XXL Class of 2010 Freshman J. Cole performed in front of a sold out crowd at S.O.B.’s in New York City last night.

The North Carolina MC was well received and joined on stage by Young Chris of the Young Gunz and later Talib Kweli and Hi Tek.

In a sentimental moment during the show, Cole talked about coming to see Kanye West perform on the same stage seven years ago when he first moved to New York as a college student at St. John's in 2003. He talked about how privileged he felt to be actually on stage this time around.

During the show, Cole also addressed comparison's between him and other up and coming artists by spitting, "Apparently some of ya'll are comparing me/Either you blind as hell, or you don't care to see/Don't make me pull the trigga, I think you niggas is daring me/You'll fuck around and get your new favorite rapper embarrassed see/I'm the supplier of that fire and that kerosene/Don't want to make a scene/Those ain't no shots fired/Just know the that the shit I'm droppin take you a lot higher."

After exiting the stage, Cole returned for an encore performance of a new song “Who Dat.” [Watch Below] After the show was all said and done the rookie went on Twitter to share his thoughts on the evening. He tweeted: “Sound like some wack ass prom line, but… I’ll never forget this night. NYC SOB’s. Peace”

The next stop on J. Cole’s college tour will be Thursday (April 1) at Hampton University. —Brooklyne Gipson