Guru in Stable Condition After Heart Attack, DJ Premier Says

The hip-hop community was devastated yesterday (March 1) when news broke that Guru, the celebrated rapper from ’90s duo Gang Starr, suffered a heart attack.

On Monday, hip-hop radio personality Miss Info reported that Guru (born Keith Elam) experienced a cardiac arrest and was in a coma, but would be undergoing surgery soon.

Former Gang Starr partner DJ Premier took to his blog today to update fans on the Boston-bred MC’s condition. “Good news,” he wrote. “Guru surgery was successful, keep sending him love.”

“Keep Guru in your prayers, and encourage everyone to think positively so that our collective energy will help him through,” Guru’s former publicist Jackie Osare added in a statement. “Let’s continue to celebrate our legends while they’re here.”

Guru has been putting out hip-hop records for over two decades. His work with Gang Starr is highly regarded as one of the most influential MC-and-DJ tandems of the 1990′s. Guru is also credited for being one of the first rappers to merge hip-hop and jazz with his Jazzmatazz series. Since going solo he has released several discs, including last May’s Guru 8.0: Lost and Found on the independent label 7 Grand.

Stay tuned to as the story develops. —Elan Mancini

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  • Ev E

    God Bless.

  • Esco

    Woah, shocking news, fuck the last thing the game needs to lose is Guru!, god bless hope he’s okay,

  • The real chris

    Truely i never has heard any of dude songs,and really never heard of him.but hell hope he make it.

    • mick

      you must be about 12

      • George Clooney

        Even if he was (which I doubt), it’s not like he’s being ignorant about it. The last Gang Starr album came out in ’03. Even if he was 17 or 18 now he’d have been 10 or 11 at the time. I’d rather reserve my judgment for the dickblowers at XXL for not reporting on this until today.

  • aquil

    he is truly a icon in rapp. guru is truly a real m.c in the game. get well soon God bless.

  • dismathis

    the real chris, youve been missing out. Guru is one of the more intellectual artists in the game, and definitely brings a new perspective to the sound of hip hop. From Step Into The Arena, to Moment of Truth, Gang Starr was an unbelievable group.

    Thank God he is okay

    • Christopher Jackson, Tanzania

      Guru is a true hip hop mc, his lyrics are full of teachings that u can’t get them at school. I’m praying 4 him, we are all prepared to get our MOMENT OF TRUTH Guru. GET well soon bro

  • George Clooney

    Good to know XXL is on their job.

    I’m sure this would have been BREAKING NEWS yesterday if it had been Gudda Gudda or someone more significant to your publication.

    Anyway, thanks for the update Elan. XXL, on the other hand, can still eat a dick.

    Get better, Guru.

  • AZ40

    I was shocked he had a heart attack, he’s only like 43 too, glad he’s okay

  • The real chris

    dismathis thats whats up, i’m a definetly check him out on you tube.

    • Curtis75Black

      Pick up Full Clip, Their double Disk full of classics. Quite sure you know alot of his shit, just don’t know it…trust me !!

  • Mikey T.

    XXl is a day late and a dollar short.

    Get your health and strength back up Guru!

  • abdulnasir

    real chris, need to download some gangstarr and know what the game’s been missing 4 real!

  • Kid Pistol

    Dope, glad to hear he’s recovering. Eat ya wheaties!

  • hiphopdoc

    great news! we dont need nobody dying right now!
    Guru is one of the GOATS! real chris, you’ll get some real hip hop with gangstarr, trust me!

  • Facts

    Guru is 50 plus. Don’t believe the wiki entry; they had him listed as passed away last night

  • The real chris

    alright yal said fullclip and gangstarr,thats whats good im a definetly download that shit asap cause im def a fan of real true hiphop.good looking out

    • Saffe

      Pick up full clip, and continue with The Ownerz!

  • latino heat

    does this remind any of you of when Michael Jackson died last year? XXL didn’t report anything about it until they got so many negative comments they had no choice but to put some story’s up about it.

    like George Clooney said above, if it was Gudda Gudda or someone equally useless that has done NOTHING for hip hop that was dieing the whole site would be one big tribute for the entire week. but a legit hip hop legend that has a catalog worth of classics is on his death bed and XXL gives us “news” about Nicki Minaja’s new single instead.

    that dosen’t sound like “hip hop on a higher level” to me.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Keithy E. Much love bro! Get well soon!!

  • $ykotic Don McCaine

    “Let’s continue to celebrate our legends while they’re here.”

    ^ See that?

    @ chris

    yeah pick up that Full Clip for starters.

    get well Guru.

  • EmCDL

    How come every other website I went to yesterday had the Guru story all up on their sites, but XXL now just posting it? SMDH…..

    Anyway, I’m praying for ya Guru! Glad the surgery was successful, take good care of yourself, and keep putting out them bangers! One of the best to ever do it….

    I’d get up on that Hard To Earn album too, thats what I started out with and been addicted to GangStarr’s sound ever since.

    • jtm

      shut the fuck up!

      • EmCDL

        Where you come from? you need to calm that down homie…

  • Caino

    Get well soon.

    shit, l feel old now !

  • D-Thorn

    Shit even TMZ had this story before XXL.But dont blame them,they had to let everyone know about 10 new artists that nobody will care about in a few months.Failures.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Thank God he’s improving! The Jazzmatazz series is a Hip-Hop landmark. DWYCK was one of the hottest track in all of ’93 (just Youtube DWYCK). Although jazz tracks have been sampled heavily before Gangstarr came out, Guru personifies the marriage of Hip-Hop and Jazz music. And like J.Dilla, Gangstarr has changed my life!

  • R.O.N.E

    Get Well soon Guru! One of tha greatest producers/rappers of all time!

  • jtm

    good he is doing well thank god i was worried.

  • Mizzie

    Get well soon Guru! Prayers are wit you.

  • Big L

    Guru, positive thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery. Much love from Sydney, Australia

  • bkstyle718

    anymore reporting on this story will be halted by xxl by tomorrow for a new headline because i heard nicki minaj stubbed her toe

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  • Waters

    Guru needs to take this as a wake up call….real hip hop is you and preemo…open your eyes to see Solar is holding you back and trying to dim your shine. A real friend would tell you to make that fire with preem…he just wants to eat shine off your plate. Thats why ain’t no real head showing that sucka love…hes evil. Guru Stand Up! see wassup

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    It’s good to see the brother is doing well now. Get well and I’ll keep you in my thoughts as well as prayers. GANGSTARR FOREVER!

  • Anonymous

    GURU is one of the best lyricists/MC’s (highly underrated) OAT, period. I hope he makes a speedy recovery and starts making some power moves to bring Hip-Hop back from the dead. F the hook and dance ish, and the drunk mumbling that passes as Hip-Hop. GURU, my thoughts and prayers are with you

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