DMX’s Manager Speaks on Rapper’s Arrest

DMX is back in the doghouse. The troubled rapper was arrested and brought to a Phoenix jail on Tuesday (March 9) for using illegal drugs.

According to Reuters, the Yonkers-bred MC, born Earl Simmons, admitted to a probation officer that he had been abusing cocaine since he was released from jail nine months ago. He is currently facing five counts of violating his probation and being held without bond.

“Of course it is unfortunate and painful to see Earl incarcerated, as there are a lot of rumors and lies surfacing regarding the details of his personal and professional state,” X’s manager, Nakia Walker, told “However, thank God for a great team—family, friends, pastors and doctors. Collectively, I am excited to say that X’s team is putting forth every effort to ensure the success of Earl’s health and career. We appreciate the support of his fans. Please stay prayerful, as X will return.”

DMX’s attorney, Gary Jenkins, spoke to, where he revealed that the rapper is seeking the help of Celebrity Rehab doctor, Drew Pinksy. “[DMX] has been battling addiction for some time, and he’s in need of treatment,” he said. “We’re hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help him.”

DMX served 90 days in a Phoenix’s Tent City prison last year on drug, theft and animal abuse charges. While locked up he was sentenced to probation for throwing a food tray at an officer. —Jesse Gissen

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  • G $Money$

    I saw him all cracked out in the metro mall and all I can think was damn he is going back to jail. The shits gettin old X. Stop fuckin up ur life. Sad cuz I was one ur biggest fans til I met U!

    • the change

      This is why praying don’t do shit for people, remember the mind is stronger than the human itself. Fuck praying to some thing that won’t help you cause obviously X ain’t getting his shit answered or maybe he should put it in a song but wait that won’t work either cause mr. or whatever G.O.D don’t give a fuck about you or me cause its not real its made up like a fairy tale. So go out there live your life, be kind, be a good person, do the right things, & support your family, friends but don’t pray it won’t help. Just get off that ass of yours and do something God can’t do it for you. Fuck!!

      • the brown

        Yo! the change, you got it all twisted. Paying is in most sense, meditating. Prayer makes the mind stronger, therefore the body will follow. If you’re not praying right, your body is not going to follow. People like X and his “manager” use prayer as some sort of P.R. method, regardless of how spiritual they are. Don’t look to false idols as examples.
        You, on the other hand; “G.O.D. …its made up like a fairy tale.”? Maybe you did evlove from a monkey but your brain sure hasn’t.


    damn man…damn…dark man x…get your shit together. was listenin to you earlier hittin the weights, the only nigga who gets me hyped. come back into the rap game N take out the trash, youz a fuckin legend

  • Worley

    “admitted to a probation officer that he had been abusing cocaine.”

    Fail. Caine is out your system in 4 days. Hold out for a few days before your visit and you don’t have to tell your P.O. a damn thing.



  • Justice4all

    To each his own. This will end tragicly.

  • The real chris

    Ya i really do hope he get it together cause this is getting to ridiculas and im forever a dmx fan and i truely feel he is the best rapper ever point blank number1.but damn hiphop is in need of dmx damn please get it together dawg

  • 50


    Don’t YOU men CRACK!

  • $yk!

    “[DMX] has been battling addiction for some time, and he’s in need of treatment,” he said. “We’re hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help him.”

    ^ I said this last year. The last thing that man needed to do when he got out was do the rap thing. X needs addiction help before he does football numbers or dies. Bottom line.

    And he’s gotta want help.

  • Gift

    I had everything I could get my hands on when it came to x’s music. Flesh of my Flesh is my favorite to date. It’s fucked up to see x like this, but yall no wut it wit that cocaine. I hope Dr Drew can get this nigga in order quick, because x is really fuckin up right now.

    • DV8

      “because x is really fuckin up right now.”

      just now? X has been fuckin up all decade

      I hope he gets well. I also hope he gets the correct help form Dr. Drew. Please dont do the VH-1 show though. This is some serious shit.

  • BossGame

    Man! Gonna pray for this brother. I remember the song he did with Faith: ” I miss you” touched my spirit. Sit still for a minute X! God is trying to drop a few more jewels in your ear. Sit still, LISTEN, and obey!

    I hate drugs!

