Update: Lil Wayne Has Last Hurrah at Jay-Z’s MSG Concert [With XXcLusive Video]

“Madison Square Garden used to be Run’s house, but now Run’s House is on MTV,” Jay-Z said to a sold-out New York City crowd last night (March 2). “Madison Square Garden is now the house that Hov built.”

Hov’s proclamation and reference to the legendary Run-DMC may raise issue with a few hip-hop purists, but most would agree through the years that Jay has claimed artistic ownership of NY’s storied arena. Returning for the first time since his 9/11 benefit concert on September 11, 2009, Jay graced the stage with Trey Songz and Young Jeezy in tow.

The R&B lothario set things off for the late arriving crowd as he ran through songs like his 2005 debut single “Gotta Make It,” and “Invented Sex,” before bringing rapper Fabolous on stage for their collaborative “Say Ahh.” [Watch below]

After a brief intermission, where fans were treated to a sneak peak of Absolut Vodka’s NY-Z documentary, which offers behind the scenes footage as Hov prepped for his tour, Jay emerged from a trap door below the stage to the sounds of “Run This Town.” [Watch below]

First he ran through some of his more recent hits like “D.O.A.” and “Empire State of Mind,” then Hova turned the stage over to Young Jeezy who absolutely floored the crowd.

Starting off with his verse from Shawty Lo’s “Dey Know” remix, Jeezy went into songs from his own catalog like “Who Dat” and “Crazy World.” From there the Snowman made way for NY native Nicki Minaj as she performed her verse from Young Money’s “Bedrock.” Then he provided the biggest thrill of the night when he brought out Drake and hip-hop’s current gingerbread man, Lil Wayne, who was scheduled to be sentenced and jailed on Riker’s Island earlier in the day, but saw his sentencing postponed due to a courthouse fire. Ironically the trio performed their collaborative banger “I’m Goin’ In.” [Watch below]

Jay-Z returned to the stage to perform the Obama ode, “My President” with Jeezy as he once again commandeered the stage and dedicated the rest of his set to his more classical material.

“If you came along during The Black Album we love you, but now is a good time to go home. We about to go way back,” he said as he tore through his Reasonable Doubt tracklist doing songs like “Ain’t No Nigga,” “Feelin’ It” and the crowd favorite “Can I Live.”

After the Roc Nation CEO ended with the show closing “Encore,” he dipped below the stage via an elevator prop, the house light’s came on and the crowd filed out of Hov’s house. —Rob Markman

Jay-Z opening up his set with “Run This Town”

Trey Songz jumps on the hook for “Ain’t No Love”

Trey brings out Fabolous for “Say Ahh”

Nicki Minaj performs “Bedrock”

Lil Wayne joins Jeezy

Drake “Goes In”

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  • Bol

    I just lost my virginity! no homo.

    • Anonymous

      thats how you go hard before you go in

  • Bol

    I just lost my virginity!! no homo.

  • E-Man

    jeezy always showing niggas love gotta love that

  • The real chris

    well wayne surely was lucky to be there and apart of it,he had to be to be partying like it was he last time.p.s now do yo damn time already

  • AZ40

    How this nigga go from supposed to get sentenced to peforming the same damn night celebrities get all the breaks

  • u

    This site is so broke they cant even post a photo of it? What does this old Jigga pic got to do wit the show at MSG?

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Why they gotta make the headline about Lil Wayne then only have one line about him in the whole cot damn story. Lil wayne is trash man, listen to Rebirth. Props to Jeezy and Jay. Trey’s coo too.

  • The real chris

    Co-sign u.and also cosign k p thats is fucked up how they just talked bout wayne just real briefly and then go and talk bout all the other rappers.lol.i wouldnt say he trash but hell i have never and never will buy a wayne album.hell i still stick to this boosie is way better than wayne

  • EReal

    Damn Hov, couldn’t get any bigger named guests?

    Hov is lining up with Yung Money? lol. Fail.

    Puff P. Diddy Daddy is lining up with Rick Ross? lol. Fail.

    Fail Fail Fail Fail, FAILLLLL!

  • latino heat

    i want to go to the Bay Area show in a couple weeks but it’s almost $200 for the WORST seats in the building. Hov lost his damn mind.

    maybe i’ll just get fucked up that night and watch Fade To Black on my big screen with the surround sound turned all the way up. lol.

  • bullets

    i hate how they give this lil lame niga headlines he’s soft man a year in jail aint nothing to talk about for a gangsta thats a fukin vacation and no niga named lil nothing will ever be considered the best rapper thats the end of that!!!!!