “haters”. Damn single minded fuck get ya own. What he eats don’t make you shit.

  • Pepe Le’ Pew

    @AZ40. Man, I was about to say the same thing. Practice what you preach. Weezy talk all that hardcore shit and then when he goes to jail, they’ll put him in protective custody. Now after it is stated in black and white and shit doesn’t sound “gangsta enough”, all of a sudden he’s gonna be in gen pop. Who are you foolin’. And because of the young boi status (rap star, Blood?, asshole!!!),he ‘ll be right in protective custody with Plaxico Buress.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    That faggot nigga ain’t gonna be in Gen.Pop DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!

  • http://xxl All Dae

    WTF so many conflicting stories I don’t believe he’ll be in gen. pop they just tryin’ to boost the story(AZ40)
    Man, I was about to say the same thing. Practice what you preach. Weezy talk all that hardcore shit and then when he goes to jail, they’ll put him in protective custody. Now after it is stated in black and white and shit doesn’t sound “gangsta enough”, all of a sudden he’s gonna be in gen pop.(Pepe Le’ Pew)
    Amen brothas…

    This is a bogus story to put Wayne in a tough light. I don’t belive it.

    Let’s use our heads here everyone Gangsters, hip hoppers, skaters, potheads anyone. We’ve seen the you tube videos about jail and we know folks thats been in the box plus some commenters on here have been knocked.

    Lil Wayne will be beaten to death if he’s with the population. Gang leaders have it hard in the joint and rapes and extortion happen to anyone. Don’ give me that shit that a false flagger like Waynes going to be with the Bloods.

    Lil Wayne in gen pop? GTFOOH

    It’s lol to try to make people think that.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    “This means that whenever Lil Tunechi is outside of his housing unit, he will be accompanied by a correction captain; similar to how authorities handle gang members.”

    ^ LOL

    Cut it out, pllleeeeeezzzzz….

  • http://xxl All Dae

    There a documentary on Rikers Island about the slashers in there and how niggas get buzy. Yall N.Y. niggas know the biz so we know Lil Wayne is not going to be stuck with the knuckle heads.

    I enjoy Lil Wayns music and hip hop fantasy life…I won’t insult my brain thinking Lil Waynes is housed with the goons.

    Lol come on stop….my stomach hurts.

    Only nigga that served in gen pop for real is Tony Yayo.

    • that nigga

      Yeah, those Rikers Island stories are very real, no sugar coating involved. And just for a rep, he will mos def be a target for a 150 ‘cross his cheek. And, If he’s a real Blood why does he need a Captains escort around the gen pop? Thats the same as being in PC!!

      • blackfreedommilitia

        ay im from Chi and i heard bout that buckfifty shit off Hood2Hood. thats sum crazy shit. you think ol dude Omar from The Wire got 150′d too?

  • http://XXLmag.com Jayhard

    Who gives a SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Freeway & Jake-One”Stimulus Package” is the truth!!!!!!!!!

    • http://xxlmag.com the brown

      Yo! Freeway sucks, stick to the topic. Weezy better hope he’s in PC, cause he’s in trouble if not.

      • http://allhiphop.com InMyLifeTime91


        • sparkcity911


    • sparklecity911

      phillyfreezer an my white boy nigga jakeone shit is poppin yo.maineiac muslim catch wreck.beats is murder.hiphop is breathing.

  • yoprince

    man some of you posters on here are straight dickheads. as if lil wayne or anyone associated with him has the power to influence a news reporting publication to knowingly publish a falsehood.

    it states very clearly in the above story what his housing situation will be like on Rikers Island. he’s in a cell block with 17 other inmates.. NOT PC. when he leaves that housing unit, he’s accompanied by what amounts to a glorified CO. the report comes directly from the Correctional Dept.. not from lil waynes street team.

    stop speculating… yall dudes are plain disgusting sometimes.. either that or idiots with no reading comprehension skills.

    • http://jbworldwide@hotmail.com Ayre

      LOL! What’s the difference?

      • yoprince

        the difference is clear.

        PC involves some degree of solitary confinement.

        Wayne will be housed with 17 other inmates, which is not solitary confinement.

