Update: Lil Wayne Sentencing Postponed Again, Lawyer Speaks on New Court Date

Lil Wayne has managed to catch another break. The Young Money General’s scheduled sentencing for a 2007 gun charge in New York City was postponed this afternoon (March 2), due to a courthouse fire, reports the Associated Press.

As previously reported Weezy was scheduled to appear in court today and receive a one-year sentence for a second degree gun possession charge that he plead guilty to last October. Last month, the rap superstar received a one-month extension in order to get dental work done before beginning his time behind bars.

Court spokesman David Bookstaver told the AP that the sentencing was among proceedings canceled due a basement fire at a Lower Manhattan courthouse. The court will be closed for the remainder of the day.

XXLmag.com spoke to Lil Wayne’s lawyer Stacey Richman about the status of the New Orleans-bred MC’s sentencing. According to the defense attorney Wayne does not have a new court date as-of-yet. “We are hoping it will be tomorrow,” she wrote in an email.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as the story develops. —Elan Mancini

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    • joe p

      breaking news ?

    • http://yahoo.com pride

      why cant lil wayne lawyers negotiate with the jugde maybe my superstar can get the bail pliz couse we will miss a lot of lil wayne 1 year is a bit longer

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    I don’t know why there’s always comments posted like that ^^^^^^

    On the subject at hand, who gives a fugg, send him and get it over with, this daily update of postponement is getting old.

  • hiphodoc

    that nigga aint never going in going in going in!

    • GregSIDE

      He’s the Fireman, F-F-Fireman

  • js123

    breaking news…really?

  • E-Man

    haha basement caught on fire???
    lmao really coincidence right
    jailmates probably like hurry an send that nigga

    • jtm

      you will be crying when he goes to jail.

  • Jon Dog

    Who gives a shit. XXl, you are fallin the fuck off. This is not breaking news. What about Guru, and the fact that he’s in a coma after suffering a heart attack? That is breaking news, GET OFF WAYNE’S DICK!!

    • Deadly MIME

      Thanx Jon Dog for sayin whats been on my mind 4 the longest. XXL is really on wayne like some 2 cent hooker. Yea Guru is more important thats a living legend that has almost left us forever. Fuck that jiggaboo coon of a nigga Lil Wayne.

    • Brahsef

      If you would look at the news story right before this, it says that Guru is in stable condition. I know that reading can be a bitch sometimes though.

      • e


  • The real chris

    Damn go to fucking jail already! this clown gets more breaks than a damn kit kat bar,and xxl yal really continuing to let me the fuck down.when are yal gonna ever put different rappers on here!



  • EReal

    Young Money started that fire.

    Young Money Lighters, burnin crack pipes and fires.

  • Muziikk

    They call Him Fire MAN for a REASOn right…

    FIre man,
    She on Fire..

    Whats REALLY Good…


  • Og aBobby j

    you think when he pulled up to the court house he was like

    “tha block is hot” ……


    Wait Og bobby j still alive?

    • og bobby j

      barely….hard out here

  • http://www.bigapplechannel.com Andrew Sansone

    Lil Wayne and the Manhattan Courthouse fire were Trending Topics on Twitter today http://bit.ly/98RjsK

  • sealsaa

    “Young Money started that fire.

    Young Money Lighters, burnin crack pipes and fires.”

    LOL, where’s G-UNOT KILLA when you need him? The subject matter would have made for an entertaining story.

  • bitches

    I seriously think XXL posts these articles so you little bitches can sit and have your bitchfest while polishing your nails, get off dudes dick it’s funny to see how people who supposedly “hate” dude waste every min of their lives telling everyone about it, shut the fuck up and go do something you “enjoy”! you know what enjoy means? Prob not as you are so use to spending your life hating, boohoo you gay ass bitch, and you call yourselves rap fans? This look more like the gay parade. Is that a pink flag I see you waving?

    • jtm

      i hate him because he is fucking up hip hop.

    • http://KidPistol Kid Pistol

      Good point my dude, glad to see you’re not wasting minutes of your life bitchin about people bitchin.

      Also, I guarantee 90% people didn’t read that full comment, I wanted to slap you half way through.

      • Tyler J


        • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

          That’s cute. Take it outta your bootyhole.

          Co-sign JTM and Eugene.

  • http://eugenezworld@blogspot.com eugene mechumo

    thiz dude should go to jaol and let the real kings of hiphop to rule the scene

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