Young Jeezy’s Association With BMF Explored in New Book

Be on the look out for BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family, which is set to hit bookstores next month. Written by author Mara Shalhoup the tome examines the notorious drug-trafficking organization’s relationship with hip-hop.

Known for its connections to Diddy, Fabolous and famed hip-hop jeweler Jacob the Jeweler, BMF was most noted for its relationship to Young Jeezy early in his career.

Shalhoup, the editor-in-chief of Atlanta-based publication Creative Loafing, offers insight into the Black Mafia Family’s role in Jeezy’s career with the book.

BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family will be released on March 4 via St. Martins Press. —Elan Mancini

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    i remember the story they did on BMF in Creative Loafing. that shit had like 4-5 parts. i put all of them 2gether & read the ‘whole story’. it was real interesting.

  • younghov402

    Jeezy was gettin it in heavy with Meech. They 1st met in NYC, both were doing it big in ATL. Should be an interesting read

  • Gift

    That is definitely something I will be reading when it does drop. Those guys were really starting to get good connects in the industry, prior to meech’s incarceration.


    Jeezy is a snitch. thats all you need to know bout that situtation.

  • jonny bizness

    ill defo cop it them dudes was obvious with it hotter than july the feds jus waited 4 them 2 fuck up.30plus yrs is a long time shitttt

  • sway-z

    Niggas need to read that and do they research, to see exactly who Jeezy was, and who he wasn’t. Jeezy definitely a street nigga, but he wasn’t no kingpin, BMF gave him that look

  • Jamal7Mile

    I hope the author has a co-sign from Meech and Jeezy to write this book. I’m not in the streets like that but I know for a fact BMF don’t play that shit.

  • jtm

    see that is why i don’t like jeezy, fabolous, or diddy.

  • The real chris

    Jeezy a real dude and got connection,and this shit off topic but jeezy the one who put a hit out on one of gucci aka cuccimane peoples.thats when cuccimane wanted to drop that beef.

    • Ladidadida

      do you just say shit to say shit! Jeezy been talkin bout hits on gucci this bounty on his chain that for like 4 years now. Read the article that talks about gucci case. he was facing a murder charge for popping someone from cte. The beef got squashed cuz now that gucci is blowin up and jeezy is already ther, they stand to make a substantial amount of money together

  • My nutts



    Fuck jeezy.he aint solid. that nigga snitch look that shit up on youtube.and to the real chris, gucci man fuckin murked a nigga.and when i say murked i mean he killed somebody

  • The real chris boss u say that gucci killed a dude before, well if So why the fuck gucci aint do shit when jeezy sent one of his goons at cuccimane peoples.

    • bylaw99

      Allow me to interject, lil homie that was the niggas Gucci murked, some nigga who Jeezy sent to get Gucci’s chain and Gucci let that nigga have it. Do you niggas read magazines or just look at the pictures.

  • The real chris

    And u say jeezy snitched im a check that shit out thou.

  • B.P.

    The Real Chris, Gucci did do something, he fucking killed the dude that tried to run up on him. And the reason why Gucci didn’t do more was because he got locked up on that murder case and he dropped the “beef” because having that going on while you are facing murder charges doesn’t look to good.

  • hiphopcoconutz

    haha thats some funny shit yeah he killed someone in self defence not cold blood theres a difference this is why people say hip hop is dead cause people base things on other things and not the music gucci is terrible but catchy hes a G’d up Flo Rida its funny when you hear that Jeezy flows better than someone kindv weird

    • Prince Of The Sota

      shit,honestyly i dnt care if it was self defence or cold blood.the point is in the”xxl magazine”they got a gucci n jeezy article n it says that gucci shot one of the guys that “jeezy”sent and a coulpe of days later dude was found by an elementary school with a”CTE”chane on his neck.jeezy maybe real but sent one of his “goons”to a real nigga wita gun and lost one of his patnaz so he a sucka to me

  • caino

    Do you not think its a sad reflection on us as a people, when we decide who’s better or who’s more ‘real’ as if its where we should aim to be. By being involved in murder or drug dealing , which again destroys or communities and children!! l mean call me crazy and all!

    • that nigga

      Valid point caino, these fools are idiots.

  • k-rob

    lots of kids on here i see, yall would not know real if it slapped you in the face.keep idolizing these industry ppl.i was cool with a big drug dealer in my hood too so i guess am a G.
    connection and who you know does not make you a “gangsta” kids wake up.

