DJ Khaled Fails to Break Top 10 on The Billboard 200

Ever since DJ Khaled put out his first compilation, Listennn: The Album in 2006, the Miami-based DJ has always debuted in the top 10 on The Billboard 200. This go-round the Def Jam South president barely managed to land in the top 15.

According to today’s (March 10) Nielsen SoundScan report, Khaled’s fourth album, Victory, grabbed the No. 14 spot on the charts, after selling 27,800 units in its first week. Despite featuring such big name artists as Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Drake, Rick Ross and Usher, among others, the disc was the Terror Squad rep’s lowest earning first week effort to-date.

Six spots above the Miami radio DJ at No. 8 is the unstoppable Black Eyed Peas. Cashiers rang up 46,400 copies of The E.N.D. this week, making the group’s overall numbers stand at 2,227,800.

Recently incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne fell six slots to No. 12 this sales cycle. Rebirth added 31,900 to its total tally, making Weezy’s total numbers equal 393,300 in the album’s fifth week on the charts.

Birdman Jr’s crew Young Money slid three places down to No. 32 this week. Nicki Minaj, Drizzy Drake, Mack Maine, Tyga and company moved 15,500 additional copies of We Are Young Money, bringing their 11-week tally to 361,300.

Next week look for Ludacris’ Battle of the Sexes to top the charts. —Elan Mancini

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  • Deadly MIME

    Duh!! khaled shit is wack as fuck. every song he puts out is anthem bullshit. always reppin my home state of FL when dude from NY.

    • Gaboy

      he is actually from new orleans and that album is wack

    • the change

      Yeah Fuck Khaled he only know how to scream & since when the did hip hop songs only become anthems oh yeah now i remember when mr. Lisssteenn came onto the scene. I’m glad that album did bad only putting on the wack acts any way. get some actual talent then your shit wouldn’t be trash.



  • Gift

    he should have just left shyne on the album, and no leak the fuckin song. probably would have sold more. bet he kickin himself right now. shyne’s verse sucked ass, but that could have been fixed, and again, it probably would have sold more. and quit this anthem bullshit and get more creative khaled.

  • AZ40

    “We Depressed!!!!” Wasn’t this fat fuck just talkin’ bout being like L.A Reid and Berry Gordy

  • KIng Don GUnit

    @AZ40 For real…Just how Ace Hood is the next GOAT lmao. Khaled put Ross’s dick in ya mouth, stop making anthems, and do ya thang

  • Noles____Corleone

    Whats more lame….what he sold, he didn’t make the top 10…or that pushing 27,000 units gets you 14th spot…the record industry is dead.

    • $yk!

      You ain’t lying either.

      NEW YORK — A sale of EMI’s recorded music business to Warner Music Group could happen later this year given Terra Firma’s financial challenges, music industry experts said here Thursday.

      “I would auction off the music publishing business and dump the recorded music business to Warner”

      ^ WHOA. “dump the recorded music business”.

      The panelists also suggested that mobile music firms may be attractive takeover candidates, while telecom carriers, ISPs and device makers may want to acquire music.

      ^ Can you imagine T-Mobile or Vonage owning Koch/E1?

  • beaver

    haha “We Depressed” couldnt have said it better.

    but 4reall..
    i didnt even know dat shit came out..hhaha

  • The real chris

    Fuck a dj khaled always yelling out we the best well not this time u wack fucker!

  • Semir

    This dude is a joke him and Fat joe and Ace Hood all sell like shit..they talk shit about tony yayo..yayo and banks and buck hell they sold more then this..

  • DownSouth

    Nowadayz, you can’t be surprised by low record sales. Nobody, and I mean nobody is selling like they used to. Even the heavy hitters like Em, Jay, 50, etc. The value and appreciation of music is not where it used to be, and I feel it’s because of downloading and most (not all) artists not making real quality music.


    • King Don GUnit

      @DoqnSouth Em and Jay not selling like they used to?! Nobody other than Soulja selling “Down South” Get of the South’s dick and put ya wife on it

    • sparkcity911

      shit is backwards real spitters like fes taylor,rea an styles p them real flame spittin cats cant get plugged like they deserve yo.south niggas beating niggas in da head with dat slow,dumb,soft an sweet watch me yullllllll girly shit. maybe its maybaline.

  • TicNitty86

    This is why hip hop mainstream wise is kinda corny now. Who gives a shit if it cracked the top 10? Like the person above just said no one is really selling anyway except the big wigs. We should be more concerned with the quality and vibe of the album.

  • $yk!

    Rebirth is gonna go gold on the low like BISD did. Deeper Than Rap isn’t certified yet.

    If the president of Def Jam South can’t move units what does that say about his executive capabilities?

    That Luda album is gonna go Bambu leaf paper…

    • CARTEL

      *DEAD* @ BAMBU LEAF PAPER!!!!…LMAO!!!!



  • sparkcity911

    oh yeah,dont get it twisted an all pretzeld up sparkcity,upstate southcrack imean southkakk south no walk it out bullshit over here my ninja

  • caino

    THe industry is stagnent at the moment , but if someone drops actual good music then its usually reflected in the sales. ie BEP album.

    Altho that doesnt actually work for everyone……….OBCL II !!

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  • grown simba

    dont it feel like the real artist arent getting their shine. i feel drake standing in the way of j cole. wiz khalifa dope too but dj khaleds always been wack, who the fuck bought this album lmao

  • rockcity

    Dj Khaled, where to begin? He´s fat and ugly, and oh yhea his fucking shouting ruins the whole song before it has even begun.

    He´s a fake and a bitch nigga too, aint no victory for a dude who claims “we the best” and manages to sell 28,700 copies with so many “popular” featuring artists.

    “we depressed”, couldnt have said it better myself.

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