Submit Beats for XXL Video Clips

Attention all beatmakers: XXL wants to hear what you got. We’re now accepting instrumentals from up-and-coming producers to be featured with XXL’s original video content on one of the most popular online hip-hop destinations,

If selected, your track will be heard by millions of monthly visitors as the backdrop to our on-camera interviews with some of the biggest stars in the rap game, along with a guaranteed on-screen credit when your beat is used.

No samples allowed under any circumstance.
No drops.

If interested in submitting your work, hit us up at: —XXL Staff

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  • Kinsey Del Mar

    Kinsey Del Mar Vrs Xlami on Mon 14 March !!!!
    Kinsey want to extent unbeaten run !!!!


  • Kid Pistol

    Bout to murda mook this!

  • TEKnyK

    “No samples allowed under any circumstance”

    and u call your self a hip hop magazine??

    • aquma

      who’s going to pay for them?

    • ClammyClaude


  • Kid Pistol

    Kick your business sense into gear, Teknyk. No lawsuits is what they are saying. Originals can be better than samples.

  • DownSouth

    Kool. Somethin for us producers. Let’s go!


  • Anonymous

    no samples????? have fun listening to a bunch of soulja boy beats

    • TragicBeatz

      if u faggots had any creativity then u cud make somethin without samples but all yall dont got no imagination so yall stuck sampling and stealin otha ppl shit…grow sum nuts and some brains and make some god damn beatzs-Tragic Beatzs!

  • Justice4All

    Right, a bunch of wack finger snapping slow, no substance having soulja boy and og da gabageman tracks.


    NC STAND THE &!*@*# UP!!! I’m coming!!! Bout to show these cats exactly what you can do with a ORIGINAL BEATS!!!! BE CREATIVE!!! Shout out to THE CLERGY, ILLPO, THE ENTIRE UPSOUTH MUSIK MOVEMENT, STACKS, OVADOSE, AND SHELLZ!! LETS GO!!!!


    C-BOOGS (1/2 of The Clergy)

    • Anonymous

      NO DROPS fool

    • demgolds

      NO DROPS fool

    • Ray Ray from the 4th

      If your dumb ass has a rap group called the clergy your even dumber than a nigga named C-Boogs could be

  • TEKnyK

    i get the whole thing bout sample clearance but they should keep in mind its hip hop.. u take it with its drawbacks, i didnt think a magazine company would need 2 b told this. AND if its just used as backdrops than it can be licensed under Creative Commons or something and not have 2 pay sample clearances.

  • skeeeeeeeee


    People need to understand that. dre sometimes doesnt use samples. and his beats are bangin!

  • Yooooo

    Lol, you lames can’t make a beat without a sample?

  • Kingrocnyc

    Bottom line: if you’re a talented producer you know how to make a hot track without using samples. Do you think Dr. Dre would ever say “What’s that? No samples??…awwwwww man…i’m fucked!”

    ..Of course not. And if you want to keep whining about not being able to use samples, then good luck trying to get placement on any CD/major label/TV show/major project, other than some whack ass project your friends are working on.

  • TEKnyK

    so adult swim does the same thing a couple of years back and offers even more exposure and doesnt complain bout a beat being sampled or not while xxl does? and all the beats are gonna b used for is backdrops? am i the only one that finds that even weird?

    and 2nd for all of u talking bout “talented producers” and “dr. dre”, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. assuming a producer can compose and sample is like assuming that if you can drive a car u can ride a motorcycle, they’re both COMPLETELY different. they both rely on different tools and different set of skills. if u sample u most likely have an mpc or some other pads, if u compose u use a keyboard theres no way around that. and before anyone brings up dr. dre being able to make hits without sampling look up his credits, all of nwa and nearly all of his death row records and hits WERE SAMPLES. matter of fact even a lot of songs were sampled on 2001. so assuming that an up n coming producer can compete with somebody that started off sampling JUST LIKE THEM and then learned music theory AFTER he made it is just redundant.

    heres proof for all those that want to mention dre

    fyi, just so u know where im comin from, i started off making beats by composing and got into sampling later so i have no problems coming up with either, but the fact that they’re denying samples completely is just surprising considering no other outlet makes the same request. hope i shed some light for those who think sampling is a disability when it comes to making hits.