  • Gift


    LMAO!!!!I totally agree wit you homie. it’s just hard to watch this nigga fuck his life up like he is. but u know like i know if he does sign up to do that vh1 shit, he’ll probably cancel at the last minute, like he did for that boxing match. fuck t.v. i just wanna see him get back on his shit

  • Mr. Phoenix

    If Whitney Houston can’t make a viable comeback then there is little to no help for X. He was set to be a legend in the game but with all these run-ins with the law for ABSOLUTELY STUPID Sh!T I can’t really see him ever doing well again. I don’t want to write him off but He really needs to hit rock bottom, sober up & cut ties with his past associations which he isn’t doing. And all this talk about Dr. Drew being some kind of help would be so if X wants help but I doubt this man really wants it. He might need to be institutionalized because something is seriously wrong with this man.

  • Who

    @the change

    dont blame God for something that DMX got himself into. How is god supposed to help someone who can’t even help himself.

    • the brown


  • Leroy Love

    Look at that white boy from the Lost Boys movie. Corey sumthin. Its hard for addicts to go straight for good. The only program Ive ever seen to work on addicts is whatever the Nation of Islam is doing. I think they put the fear of Allah in them addicts to get them right. DMX needs more than some celebrity doctor.

    • the brown

      Yo! First of all, there were only white boys in the Lost Boys movie. Secondly, you know what the fuck Corey’s last name is (quit frontin’), how would you even know it’s spelled with an “ey”? I spell it “Cory”. And exactly what channel is the “Nation of Islam Rehab” program on? Cause it seems like you’ve seen some miraculous shit!

  • The real chris

    Co-sign who,its just always sad to me when people like the change act ignarant @ the change i aint trying to get all religious with ya and shit but god searches the heart and he knows if u are sincere or not.

  • The real chris

    And just one more thing dont mistake god for a jenny who grant yo every wish regardless of what, like i said got knows when someone is sincere or not but like i said i aint trying to get to religious with u but being a true beliver in god i just cant sit hear not comment on u.

    • $yk!

      “dont mistake god for a jenny who grant yo every wish regardless of what”

      “god for a JINN (genie)”

      If you’re gonna build, be precise for the ones who don’t know and will research. No darts thrown.

  • curtifili

    God sure didnt grant you the gift of being able to spell.

  • twoholla

    I’m afraid X is straight ass at this point…that judge is going to give him YEARS for those violations…YEARS…

  • The real chris

    @ curtifili .lol well im not perfect kid im only human.

  • hate

    y’all fuckin stupid if it’s 2010 and y’all still believe in, and fight over, any type of religon.

    the truth and iformation about the universe is out there.

    but you stupid mothafuckers is stuck on your imaginative “god”

    y’all need to grow the fuck up

  • AV

    We need to grow up? You lost kid. The truth and information about the universe is noone fuckin knows a damn thing about the universe. They can explain how things work but scientists can never fully explain why things work. If yall dont believe in god than yall must think that we all animals. If we are all just animals on a rock then why do we have freedom of choice? how can we make this rap music, any music if were all just animals. how can people have compassion for other people if we’re all just animals. I dont hate you fools not even this hate guy ( real intelligent name by the why) i just feel sorry for you. If yall have never felt the spirit of god (allah, the great spirit, whatever name yall call him) then yall have some sad lives. Ill pray for you, and if it dont help then no harm no foul right.

    • hate

      “The truth and information about the universe is noone fuckin knows a damn thing about the universe.”

      wrong. completely wrong. if that’s how you start the paragraph, then obviously i’m not giving credibility to anything else you wrote after.

      and you ain’t ready to learn. so i’m a end this discussion with this: if y’all are gonna believe in any type of religon, i can’t stop you. just please make an attempt to have tolerance.don’t beef with people based on their differnce of religon.

      it’s the most pathetic reason EVER to fight

      • the brown

        Yo! hate = ignorance. Get a new name stupid. Hey how about “Stupid”? I don’t beef with religion, just ignorance…….and mormons.

    • sparkcity911

      shit that is always aint never been no begining of time.but shit gonna end couse people is gonna destroy this planet.

  • sparkcity911

    X IS a certified base head.nigga probably been burning for a minute an the longer cats burn the more they dont give a fuck an son dont.
    a yo wrap that shit…think howmany feinds you know quit puffin. 1 maybe 2 out of an ass of zombies.

