Ludacris to Debut Atop The Billboard 200

Ludacris should change the name of his tune from “How Low” to “How High” after released their latest sales projections.

According industry insider’s estimates, based off of the one-day sales figures, Luda is believed to sell around 120,000 copies of his new disc Battle of the Sexes in his first week on shelves. The numbers should be enough to take him to the top of The Billboard 200 album charts this coming Wednesday, March 17.

If the estimates prove to be true, it will be the fourth time that Luda has held down the No. 1 spot. 2003’s Chicken-N-Beer, 2004’s The Red Light District, and 2006’s Grammy-award-winning LP Release Therapy all held the coveted spot in the past. At the same time, Luda’s last album, Theater of the Mind, earned the No. 5 position in 2008, after selling 214,000 units in its debut week—a significantly higher amount than the BOTS approximations.

Battle of the Sexes is the Atlanta-based rapper’s seventh studio effort for Def Jam, and features appearances by Nicki Minaj, Eve, Lil Kim, Trina, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo and Gucci Mane among others. —Elan Mancini

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  • King Don GUnit

    How many times have we heard that?! Gucci Mane, Ace Hood, Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Eminem, Rihanna, Drake, DJ Khaled! HIP HOP IS DEAD! PS LUDA YOU BE MAKING THIS NICCA BLUSH WITH THOSE BEAUTIFUL SIDEBURNS

  • harmen

    shit..i wish luda sold more he deserves it

    *leans back and turns last of a dying breed WAYYY UP*

  • The real chris

    Im a try this again cause for some reason my comment want damn post bvt big up to luda as always,numbers aint bad but yeah acourse it could be a lil better but yal go out and support luda aka the real king of the south cause he do deserve our support.

  • Capt. Obvious

    i think those numbers are suitable for the work he put in…i don’t think the album is really all that crazy…it’s just a commercial album for shits and giggles! i think it deserves 120-150…these days that’s actually great! Good job Luda!

  • Cchild

    now im not gonna talk bad about luda because im a fan of him but i wasnt diggin the mind of theater or red light district but i do have back for the first time, word of mouth & chicken-n- beer. And it made me think what happen to the old days when rappers use to rap & when bitches werent shit, now a days rappers are turning signers & singin to girls about how they can buy this & that for them. i miss crunk music & im from the west coast mane

  • Gift



    The first 2 radio singles are trash.No lyricism…….LUDA TOP 5…GET DA FUCK ADDA HEA…I COULDA/SHOULDA WROTE A HOTTA 16……..

    • ASHEDE


    • x

      so Y the fuck u aint rapping, i dont see u, dont here from u, niggas shut the fuck up n get bck to wrk

  • Niyemortal

    I honestly feel that stuff like this hurts the craft of the musician. Everyone says Luda is so great, Top 5 even (not yet in my opinion) but if you feel, you’re really Top 5 and people should buy into ur stuff, you shouldnt have to drop singles like How Low and My Chic Bad as singles (they’re not Top 5 material). And to everyone saying it was a concept album, COME ON SON. It started as one but it definitely didnt end as one. I listened to the album back to back, and its not a concept album. Congrats to getting paper Luda, but the bar wasnt set high on this one.

    • D. $cience

      @ Niyemortal:

      As I was reading this, I thought the same thing. It’s funny how people put rappers like Ludacris and Fabolous in their “Top 5″ lists, or they feel they deserve to be “Top 5″, but they come out with sh** like “Battle of The Sexes” and “Loso’s Way”, knowing they can easily come out with mixtapes better than the album. And to me, that’s why the game’s f***ed up…how are you gonna release a free, good mixtape and force people to buy commercial bullsh**? That ruins the craft AND ruins their status. I always thought Luda was ill and the whole 9, but I NEVER bought his albums, because he comes out with sh** like “How Low”. If these guys wanna be well-respected Top 5 emcees, than sh** EMCEE! Rock a beat and f*** a hook.

      I’m done. =)

  • mav

    cosign that luda got bars but everyone of his album fuckin suck cuz all he do is make silly shit and songs 4 bitches and this album is proof both of them singles might be hits but luda verses was garbage every time he rhymes on my chick bad you know what hes gonna say already he let nicki garbaj kill him this dude always been too corny that said though atleast somebody who can rap is bein succesful if u think about it only the rappers wit some skills r sellin records look at the top 10 sellers of 09

  • Vlad

    no way this is outselling Gorillaz, not sure if thats what the article implies but yea, no chance.

  • caino

    Good lookin for Luda, noone is selling at the moment, and selling over 100K in the first week is good nowadays!

  • Adamsville Mafia

    I am so sick of the HIP HOP IS DEAD cliche’. HIP HOP isnt dead the audience is just dumber..92% of America is fucking morons so what does that mean? Moron rap sells more and is therefore heard more. I like all the rap artists from Jigga to Nas to Snoop to Murs to Little Brother to Outkast to Rick Ross. Lets all just face facts Nas is the man but do I want to hear about Africa 350 times on one CD? I live in Atlanta and yes they come up with some stupid shit down here but its not all bad. Yes Rick Ross is a CO but the man makes excellent it 5 Mic Music? No, but the man has stepped his lyrical ability up tremendously (see Mafia Music 2) and if anyone says that isnt lyrically hard please wake up..Music is Music fellas you eithe3r like it or you wont change and it wont go back to the early 90′s like everyone wants it to the FCC made sure of that. They couldnt stop Gangsta Rap so they just turned it in a different direction…now we know how are parents felt when we was bump0ing that Chronic Album….

  • The real chris

    Yo mav u said every one of luda albums sucked cause of silly songs?well true he makes some silly songs but hell word of mouf was a great album to me and chicken and beer was solid and i havent heard any other ones from him thats y i didnt name them.

  • The real chris

    And another thing there’s nothing wrong with making songs to the ladies i mean acourse u dont want to hear that all the time but hell u dont always want to hear a song about violence
    so he has to be able to switch it up.but im yet to get this new album yet bet i am asap and will let yal know my personal opion of the new joint.

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  • thuggerkn0t

    Ludacris almost ten years in and still rings bells still got wordplay(“give me some of that thundrcat Hooooo!!!”} still shows creativity(How Low video real subliminal video on hiphop trends and selling out and its a clubbanger) and can still appeal to the masses and make some good music it is what it is….nuff said

  • bus-a-bus

    ludas the man why is there always something wrong cant the hip hop community just enjoy the music instaed of tearing it down and bringing out the negitivity

  • jbird

    dam luda you beda watch goin to Acapulco, the only gold they got is for them fronts. Listen to DragOn, he’ll turn your teeth platinum.

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  • Tory Starks

    You have done it once more. Amazing read!