Details on XXL 10 Freshman for ’10 Mixtape Revealed

On Monday (March 1) unveiled XXL’s new Freshman Class, as well as the cover for the April issue. Today, we offer you the details on the 10 Freshman for ’10 Mixtape, hosted by DJ Whoo Kid.

The compilation, which drops this Monday, March 8 and will be available for free on, and thisis50, features 19 brand new tracks by this year’s Freshmen 10—Pill, Jay Rock, Nipsey Hussle, Big Sean, Fashawn, Freddie Gibbs, Wiz Khalifa, J.Cole, OJ Da Juiceman and Donnis.

Whoo Kid will be playing select cuts from the tape while the artists call in to his on Sirius/Shade45 show this coming Saturday (March 6).

XXL’s 10 Freshman for ’10 issue is scheduled to hit stands on March 16 and will includes stories on the Freshmen producers, hip-hop soul artists and hip-hop duos/groups, as well as an in-depth look on what it’s like to be a new rapper today, a special recap of last year’s Freshmen class and an Eye Candy that’ll make you say ahh. —XXL Staff

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  • EReal

    NEW DETAILS! On some shit no one gives a fuck about!

  • Green Dragon

    lol at putting oj da juiceman’s songs at the very end..

    • that nigga

      I noticed that, good job at listing the tracks. Shoulda just left him off all together (Is that one word?). Anyway, someone paid for OJ’s appearance with the Freshman 10 cuz he dont belong with those other dudes. Cant wait to hear Jay Rock, Nipsey, J Cole and Wiz. Theses niggas probably be crackin up on OJ behind the scenes.

  • The real chris

    cosign Ereal,point blank this is b s and hell oj song should’nt be on there period bvt overall this is wack.

  • norcal

    no D-LO wow,i bet u none of this catz make, check D-LO on youtube NO HOE

  • Harry

    I know you don’t give a shit but these seems dope to me. They are giving us new songs from fashawn, j.cole, nipsey, big sean etc and y’all diss it.Thanks XXL you don’t have to do this, its appreciated

  • Binary

    Lookin forward to Wiz Khalifa shit

  • Grenade

    I down with this mixtape!…although i don’t enjoy OJ, the other cats are dope.

    I can’t complain…

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  • nibs

    OJs at the end so you can delete those tracks and your itunes still looks like you have the whole album.

  • DV8

    I wonder if they had a cypher at the photo shoot? and if they did, I bet they all laughed at OJ da jewmane when it was his turn.

    • that nigga

      Swear to god I posted that but my post wouldnt post. An I bet It was Nipsey and Jay Roc doing the laughing.

    • $ykotic Don McCaine

      “I wonder if they had a cypher at the photo shoot?”

      ^ Jew-mane probably did his ad-libs on everyone ‘s verse.

      Kid Pistol I like how they slid B.O.B. on the project. Freshman 10.1.

      XXL knew if this wasn’t free it wasn’t gonna fly, but it’s good promo for all parties. Hope cats didn’t submit throwaways being too confident, this mixtape may determine if they are getting an album budget this year.

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  • The real chris

    Dv8 u wild as hell

  • mav

    xxl get a couple points for realizing that oj is so garbage that hes at the very end meanin only his fans will even listen to those tracks and for yall sayin who cares i never heard of hardly anybody on this list and now just because of xxl ill go check these dudes out cuz a couple of doin they thing i like freddie gibbs ill be checkin 4 jay rock and j.cole of course dude fashawn was straight them other cats ill see about i heard a wiz track and hes alright nipsey is decent too

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  • Anonymous

    xv come on?

  • Anonymous

    how could you put some of these guys over xv doesnt make sense

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  • mikel

    WOW ill be surprised if it reaches 1000 downloads

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  • Donny Sosa

    Sean’s and Wiz’s shits boutta go go hard!! lookin forward to this

  • Axeo

    I was hoping to see more J.Cole and B.O.B. They’re my top 2 on the list but Nippsy Hu$$le and jay rock doing their best for the west. Oh and nippsy was no. 3 for me. Wasn’t OJ getting buzz going even before drake droped So far gone? WTF is he on this cover for? Sometimes i feel XXL is on another lvl then next day on some lazy soft shit

  • bereign

    No wonder the rest of the country hate new york, you guys are some of the pussiest motherfuckers, You keep dudes name in your mouth so much that I swear you really his fans and can’t wait to cop anything he does.

