Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Reaches Gold Status

It may not be “a milli,” but Lil Wayne’s experimental rock LP, Rebirth, has reached gold certification—that’s 500,000 units moved—according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

Although the incarcerated rapper has only officially sold around 393,300, as tallied by last week’s Nielsen SoundScan report, the certification means that Weezy’s label, Universal, has supplied stores with over half-a-million copies of the disc since being released on February 2.

As previously reported, the New Orleans-bred superstar’s overall sales figures are impressive considering the album leaked months before it was officially released.

Wayne is currently serving a one-year jail sentence on gun charges in Riker’s Island. —Elan Mancini

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    I know niggas is gonna hate but real shit this is another win for hip hop just shows how much our brand is running shit. Kanye can do crossover to R&B, Wayne can do Rock and our shit still do numbers.

    • Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

      Fam where you been?

      I agree with what you said, yet I will wait for it to sell 500K before I salute. I’m actually one of those 393K.

      • FLOSS

        @ $yk, bruh i stay on the site but i rarely comment just observe, i didnt buy it but i will now, i like the songs and it is a another win for hip hop.

        But ya boy is got V.I.P. status for the Hova,Songz, and Jeezy concert in the bay next week.

        • Don ‘Syk’ McCaine

          Damminit! I’ll be in the Sac this weekend.

          Do it big family!

    • King Don Gunit

      As of March 16th, Ludacris Battle of the Sexes has sold 136,010 first week! I guess he’s on track to be rounded up to Gold status


      @FLOSS “another win for hip-hop”? you honestly think a “crossover” of hip-hop w/ rock is a win??, let alone rock & fuckin autotune??!! nigga please. i bet you a milli on it the only people buyin their shit are kids who dont know about hip-hop, their just followers & think somethins hot kuz the next man says it is,.. probably rockin some tight ass “jump into” jeans (kuz their aint no way them shits’ just go on LoL) with them big white gay ass shutter kayne glasses, skinny nigga ina muscle shirt N shit. fuck wayne & kanye. both them niggas is homos. & that aint hatin, thats FACT.

      • Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

        “i bet you a milli on it the only people buyin their shit are kids who dont know about hip-hop, their just followers & think somethins hot kuz the next man says it is”

        ^ I don’t know about that fam. I copped it because I wanted to hear it for myself, not not take what other people say about it as being law. And I damn sure ain’t no following young blood.


          “I copped it because I wanted to hear it for myself”, well with the exception of few. I would normally go off sayin some wild shit on here, but Im on here alot N I see the comments you write N I agree with almost all of em, so I feel I cant talk shit. Honestly Im just a professional hater LoL & a MAJOR HIP-HOP HEAD. N lil wayne is #1 on the black list, I aint even gonna get into it. I hope whatever you spent on Rebirth or whatever that garbage shit is called was worth it, kuz JESUS CHRIST, I heard a majority of the tracks N almost cried LoL. I seriously cant belive what this shit has evolved into. Hip-Hop is dead COMMERCIALLY, but thriving in the UNDERGROUND.

        • Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

          I gave it to my bartender for 2 shots of XO Henney.

          I bought it, didn’t say I liked it…

          “Hip-Hop is dead COMMERCIALLY, but thriving in the UNDERGROUND.”

          ^ Yessir!

          Daps back for the love homie. Everytime I see your name I be like that’s a cat you twist that kush with and clown on fools.


        • FLOSS


          I would never fight another mans opinion cuz thats not me and i do feel what you sayin bruh, so let me rap to you for a second my G. Whatever we do in hip hop is monitored cuz the people who hate our culture and society only wanna see us fail, blacks didnt create any of these napster,kazaa,limewire, bullshit and i think it was kinda put in place to bring down sales and frustrate artist and the industry and bring down our music and it did in a way cuz now with the free sharing and internet becoming the radio and tv now any fucker can think he is the next “new nigga” loading a you tube video a day on his myspace and shit mean while Wale,Slaughterhouse,Mos Def,Nas,Busta, credible artist to me aint selling but still making shit happen. Do you bruh i aint mad atcha but any nigga that sell now and yeah im “the mixtape weezy” fan but selling anything in this atmosphere is a win for all of us, even the skinny jeans generation.

  • John Cochran

    Wait, gold means 500,000 right? So 500,000 people bought that shit? okay


    no it means his company shipped that many to stores, that doesnt equal sales! Niccah could have shipped a mill that doesnt deserve a plat. cert

  • El Tico Loco

    Let me get this straight. If he officially sells 393,300 but supplies the store 1/2 a milli u can get gold now? Are sales in the industry that bad that they had to curve the grade for certifications? I need an industry expert to explain.

    • Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

      Tico it’s always been like that. Not saying I’m an expert but do you remember when they used to say so and so ‘shipped platinum’?

  • Brahsef

    The stores paid for a gold amount of records from the record company, so as the artist sees the money, he went gold.

  • OH OK

    they did that for 50′s before i self destruct too. Hip hop isnt dead tho, the internet is just fuckin it all up!

  • RiKaShaE

    where they do that at?

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  • Jayhard

    I am down for this music called Hip Hop, but the shit was straight BOOTY!!!!!!!!! Plain & Simple

  • ME

    Man fck xxl they riding lil waynes dick?Why does wayne get his own little artilce. You dont see other rappers albums being reported on how they almost sold 500,000 or shipped that much anyways.

  • sparkcity911

    FAM got them RONALD REAGANS/JOHN WAYNES coppin his shit.he clocking off CASPER couse niggas aint buying it…Them left field niggas might.

    oh yeah,an marshins

  • dj nice wit it

    that whole album was garbage except – on fire.

  • Janette Self‘s done it again. Great post!

  • Moses

    Am dieing 4 hip hop,almost die 4 ur ,need 2 bi there with u