Rick Ross, Fabolous & Busta Rhymes Join Diddy in BK B.I.G. Tribute

Rick Ross, Fabolous, Red Café and Busta Rhymes all hit the stage yesterday (March 9) to honor the memory of The Notorious B.IG. on the 13th anniversary of his death. The party, hosted by Diddy, took place at the LAB Bar in the neighborhood that Biggie called home, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

According to MTV News, Puff addressed the crowd donning a black t-shirt that read “Invisible Bully”—referencing B.I.G.’s line on the “Flava in Ya Ear” remix. The Bad Boy founder performed “Victory” alongside Busta, while enthusiastic fans screamed along to Big’s verse. When Fabolous took the stage he lead the audience as they chanted “Broooooooklyn, Broooooooklyn,” before jumping in to his song “I’mma Do It”

“That man had a special love for Brooklyn,” Diddy said about his beloved friend. “No matter where we was at, London, Japan, Africa, he would always represent Brooklyn to the fullest.” And so the night continued with BK DJ Mister Cee spinning all the Biggie catalog classics: “One More Chance,” “Playa Hata,” “Warning” and Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “Get Money.”

Jadakiss showed up late, after Diddy and other performers had gone of stage, to show love as well. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • AZ40

    I was just thinkin’ damn it’s been 13 years,man. Too bad Jay wasn’t there instead of Rick Ross, surprised main-o wasn’t there screamin’ Brooklyn. I would’ve love to been there, I miss home

  • http://eca.sh/GjuS Biggie is better than Pac

    B.I.G made Brooklyn so proud, his swag has never been duplicated and he has remained the greatest rapper ever not Tupac!!!

  • alderman j

    Dont ruin it by comparing him to PAC, not even close, pick any two PAC discs, and they run circles around BIGS WHOLE CATALOG!!! Seriously, he only had 2 albums!!

    • sparkcity911

      pac was nice.not a big fan.tried to be bishop for to long.role playing got him merked. big wuz holden it.top 3 dead or moving off the strength of 2 albums.them shits diddy duck did dont count yo.

  • that nigga

    This nigga come on here instigatin’ shit already?? Just pay your respects and get the fuck outta here with that Bigs better than Pac shit, man. They both was nice and they both dead, so shut the fuck up.

    R.I.P: BIG an PAC

  • The real chris

    Co-sign that nigga.even though i hate diddy much love to big.

  • DJ All Day

    Co-sign the rest of ya’ll niggas…stop hating on everything else already isn’t there enough wars, economic crisis, and death in the industry as there is??? Once again I will say R.I.P. 2 one of the many greats who is not here with us becuase of some straight sucker shit.
    Big up 2 Brooklyn as well shouts 2 my dude AZ40 i see u on hea all the time giving niggaz the game I miss being in brooklyn as well and its funny we all wanna give our top 5 and say who’s the best but its sad when today we really dont even have greats lol..im not a huge stan of Jay’s but really Jay and Nas r our only 2 greats we got left once they go…Em too 3 fuckin artists compared 2 all the artist we lost in this so called GAME….1Love Under GOD ALLLLLLLLLLL DAY!!

  • Co-Sign that nigga

    True dat!!!

    RIP BIG AND PAC!!! 2 of the Greatest!

  • KLO

    RIP to the greatest, BIGGIE SMALLS!

  • latino heat

    Bitch Ross dosen’t belong anywhere near a B.I.G. tribute show.


    sounded like a hot night in bk. they should have outted ross & replaced him with vanila ice or coolio

  • fardeas

    how can these so called gangster rappers stand next to this fat cop,its a joke,biggie wouldnt.

  • jayjus

    how old you katz are that keep sayin workin a year for cc is being police? damn enuff already you say dat shit ya dumma than dirt…nigga werk there when he was what? 20 yrs old? for a year? 18 months? a state job niggas get ya mind right..he making the hottest shit rite now…everytime yall say dat shit somebody keep co-signing him…smart-dum niggas BAWSE!!

  • jayjus

    yes sir B.I.G. best that evar did it…name a whack verse….name it period!!



  • mav

    jay wasnt even there and he always hollerin dat big shit…smh at least kiss showed up

  • sparkcity911

    shout out to ross.nigga getting gwop.not only did he perform he was also was head of sercurity making sure shit wuz love.thats the sound of the police.son probaly loves doughnuts.i feel him for paying hom to big foreal.1 out of a few south cats to spit lyrics.

  • Smoov MC

    Big Up to B.I.G. in a short time he changed the game. Shout out to the Dean of Hip Hop DJ Ralph McDaniels who supplied all the Biggie video for the event but was not recognized. Mister Cee bet not step to me, he Scratched out. But Ralph will tell all in his upcoming book soon to released. BE OWT!!!!!

    • DEF KON 4

      Ralph is the man. I was there , there joint was jumping, good job Ralph! I ‘ll be the first to read your book. I know it will be a smoka!


    Well atleast they wont have to hire security, they have Rick Ross there hahahahah

  • drox

    what the hell Ross doin in this shit?? He aint from NY and certainly dont even come close to his lyrical ability. I give puffy his credit cause the boy was down with Biggie before he became what he became. Busta’s is from NY much love to him but get this wack ass fat nigga Rowse off this shit and add some local artist or some shit…