        • http://xxlmag.com Fezzik


  • DJ All Day

    LMAO CO-sign with every nigga on hea except my dude j gudda lol with a name like that u wonder y he on waynes dick but I think everybody is not believing u wayne!! lmao there is no way in hell a nigga with that status and that much popularity and not 2 mention an easy target with all those fuckin tatts is he goin into gen. population niggas will tear his ass up!
    I think the promotion 4 this dude is so hilarious u go in 2 RIKERS ISLAND mind u 4 8 months and he gonna come out there with an even bigger head because the media and all these tabloids r making this nigga bigger than he fuckin is!! also co-sign with nuttyboy..man if that was anyone on this site our asses would b locked up that same year and mind u we would b doing the same time as prodigy is right now not no bitch ass 8 months….
    see if weezy was smart nigga would of went in around winter time hibernate for 8 fuckin months then come out around summer time drop an album niggas would b all over that especially the way its lookin right now here on the east coast at least….idk hopefully my time will come and my team and I will b able 2 kill all this bullshit in this music industry….peace and love 4 eternaty…..check out the page…myspace.com/1djallday

  • Joe

    Here’s some food for thought from another perspective. Think about Shawshank Redemption:

    A load of people profitin off of being corrupt in jail. The LAST thing they wanted was any type of publicity to shine light on their dirt.

    Same thing in this case, its in the Jail’s best interest for nothin to happen to Wayne, to avoid any big time story and subsequent investigstion diggin up some other shyt.

  • DJ All Day

    @yoprince- I feel what u sayin b but honestly at the statis of where wayne is at an his “friends” trust me if he REALLY wanted 2 his ppl could tell a false story 2 the news reporters u act like news casters r brain surgeons them niggas just want the hottest story 2 push they ratings up mind u look at the bullshit xxl mag puts up besides have u ever researched the mafia?? them niggas had newspaper and other sources of media on lock also it says a “spokesperson” for the facility doesn’t mean the actual CO or any other guard working there who know it could even be the counslor that man has 2 see in there

    • yoprince


      so that’s your argument?

      you believe that wayne had his “friends” convince the New York Daily News to publish a story stating he was in general population when in reality he’s serving time in PC? on top of that, you hypothesize that wayne’s “friends” also coordinated some way for this spokesperson for the Corrections Dept. Stephen Morello to further corroborate the story??

      you sir, have a vivid imagination.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Lil Wayne Stans are so fuckin sensitive!

  • BS News

    In other news, during his first shower, Wayne has reportedly tugged on the the members of all the various prison gang factions, marking a sign of unity among other gen-pop inmates. When asked about the experience, hip hops first openly gay rapper simply replied “its not Birdman’s, but it’ll suffice.”

    More to come as this story develops…

  • The real chris

    Damn let the man do his damn time,i mean xxl yal can do better than this yal been on wayne for the longest,give someone else the damn spot light.and to u clowns on here wayne will be ok he only doing jail time and im not a wayne fan but im just saying.

  • OG Bobby J

    its clear, based on the comments, none of you flunkie niggas know a single thing about rikers and how shit goes down out there….

    documentary watchin ass niggas…

    wayne will be aight….

    from a musical stand point, i hope some one in there opens his eyes to how he feel the fuck off messin with t pain and shit.

    from a life stand point, he will be fine in the bing and come out even more ignorant than he went in…


    I’ll ask a real inmate str8 to the horses mouth.

  • http://letyoutellit.com http://letyoutellit.com

    Only a fool would believe this story the lawyer gets paid to do what he is told.

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  • Mr. Phoenix

    What moron wants to be in general population? Prison isn’t a vacation. Last place I want to go is Gen Pop at RIKERS ISLAND. Negro Please. People love to say Keep it Real and I am going to do just that. If I had to choose between a year there [or any other prison besides a "country club" facility] or being shot to death… I’d say bring on the bullets. For some reason Cats out here forget that when you have money you can HIRE somebody to carry FOR YOU. If I was famous I would have to prove GURU right Suckas Need Bodyguards because I rather look soft than play booty games in the pin. Because Soft Suckas don’t need to worry about dropping the soap because they’re in the bathtub with your lonely girl.

  • Hussle’s Way

    I doubt it, but if its true…HE’S GONNA BE FOOD!

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  • rockcity

    Damn, some of you people posting are real dicks. First of all you defend this little marsian ass nigga like you knew him personally, and secondly some of you guys posts are just plain stupid due to the fact that you can´t spell for shit. To get your point across, at least make it readable!