  • Mr IamRich

    Jeezy didn’t put a hit on Gucci. He put a bounty on his chain for 10 stacks. Gucci went to a stripper house that he was doing a song for and she was part of the set up on Gucci. Some dudes that was affiliated with BMF ran in the house and Gucci popped off first and caught one of the guys. When they ran out the one that got popped ran into the woods and died. Thats the TRUTH look it up. But Gucci did tell the judge that Jay (Young Jeezy) Jenkins was trying to murder him in a court room which lead to a federal investigation on Jeezy….So who really snitched????

  • The real chris

    Well gucci murderd a guy but only inself defense quite frankly who would’nt?i know i would if a mtf came to harm and kill me, and im jezzy would of did the same thand that gucci did if it was vice gucci aint no killa killa and last but not least he may be a lil gangsta but he still a terrible rapper.

  • Joe

    Real talk the creative loafin article IS the book. Funny cuz i was readin that online just a few weeks ago. They dumb if they havent deaded that link cuz its ALL there. great read.

  • The real chris

    And one more thang,this slightly off topic but is it just me or is wocka-flocka a snitch remember when he got shot for his chain?didnt dude give the police the guy discription and every thing.regardless if gucci never snitched he hanging around a guy who have. and who yal thank was sent to harm flocka?

  • Joe

    @real chris
    R u serious. Killin a man aint no badge of honor. Wuts next, ‘Oh he killed a man but he aint do it up close’

    U need Jesus boy.

    And stop watchin The Wire.

  • The real chris

    its a badge of honor joe when u do it just to be doing it but anybody could do it in self defense.ima put it like this if a 12 year old kill someone for breakinh in to there house do that make them worthy of having honor of being a true killa?get the fuck out here joe.and never watched the wire not a house guy.

  • Kool Clint

    I’m still tryna understand what’s so tight about being a “TRUE” killah??? Killing ain’t cool, regardless of how you look at it… Yall, let all this bullshit that these white folks done put on TV fuck yall heads up… Yall think all that Gansta shit is cool… That’s what they want you to believe so, we as “Black” men can wipe ourselves out, by dying and going to prison… And what’s even more fucked up, is the shit working… Now that’s a shame that America only is 5% Black males, and over 70% of the prison population is Black males… I know yall done heard all this shit before, but it’s time to wake up!!! Ain’t none of that shit cool. We, “Black” folks period, is just being used as entertainment for the white people to sit back and watch… I know the shit’ll never change, but damn, just to hear this ignorant as shit fucks wit me…

    • Joe Morgan jr.

      co-mutherfuc%ing sign. If you listen closely you can hear Malcom and Martin spinning.

  • black

    ^^ ^^


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    yeah i do admit that we are all in a sense brainwashed. .fuck the mainstream or any media.we always talkin bout whos real or whos fake but the truth is the artist isnt in the street selling drugs,killin ,or any of that shit. thats just the shit they want us doin to our community.we need to learn how to escape this system these white devils have trapped us in.

  • ga. power

    say main ive been fuckin wit jeezy for yrs he aint no snitch he a real nigga fyi when dealin wit the feds you gotta do what you gotta do so fuck u fuck niggas a town hot boys


    FYI wen u choose the thug life and you dealing with the feds you keep your fuckin mouth shut and do ur time.. yall wanna be thugs come out to california and see wats crackin..aint no fakin jus rain game out here. .California where all the shit orginated at

  • amazing

    i truly must thank all of the people that posted on this thread because simply put, its comical. the inability to use the english language makes you look like retards that can’t pass the 3rd grade. you worry about street credit, how many dimes you sold and whether you shot first or not. do you honestly expect “the white devil” to take you seriously when day in and day out you live up to every stereotype about blacks that has been out there since day one? you all honestly sound like a bunch of actors playing slaves or elevator men in some 1940s film. wake the fuck up, educate yourselves and maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about what the “white devil” thinks or have to worry about who snitched on who and what convo the feds are listening to. 70% of the prison population is made up of blacks because the hype around being a stupid ass criminal that can’t even spell or speak properly.
    and don’t even try and say some shit that because i’m educated that i think i’m better than you or that i haven’t done “hard” things. i maybe in law school but the charges i coulda had against me if i had been caught were just as bad as bmf is in for. but there comes a day when you wake up and realize what matters and whats just a bunch of bullshit.