Freeway Speaks on Loon’s Progress as a Muslim [With XXcLusive Video]

Last year some surprising photos leaked onto the ‘Net of Freeway and former Bad Boy Loon wearing traditional Muslim garb on their trip to Saudi Arabia. While Free is known for being a devout follower of the religion, many fans were shocked to learn that the Harlem MC had switched faiths. recently spoke with Philly Freezer about his visit to the Middle Eastern country and Loon’s newfound dedication to Islam.

“Last year, the middle of the year, I got a chance to visit Saudi Arabia for a second time,” he told XXL. “Brother Jakk Frost was with me, brother Loon, now known as Ahmir, and it just was a beautiful experience. At the time [Loon] was seven months into the religion, he was a fresh Muslim. And from that time to now, he progressed so much, he’s moving forward so quickly and I’m proud of him.” [Watch below]

The former State Property rapper urged his fans to fly to the country if they ever get the opportunity. “The country is beautiful, the people was beautiful, the mannerism of the people,” he expressed. “It’s just real enlightening and if any of y’all get a chance to go over there you should definitely do it.”

Freeway and Jake One’s album The Stimulus Package is in stores now. —William Nilly with reporting by Anslem Samuel

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  • EReal


    He wearing a sheet and is rocking a louie fag bag.


  • ni

    fuck dat shit, he still gay

  • King Don G Unit

    Loon Freeway hit me up on Twitter and we make that Muslim xXx tape of me swallowing both you big boys last names

  • old skewel

    Really??? You post a comment about his “outfit” and accessories…you may want to turn off lifetime, throw away your brittany spears/culture club mash up cd and throw on some mobb deep or some shit…you internet thugs stay loosin…lol

  • D from the Chi

    I feel you sir and yea Freeway’s that dude but come on fam – He is rockin a Louie Fannie Pack man… its kinda hard to take him serious… lol

    • old skewel

      @ d from chi-
      lol…im not saying the gear fly…im just saying commenting on a nigga’s style is a bit suspect…its not like he posing for an album cover…the dude is rockin an ensemble with no pockets…he supposed to carry a camera,keys id and shit in his hand???? but then again I guess walking around with shit all in your hands build street cred!


    yall pussies show some respect, grow up!!!

  • Piss on U

    That new freeway/jake one is better then anythang yall homos listen to

  • John Cochran

    The man’s talking about his faith and Saudi Arabia and yall mention a bag? It’s some immature people on here. I’m no Muslim but I respect and love my brothers. Anytime niggas from the hood hold on to thier faith and reach to enlighten themselves instead of negativity it’s a blessing. Grow the hell up.

    • $ykotic Don McCaine


      Like homie above said, where is he gonna put his stuff?

      @ dolo

      Don’t forget that Malcolm X was once Malcolm Little. You strive for perfection, you never become perfect.

      Good news post Anslem, I see you.

  • dolo

    I’m guessing Allah wouldnt be happy with Freeways rhymes..talking about selling dope to his own peoples..Malcolm woulda called these fake muslims out ..

  • Kolo

    Any and everyone who is religious is clueless. Freeway, Open your eyes son.

  • IndyKid

    Yea, Kolo, all us ‘religious’ folk is just ignant to da real world that you discovered, sah. Tanks for leddin us know we wrong, sah.

    Haha just your statement of you not believing in anything is, indeed, believing in something. Sorry guy but you’re trying too hard to be anti-religious.


    • Kolo

      lol @ the irony in your sarcasm. ignorant.

      “Haha just your statement of you not believing in anything is, indeed, believing in something”

      yeah, and not collecting stamps is a hobby.

  • rob 2.0

    jedoesnt say anything xxlmag except how beautiful their country is please give us a vid that tells more bout the religion or loons experiance something gezzzzzzzzz



  • tone

    this why we as a people are one of the only race that cant prosper cause we always putting each other down i believe every “Moorish american” or to you blind african american should read the willy lench book and see how his words is still holding us back to this day i aint preaching cause im not perfect and i damn sure dont have all the answers im just saying brothers take the blind fold off ya digg as far as the video or the picture who cares what type of music these brothers make rather u believe in a higher power or not u cant denie that atleast they searching for something positive ya dig > the thought was the cause of it all

  • av

    ahahahaha this dude tone has watched animal one too many times.hey i aint black, matter of fact im a 1/4 filipino 1/4 cherokee some german some this some that. i was born in hawaii and raised in oklahoma, so as you can see im a mixed up dude and from my perspective it aint just black folks that have this problem. everyone is divided by everthing. fact is thats the one thing we all got in a believer (and i try my best to be a follower) of jesus, but i support anyone who seeks higher wisdom and a better way to love.

  • Stay up Loon

    Hey Loon.I’m happy to see you doing your thing.I remember when you was knocking niggas the fuck out In Harlem,alot of niggas feared you,so for you be doing what your doing down Is inspirational.Keep It up

    Harlem Is the world!

  • sparkcity911

    its alot of 85%lost on here d,d,an b niggas on here.1 yourself 1/20 your bird brain the math prosper an watch what u say about true religon. cocksuckers

  • jon-jon

    Listening to Freeways music from beginning till now, there has been some maturity and a lot of sincerity. This is what separates him, Beans and a few others from the commercial mass. The fact that he had on a sack while wearing a religious robe doesn’t mean he is soft. It is a powerful thing when a famous artist is not afraid to touch his spiritual side and it subconciously says to the youth that it is OK to live rightously and mature. As a people who are still financially and socially disadvantaged, it is important that we create a properous society where we can draw off of our own innerstrengths. “SUPPORT PROSPERITY DAMMIT” Don’t be a Nigger…..

  • Mighty

    Suge Knight is a Muslim too?

  • AB

    Any one who praises another person,saying they’re the best,is basically saying they worship this person. They try to walk the way they walk,and talk like them and don’t even know what benefit can be brought by doing these things. Atleast Freeway is now using his brain.