Update: Guru Releases Statement on Condition

Just two days after news broke that Guru suffered a heart attack and one successful surgery later, the legendary MC and member of the 90’s group Gang Starr released an official statement via super producer and longtime friend, Solar.

“I am doing fine and I am recovering,” he said. “I’m weak though. Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false! I appreciate your well wishes and all the love!”

According to Solar, who thanks fans for their support and prayers, Guru’s doctors say that he should recover fully from the illness.

Guru has been putting out hip-hop records for over two decades. His work with Gang Starr is highly regarded as one of the most influential MC-and DJ tandems of the 1990’s. Guru is also credited for being one of the first rappers to merge hip-hop and jazz with his Jazzmatazz series. Since going solo he has released several discs, including last May’s Guru 8.0: Lost and Found on the indenent label 7 Grand.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as the story develops. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • DV8

    good to hear!!!!

    Hope he has a speedy recovery.

    I would love to hear him and Premo do one more album together.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    There’s a lot of people happy to see this news! :)

  • EReal

    Thats a good look.

  • The real chris

    Yeah glad he recovering best of luck to him on the real.just yesterday i listen to him for the 1st time cause i honestly didnt know who he was, thanks to a few recomanders who told me to check out full clip and gangstarr so i actually went out and bought it and that shit was preety dope.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic Don McCaine

      chris did you get into the Guru blog? That’s a lot of songs to catch up on…

      Best of health Guru.

      • capcobra

        $yk..what up.

  • The real chris

    I mean i downloaded some of gangstarr songs and went out and bought the full clip but overall dude aint a bad rapper at all.

  • The real chris

    sdm yeah i got in it and hell yeah its a ton of songs to catch up on really honestly and truely i didnt know where to start it was like going into a candy store, i mad it took me this long to discover this artist

    • oskamadison

      Everything real, I respect the fact that you actually went and checked dude out. Yeah, there’s alot of good music there. Don’t sleep on that first Jazzmatazz album, either. Jazzmatazz: Streetsoul was actually pretty good, too. I wish more cats had respect for the history of this music.

  • that nigga

    Sounds like he’s kinda pissed Premier issued a statement on his behalf!!??. Solar??? GTFOH GURU with that fake shit. Dont be mad Premiers still poppin. On another note, get well soon.

    • oskamadison

      Word bond, you peeped that too? In this condition, the last thing you should be doing is tryin’ to slide some slick shit through. I wish him a full recovery but he needs to get off that bullshit. Life is too short (not to mention fragile) to be holdin’ on to some petty grudge.

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    Keep ya health up Guru so this won’t happen again

    • jtm

      fuck emcdl he is a fraud! anyways i am glad that guru is doing well.

  • MDI

    thank god. guru is one of the all time greats and if his personality comes through in his rhymes, he truly cares about people. he respects his craft, updates with eras withouts selling out, tells stories, has ill lines, gives you something to think about, defines style and substance and true lyricsm over real hip-hop break beats and samples. there is no separation between guru and his lyrics, like a great jazz musician and his horn. may this near tragedy allow him some shine. daily operation and moment of truth are immense classics and that’s in addition to other classic songs. god bless him.

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  • Frank Low

    Someones gonna have to merk Solar….


    Guru’s Nephew Speaks On Guru’s Health and Solar
    March 03, 2010 03:03:00 PM CST | by Andres Tardio
    Guru’s condition has been on the minds of fans, friends and family members but news has been somewhat difficult to get. As news comes in, HipHopDX has kept you up to date. However, this morning, Guru’s nephew Justin Nicholas Elam-Ruff decided he would release a video about the situation from his perspective, speaking on his family’s inability to get information on Guru’s health status and adding that Solar, Guru’s friend and producer, does not have Guru’s best interest in mind through this ordeal.

    “[Solar] has primary control over the decisions made for Guru’s health in the hospital. Now, the last I checked, it was the family’s right to have a say in what goes on in a hospital when a family member falls ill. For some reason, it doesn’t apply in this case,” he adds.

    “After Guru fell ill, for reasons I will not disclose, he was checked into a New York Hospital, Tuesday, February 2, 2010. Guru’s family was not notified of this until Friday, February 16, 2010. That means that two weeks went by before my family was notified by Solar that Guru was in the hospital.”

    He recounts that family members wanted to fly to New York to see Guru but that Solar advised them not to visit because Guru did not wish to be seen in that state. A week later, he says family members flew to New York and found that Guru was in cardiac arrest and that he was in a coma. He says Guru’s sister and brother thought about changing paperwork to gain control over decisions on behalf of Guru, but “they never acted on it.”

    “A couple of days after Guru’s siblings visited him, word got out to the public,” he adds. “Since the information leaked, Solar has completely cut us off. My family has no way of knowing what is going on with Guru’s situation. Solar has complete control over the flow of information given form the hospital and will not disclose any information with us. The doctors and the staff will not discuss any information with Guru’s family.”

    “In order for the family to change the situation, we would have to hire a lawyer to take this to court and it would be sorted out over a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, we do not have a couple of weeks.”

    He went on to say that Solar does not have Guru’s best interest in mind, saying he is “shocked” by Solar’s recent actions.

    “I know that Solar has been his right hand man, day in and day out for the last six years, but that does not give him the right to make decisions on whether or not his family gets to see Guru or learn about his status. The fact that he is acting like this lets me know that he does not have his best interest in mind. It is a control thing with Solar.”

  • oskamadison

    EVERYONE that reads this blog, go to “

  • oskamadison

    EVERYONE who reads this blog, go to “Guru (Gangstarr) true story behind hospital and coma” on youtube. That dude Solar is a snake. Peep it.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic Don McCaine

    That YouTube already hit MTV. Solar has a lot of explaining to do. You know cats are ready to step to him at this very moment in the hospital…and it seemed weird Guru is talking right after heart/open chest surgery.

    Solar will need more than slander to dwarf nephew’s video statement/plea for help.

    cap what up?

    • oskamadison

      Yo $yk,

      How exactly the hell did Solar end up in control of this situation regarding info from doctors and Guru’s family seeing him? Better question is why?

  • shone jones

    I’m glad you’re doing well, Guru.

    Now, take out Freddie Foxxx and dump Solar.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic Don McCaine

    @ oska

    If it’s written in a contract or appended, it can be that way, yes. “Exclusive rights” means they get to choose. Usually when those type of things are thrown around there’s some type of insurance deal signed. But for all we know there could have been fam issues from the early days, and this is how Guru wanted his business executed and maintained.

    But his dad is a judge and his brother is a doctor I believe. Seems weird to cut off that branch, but I know how families can be sometimes.

    Now we will see if this was done by Guru or coerced by Solar. The thing about Guru being in the hospital since 2 weeks ago is not sitting too well with me.

    • oskamadison

      Don’t you think it’s rather odd for business partners to be signing that kind of agreement. That sounds like something deeper. Not tryin’ to suggest anything but that doesn’t sound right to me. I can understand if he has a rocky relationship with his fam. It always seemed to me that he had a good relationship with and was proud of his pops. I just hopes he gets better and his family gets to see him.

      • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

        I know exactly where you’re going with that. I’ma let them tell me that one and cleanse my thoughts of trying to picture it.

        This whole scenario is weirder than the Lopez Show.

  • R.O.N.E

    Dats whats up get well so u can produce more bomb tracks Guru!

  • KQ


    Get well soon Guru, and dump this sucker trying to benefit from your situation.

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