Sean Price Throws Baby Shower Concert

In celebration of the upcoming birth of his daughter Shaun, rapper Sean Price threw the first-ever baby shower rap concert last night (March 2) at Santos Party House in New York.

“I have a lot of White friends who won’t come to Brownsville, so that’s why I threw this one-tonight,” P told the crowd, which consisted of Duck Down family members like Dru Ha, Marco Polo, Torae and Double-O.

Before getting into any music, Ruck thanked both friends and fans that brought gifts, including Major Steele, who contributed Decepticon baby socks. “That shit is tight like frog ass,” he said of a ‘Shaun P’ bib he received as well.

One fan even offered up $20 instead of a gift, to which Ruck responded onstage, “I don’t smoke no more, but if I did, I would’ve smoked that.”

Afterwards, he performed a quick 20-minute set of material from his Kimbo Price LP, including “Figure Four” and “Priceless,” during which collaborators Timeless Truth also performed. —Devin Chanda

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  • EReal

    Theres something you might not know about Sean P.

    He smokes ROCKS.

    • EReal


    • tee real

      I SEEN HIM !

  • yunggee

    Congrats sean pppppppppp! shit he should do my baby shower next month. dat shits a crazy idea baby shower concert…..

  • sealsaa

    Wish I could’ve gone.

  • oskamadison

    OK, if it wasn’t official before, it’s official now: Sean P is the gulliest cat in Hip-Hop right now. Baby Shower concert?!!! “I don’t smoke no more but if I did, I would’ve smoked that.” Priceless (no pun intended.)

  • Devilmatic

    i reeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyy cant see sean p not smoking weed. i just doesnt seem right to me :-/

  • $yk!


  • Kid Pistol

    This sounded suuuuper wack just judging from the headline, I had to make sure to read the rest of the story. haha

  • that nigga

    Suck a dick “Kid Pistol”. Sean P is the nicest nigga not signed to a major label. And that Baby SHower Concert shit is original and I would of expected this nigga to think of some shit like that. Cant wait for Kimbo Price. Shits gonna be classic like Monkey Bars bitch.

  • Kid Pistol

    Whoaaaa there homeboy, take it out your bootyhole and read the rest of my comment, I’m giving it props.

    Put the gun dowwwwn.

  • lostgyrl

    Not sure how I feel about a ‘baby shower’ concert. I like Sean Price and all but….it’s sounds kind of wack 2 me. Pay 2 see the concert and bring a gift,Hmmmmm…Not sitting right with me. Original but stupid… Only for true friends or fans.

  • lostgyrl

    I had time to think…This was a true crackhead move. NO CLASS!!!!

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  • Sandra

    WOW! This is the first time I heard of a Baby Shower Concert.