Nas’s financial problems continue to pile up. TMZ reports that God's Son owes the IRS over $3 million in back taxes.

Back in October of last year learned that the Queensbridge MC failed to pay his taxes in 2006 and 2007, owing the close to $2.5 million. Now court documents have become available that show a bill that has ballooned to a whopping $3,365,671.26.

This is just the latest monetary setback for Escobar. As previously reported Nas’ child support payments to his estranged wife, R&B singer Kelis, were raised from $44,000 a month to $51,101 in December of last year. Now Kelis claims that Nas owes her more than $200,000 in unpaid support in addition to attorney fees.

The N recently pled not guilty to charges of contempt of court after his ex claimed that he hadn’t been paying child and spousal support owed to her. A contempt hearing will take place next month. If Nas is found guilty there is a possibility that he may go to jail. —William Nilly