    To the topic – Weezy in Gen-Pop is a funny thought. All that fucking yappin this nigga does ain´t gonna help his sorry ass in jail. Weezy is easy prey for niggas doing 25-life. Who dont wanna be the dude who stomped the shit ouf a famous rapper like Weezy? Hes gonna have it sweaty being surrounded by real OGs/crips/bloods.

    He sure better use that protection of his, goon nigga.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    I stand by what I wrote. That documentary was very educational. The point is being rich can afford you a nice comfy stay in jail. kool.

    This is funny cause yesterday hes in pc now it’s a prison escort…wtf?

    Tank Johnson was in pc and he’s a football player. Mike Tyson himself said prisons full of wild niggas and that a tough mofo saying it.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    Hussle’s Way says:

    I doubt it, but if its true…HE’S GONNA BE FOOD!

    ^ Ring the alarm….

    Real type, if you’re the man why would you need an escort? That will make n*ggas more aggie than ever. Other cats will need them ‘I touched Wayne’ points to survive inside.

    Until the WARDEN says the deal, I’m going with my experience. I spent 4 months of my life in there over a picture. Son would have been better doing PC than existing with a CO bodyguard in GP.

    But that’s y’alls hero.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

      And yeah, keeping my mouth shut, not even sending letters and getting a good mouthpiece is what allowed me to come home.

      If you don’t know what a mouthpiece means is an automatic fail. Watch what you say, you look suspect.

      Son fukked up, so he has to eat that. Bottom line. All this other extra sh*t about it is faulty McNaulty.

      Max B is staring @ 75 years, you don’t hear no Alice in Wonderland reports about him. Do the knowledge and stop being jaded.

  • Av

    Hey the next headline will be “lil wayne eats balogna sandwich, then eats cockmeat sandwich”

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  • http://www.dopemuzic.com B Eazy

    @rockcity Rikers is a jail not a prison. Brothers don’t do hard time there so Wayne won’t be encountering any 25-lifers. Everybody there is either on trial or rocking out a skid bid like Wayne.

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  • Apollo Moses

    This story sounds really bogus…let the man do his bid and be outta there in a few months…everyday a new phony report for street cred.

  • Prince Caesar

    I didn’t give a fuck about this clown nigga before he got locked up. I don’t give a flying fuck about where, when, or how he is doing his time. Why do people focus on all this imaginary bullshit that these fake ass rappers try to sell us? I don’t think people understand that it helps these lame rappers’ image to do a small stint in the booty house. It’s all publicity..so..I’ll sum it up as..Fuck this nigga and everybody who is on here getting emotional trying to defend this fugazi motherfucker. Have a nice day.

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  • Anonymous

    put fam on the yard couse i dont know about you my ninja but im gettin at that mouthpiece.snatch little niggas gums out on some wren an skimpy shit

    • CANNON

      lol WTF?

  • sparkcity911

    anonymous?nah nigga.sparkcity911

  • IndyKid

    I thought this post was a little wack but how most of you all are responding is just blowing me away. So many people worried about how much a dude makes or whatever. Like, do you, and forget the rest. Why are you so worried bout dude?


  • G-Unot Killa

    Ya i just got out of rikers son and that nigga lil wanye is doin his thang in gen population. that nigga killed like 6 crip cuz swoooop! now that now that nigga got a lake of tear tattoo’d under both his eyes.

  • New3rakidd

    hahaha wayne in general pop Lol?! i see he gettin escorted by a CO wen outside his cage does that mean his buddy Rick Ross takin a brief leave frm the rap game to be his body gaurd in that bitch?!!! …….its the return of officer ricky! Lol!

  • Big Al

    I can confirm, Wayne is in gen pop. I’m his bunky. Nobody fucks with my Lil Weezy. He’s my bitch! I sure am glad he kept his hair long. Gives me something to pull on. He gives some good ass head too. I’m takin’ good care of Weezy, believe me.


    Lil Wayne IS NOT IN GENERAL POP.The nigga is in PC.I’ve been Rikers & they would eat his lil ass up if he was general pop..TRUST ME

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  • jerzze

    cut it the fuck out bitchs stay hatein its what thay do!!!!! lol have fun suckin his dick niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    wezzy baby i miss u ill be waiting on u ok

  • melissa

    I don’t think that everybody should be hatin on Weezy for this shit. Weather he is in gen. population or not, what does it really matter, he’s doin the time for the crime so…… You all can say what you want but realistically, yall know he is the shit, and has the best selling records because of it.

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