The biggest rap stars are known for having endeavors outside of the music business. Look at Diddy, Jay-Z or 50 Cent as examples. B.O.B. understands this and on the eve of the release of his long-awaited debut LP, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, the ATLien spoke to about his future career plans away from the studio.

Following in the footsteps of Jim Jones and The Beatnuts, the ambitious Grand Hustle artist says he could see himself in a theatrical setting. “I want to do Broadway,” he said. “Like I definitely want to do a show [on] Broadway but call it like ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ …do every song from the album but Broadway style, like we act a scene and it goes into a song.”

The XXL Freshman alum also says he can envision himself becoming a talk show host on the small screen.

“I feel like some artists, they become so much like personalities," he explained. “Like Steve Harvey is kind of like—like young kids who were born in like ’94 or ’93 who don’t know Steve Harvey, [as the] comedian on The Steve Harvey Show, [to them] he’s just a person, like a personality. I feel like at some point that’s what will happen with my career.”

B.O.B.’s The Adventures of Bobby Ray is scheduled for a April 27 release date. —Elan Mancini with reporting by Anslem Samuel