    Don’t like it don’t listen to it dont look at it just do nothing, oh wait that’s impossible for you guys, you need that dick in your mouth to get by!







    that was a hard comment. is that somebody out of juice camp, or just somebody real. honestly, i was gonna day the same thing. i will say tht i enjoy nyc hip hop, just hip hop in general, but ny heads don’t show equality. hip hop suffers this. keep in mind, all the internal nyc beef is why they lost the countries ear. point blank. u guys promote soulja boi gucci and oj da juiceman everytime yall mention their names. j. cole is from nc and is perhaps the best on the list. stop the hating.

  • A.K.

    19 tracks, and only 1 track by J.Cole? Maaaan fuck this shit.

    • Anonymous

      Yeahhhh man j. cole has one track and jewmane has two????

  • Shlem

    bereign… poor soul. someone help him please

  • smojo

    not to mention, wiz only has one?! damn, and g’d up better not be airborne. i’m feanin for that new new wiz.

  • Lee

    OJ is the biggest name out of all these dudes. He understands that he has no vocaubulary thats why he said it in his mixtape “Orange”. But he doesnt care. OJ will be the biggest star out of all these guys. I just wish XXL would really stop hatin on the west and would have put Ya Boy, Clyde Carson, or Dlo on wit these dudes.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck You

  • Lee

    Why dont people see that OJ is the biggest satr out of all these guys. Much respect to Nipsy and J. Cole, but OJ has the biggest buzz, and name. He doesn’t care if yall think he can rap. He even says he is entitled to all the criticism in his mixtape “Orange”. OJ will have the best year out of all these guys. Well Damn! Oy yeah by the way xxl should have put on Ya boy, Clyde Carson, or even Dlo

  • RhymnDymnd

    OJ Da Juiceman is the worst rapper ever

  • smojo

    @ lee, you wanna put some paper on it? stfu.

    • Lee

      Sure why not. Y dont yall see that lyrics dont sell anymore. Um how many units Talib movin, or Common movin? Oj and Wacka are with Gucci. Gucci the biggest rapper out. Fuck Wayne. Nigga is over rated. How are you the best rapper alive and you were the worst rapper in The Hot Boys. Everyone hatin on OJ but you had to listen to his shit to hate it. On my momma OJ might have the worst lyrics, but will be the most known out of all these guys.

  • C-Note

    The mixtape will probably suck except tracks from J.Cole, Wiz, and Big Sean. OJ The Juiceman is terrible. I really did try and listen to him, and Gucci for that matter, and I just can’t. They don’t carry themselves differently on any track, it’s all the same. See Wayne & Gucci have been the most consistent, hard working artists over the past year. The difference? Wayne prepared so much music/music videos for when he’s gone to stay more relevant then artists’ that are free. Gucci didn’t prepare shit.

  • The real chris

    bereign u can say what u want bout ny rappers and im from the south saying this but oj super wack and a disgrace to the name of hiphop,regardless of if ny rappers dont sell huge they still doper than oj and will always be.

  • big mike

    Ok seriously……… song by J.Cole really? he’s the best in tha class he needed to do at least 2 or 3

  • Anonymous

    Ya buggin….OJ aint shit J. Cole nd Big Sean are the top 2

  • SBdunks

    oj the jewman isnt a rapper, or a poet. Hes a ruhtard who slangs a basketball playa..HAHAHA

    only one song from wiz WTF?

  • bv


  • Z@k M0rri$$

    “Im from the souf” (Pimp C voice) Thats right Im from Texas for real!!! I cant even get down with Juice. Im sorry but that nigga dont get down to me! The only problem is New York niggas wont let it be! I swear to God I dont listen to Wu Tang (No disrespect) so I dont acknowledge them. Why must New York acknowledge him! Either way J Cole is tha truth for real. Check out “Show me something” on the mixtape “For The Ville”