    • Kingrocnyc

      Buddy, I’m not saying that Dr. Dre never used samples, nor am I implying that sampling creates amateur music–some of the best rap tracks in history use samples. All I’m saying is that any well-rounded producer who deserves national recognition and national placement (as this contest is promoting) should be able to create a fire beat using both samples and no samples. Dr. Dre is capable of doing both. This kind of contest weeds out the producers who are just going to layer an 808 drum, snare, and hi-hat over some sample and call it their own “original work”. Not to mention the legal issues that always come up when someone uses samples. Believe me I know, I’ve composed beats for radio stations, commercials, and NFL teams and the ONLY reason my shit gets used is because it has no samples in it (you can’t use samples on the radio/NFL stadiums without clearance). So my point in all this is any up-and-coming producer better diversify their works and get used to potential clients requesting that they don’t use samples, or else they’re in for a very short career…

  • EmCDL

    Co-Sign both Yooooo and Kingrocnyc, don’t get me wrong I love sampled work from the usuals, but its possible to make a hot track without them. I rather do my own thing than mess with samples (although its a a few songs I wouldn’t mind messing with).

    And its a difference between them wack Soulja Boy beats and actual music w/o using samples. Get familiar…

  • Anonymous

    dre’s gonna submit a detox beat for this

  • P. Harris

    sampled beats are the basis of hip hop production…

    I understand XXL doesn’t want to claim any responsibility, that’s smart and a CYA for them…

    but I haven’t heard an original beat that’s better then a sampled beat… The craft of cutting up a sample(s), looping it, and putting drums on it is ill shit…

    Shouts to all beatmakers… those who sample and those who don’t…

  • P. Harris

    dayum… my comment got removed?

  • The Sickness

    Here’s some more contests and opportunities for hip-hop producers…

  • R.A.W.

    All you punk ass producers bitchin about that no sample rule need to man up. If you’re a real artist, you shouldn’t have to use samples to make a hot track. Suck it up, get better at what you do, and make some hot shit for XXL.

  • Kid Pistol

    Well said, my friend.

  • Adrenalin

    Hahaha. Yeah. Im coming!!!
    Starvin!!! Productions. Original to the core. Don’t sample cuz I aint got no sampler. hahaha.

  • Evo

    cud always use real instruments to get that sample sound but keep it original motherfuckrs r so lazy wanna sit in a room on there own and make beats and then wonder why they aint big yet hire some session musicians and get it crackin’

  • Evo

    one thing alot of people forget wen dre doesnt use samples he uses session musicians like scott storch for dem 2001 joints and buys beats from other producers and touches them up to give them his sound dem session musicians dey come in lay a keyboard part/guitar part and bounce i kno a college tutor layed a days session down for pete waterman back in the eighties got about a 100 bucks for the work but his bass was all over any pop music pete waterman was involved with during the time

  • Anonymous

    OK cool!!! watch out- J.C.A. Beats is coming….


    I LIKE dis

  • Jay

    The Vagabonds are in the building. Expect some heat from VMG!!

  • Adrenalin

    Wat are drops? Lol

  • Bryan

    Thanks XXL for using my beats!! You can find them using my beat at:

    bcbeatz . com

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  • G slimmmmmmm

    if you cant create your own music and are limited to sampling YOU ARE IN NO WAY A PRODUCER YOU’RE JUST LIKE TODAY’S FASHION>>>>>RECYCLED!!!!!!!! IT’S all about being different
    we already got swizz and kanye dont need anymore!!!! GET creative!!!!!!

  • Bonez

    no samples, no problem! real producers can make REAL beats with or without samples! take a look at one of the greatest scott storch!!!! tell me about soulja boy beats, the hell wit that!
    look for my email xxl!