  • $yk!

    “if y’all are gonna believe in any type of religon, i can’t stop you. just please make an attempt to have tolerance.don’t beef with people based on their differnce of religon”

    ^ Jewel of the ages right there.

    @ AV

    “The truth and information about the universe is noone fuckin knows a damn thing about the universe.”


    Thats just a start of an avalanche of info.

  • caino

    Religion shouldnt come into it! l aint getting dragged into this worthless debate (enuff wars are fought over it!…peeps should watch Dogma)

    Onto DMX, maybe he should stay away from the celeb rehab doc, and get a real doctor and not someone in the ‘game’

  • alderman j

    Most of you cats are delusional, and have no idea what you are talking about. Probably addicted to something yourself. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE……………I STILL GET CHILLS WHEN I HEAR “SLIPPIN”, AND “GET AT ME DOG” EWWWWWWWWW!!!! DMX IS AN ARTIST NOT A ROLE MODEL!

    check out this quote from slippin: ITS FOR YALL
    It’s got to change cause I’ve got a son
    I’ve got to do the right thing for shorty
    And that means no more getting high drinking forties
    So I get back lookin’ type slick again
    Fake niggas jump back on my dick again!!!!

  • joe


    “sigh’ *places him under the preverbial armpit/

    Lil ngga wise up. We r a speck in this universe. The more scientists find out the more they find out we know nothing. You can not predict mother nature. You can not explain everything.

    Go ahead and put your faith in science, the ‘universe’ dont wake u up in the morning, the ‘universe’ don’t create children from a oman’s womb.

    And im not even tryna preach, i just genuinely can’t fathom being THAT arrogant to think that I, flesh and blood, am self sufficent and can explain this world without the presence of a Devine being.

  • Anonymous

    @ $yk!

    U dork, wtf does that even prove/mean? lmao

    U lame, git that snowball of knowledge the fuk outta here, that aint no damn avalanche. Fukin goober

    • $yk!

      “U dork”

      How do you look at the sun and know that planets exist and say no one knows about the universe? Now if it was said that no one knows EVERYTHING about the universe then you have a valid point.

      I’ll paste it again. hate was right:

      “if y’all are gonna believe in any type of religon, i can’t stop you. just please make an attempt to have tolerance.don’t beef with people based on their differnce of religon.

      it’s the most pathetic reason EVER to fight”

      Who’s the real goober here?

  • The real chris

    @ hate u really got issues and this hold thing really got started cause one ignarant kid
    just had to act stupid when the other dude said he will pray for dmx so really the ignarant kid was out of line but hell this is the damn cp and its full of kids

  • The real chris

    And just one more thing no one can make anyone be a follower of god but man please belive and something,and i cant judge u only god can only thing i can thing i can do is pray.but either way this is about dmx anyway not a religious debate.

  • CBS

    SHIT! I just sold him an 8ball the other night. He didn’t have enough money, so I spotted him. Broke motherfucker!

  • densome

    this goes out to the change god is real you stupid fuck all you got to do is belive just cause you ask and dont get healed right there and then dont mean he dont care maybe he has other planes for X

  • Av

    Look lets just set aside the religion discussion for just one second and think about the fact that all this got started over dmx smoking rocks. Thats kinda funny in a fucked up way, aint it?

  • Escobar9300

    Man Ive seen X up at Metro Center here in phoenix not too long ago all strung the fuck out. The shit was sad man, dude was bouncing off the fuckin walls. X has so much talent but just cant get his shit straight. The homie X needs Jesus like nobodies business.

  • lebogang issa supang

    dark manx 4 life.i feel sorry 4 u dawg,i wish u all the best and hope u’ll find help fast.plis x do something about that song, sleep til im dead, plis put another two verses,thats a hit my man,it makes me feel proud to be ur die hard fan.

  • lebogang issa supang

    dark man x 4 life. sleep til im dead take u back to the top,them haters will stand and bow to the dawg,you back 4 real,put 2 verses and that will be the biggest hits after one more road to cross.the best after tupac,the best rapper alive,the best rapper ever made it from the to death x.

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  • Isidro Galloway

    If only I had a buck for every time I came here! Incredible article!

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