Nas Owes Uncle Sam Over $3 Mil in Back Taxes

Nas’s financial problems continue to pile up. TMZ reports that God’s Son owes the IRS over $3 million in back taxes.

Back in October of last year learned that the Queensbridge MC failed to pay his taxes in 2006 and 2007, owing the close to $2.5 million. Now court documents have become available that show a bill that has ballooned to a whopping $3,365,671.26.

This is just the latest monetary setback for Escobar. As previously reported Nas’ child support payments to his estranged wife, R&B singer Kelis, were raised from $44,000 a month to $51,101 in December of last year. Now Kelis claims that Nas owes her more than $200,000 in unpaid support in addition to attorney fees.

The N recently pled not guilty to charges of contempt of court after his ex claimed that he hadn’t been paying child and spousal support owed to her. A contempt hearing will take place next month. If Nas is found guilty there is a possibility that he may go to jail. —William Nilly

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  • Deadly MIME

    damn Nas just aint gettin any breaks. Well thats what you get when you dont file for taxes and gettin a divorce.

    • King Don G Unit

      Nas keep ya head up…on the low though, hit me up on Twitter at KingDONGUnit and we can hook up and make a xXx tape. It would be hot male on male bruh. Then call up TMZ and tell them that a sex tape leaked…sell them for $50 a pop you get mad brothers jerking to that flick and you get your money to pay off Kelis in no time


    damn. Nas is not having a good year, so far.


    This is messed up ! Nas is so talented , and one of the G.O.A.T’s . Although he never sold the amount of records his fellow artists did hes still been a success .

    Somebody better get Russell on the phone quick .

  • Way to Go Nas!!!

    Thanks a ton from those Americans who actually pay there taxes. These scumbags figure others will do it for them, fuck you. People wonder why are countries economy is hurting and you need to look no furhter than people like Nasir aka Gods Son, thanks a lot dude. He is getting what he deserves, pay up homey.

    • matty21

      taxes are way too high when u make that much money anyway…. da govt. wants way too much of your money, n they waste way too much of it on stupid shit… therefore it makes people do things under the table…fuck da govt. they want da money we make, shitt dey got all da money, its hard enough out here..much less payin more money to pay da cops n officials that wanna give us tickets, fines, n put us in jail…fck that

      • Brahsef

        Grow up son, we have some of the cheapest taxes in the world.

        • matty21

          ok ok

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  • EReal

    Smarten up, Nas!

  • Lee

    Nas is getting fucked over for other reasons, he probably barely made over 3 million during this period, so how he owes that much in taxes i dont know…

  • Prince Caesar

    Nas is my favorite rapper of all time and the best to ever touch the mic. I don’t know who this man’s financial advisor is, but, you need to holla at Esco.

  • Way to Go Nas!!!!

    @Lee: He made a little over $6 million which equals roughly $3 million in ’06 and $3 million in ’07. Then you take into account that your going to have to pay taxes which will equal half of what he made those two years. If Obama had it his way Nas would be paying closer to $4 – $4.5 million in taxes.

  • Gift

    “Nas keep ya head up…on the low though, hit me up on Twitter at KingDONGUnit and we can hook up and make a xXx tape. It would be hot male on male bruh. Then call up TMZ and tell them that a sex tape leaked…sell them for $50 a pop you get mad brothers jerking to that flick and you get your money to pay off Kelis in no time”

    @King Don G Unit
    That is the fail of the day. I don’t think Nas is gonna take u up on that one

    • King DOn G Uniy

      How is this a fail? I got you thinking of my body tossing Nas’s salad no? That’s why you commented

  • The real chris

    Nas aint gonna go back jail,but he might want to hit the studio up,but nas my boy he a soldier and will pay that ungreatful bitch her damn money.p.s next time nas find a better women one thats not a gold digger.

  • The real chris

    I mean he aint going to jail,i just had to correct my sentence.

  • Pocket Science

    Yall gotta know things are rough for Nas,
    but he’ll bounce back no doubt. “Kelis” I can’t
    fault Escobar for knocking Her up!

  • Nehemiah

    My question is was it Nas or his accountant tha failed to pay the taxes? Fuck he has to pay two bitches back. (Turns on “You Owe Me” song from Nas Album that didnt sell well) Shit everybody need to buy Nas Shit stop Downloading it and giving it to y’all family like the flu and shit!!! lmao Nas I bought all yo’ shit even the Oochie wally and bravehearts shit and those I couldnt even sell back to the store!!! lmao NAS to me is the GOAT fuckk LL and Lil needs Throat Lozenge. N-A-S are the letters that spell the Greatest Rapper Alive!!!

  • Gift

    I knew this gay ass nigga was gonna retort back wit some bullshit like that. This site is for hip hop, not some hershey highway shit you on homie. I think about pussy and how much I love. You can keep ya fantasies to yourself homie. No? fuck out of here!!!

    • King Don G Unit

      @Gift Settle down boy you be making this nicca blush! I’m just wondering if you wanted to swallow a load of my last names for being such a bad boy? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know what you think? Maybe me and you can make a xXx video listening to Nas?

  • Gift

    My nigga, you gotta be a loser, a child molester, or just bored as fuck wit nothing to do in ur life aside from dreamin gay shit. I ain’t entertainin this bullshit you on.

    • King Don G Unit

      @Gift You claiming I’m a loser and yet you keep commenting after me. If you want me hit me up on Twitter @KingDonGUnit. You would be a lovely Easter “Gift” for my load of last names

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    WTF!!! the back taxes of Nasir Jones…are you serious?!?!? shame on XXL for this to make the news while a legend is in a coma and the hip hop world awaits for good news…way to be like the rest of the vultures in the media!

  • C Breezy

    Nas is a buster. Can’t pay his taxes….. c’mon son.

    BTW, this woulda never happened to Jay-Z… just sayin though

  • Jae Fatal

    Nas is my dude…I got a copy of Illmatic in my lady’s whip and we stay bumpin to it!

    Classic Shit.

    But in all honesty…dude aint got the money! Ooops! lol.

  • DV8

    Damn and I thought Method Man was slippin. Nas get it together. Hire an accountant (and a better lawyer might I add) and get your finances straight.

  • Anonymous

    wtf is with you people. nas isnt getting breaks? poor nas this poor nas that. DO YOUR FUCKING TAXES. when you make that much money in this day in age you HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF UNCLE SAM…or he’ll come back and bite you.


  • Anonymous

    especially today, with the US in its current state. They are going after EVERYONE who makes 500+ a yr. US is in shambles and needs every penny it can get from the people.

  • 11KAP

    Son been a gangsta………smh.

  • A-Beatz of WTNRRADIO.COM

    Ayo! Thats alot of MOOOLAH!

    Ayo, at $0 you can check out some hot music at

    Come check it!

  • Esco

    tsk tsk, well that’s what he gets for dropping the nigger album i guess, fuck the systems crooked

  • Max Profit

    “Theres Only Three Things That’s Fo Sho TAXES, DEATH & TROUBLE”

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