XXcLusive: Drake Announces College Tour

XXLMag.com has learned that Young Money rapper Drake will be embarking on a 25-city tour this April, making over 15 stops at college campuses nationwide.

Titled the “The Away From Home Tour,” Drizzy plans on making stops at Penn State, Michigan State University, West Virginia University, University of Central Florida and the University of Kentucky among other schools. He will also be performing at this year’s Bamboozle Festival and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The Grammy-nominated artist will be taking fellow Canadian-bred MC K-OS with him on the road as well as synth pop band Francis and The Lights.

“Away From Home” is part of 5th Annual Campus Consciousness Tour, produced by Pretty Polly Productions and non-profit environmental organization Reverb.

The tour will kick off on April 5 and run until May 8. Fans can visit prettypolly.com for more info and a full list of tour dates. —Elan Mancini

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    I’m from Toronto and no offense to Drake because he IS talented.. K-OS IS TORONTO’S GREATEST MUSICIAN LET ALONE RAPPPER

    • AZ40

      I’m not from canada and K-OS is sick, I’m glad to see him get some kind US attention. Why drake ain’t goin’ to no HBCU’s

  • King Don Gunit

    Drizzy you from Toronto! Why don’t you do a college tour up here?! PS Drake be making this nicca blush

  • sumnsumn

    word, drake reps toronto but he’s everywhere BUT toronto.

  • Hussle’s Way

    Wassup with Drake not doing shows in T.dot & Montreal?

    but good look on touring with K-OS




  • Fireforreal

    Drake is a good writer but I don’t know about a whole show from him. He’s sounding more the same on each track. I hope he doesn’t do a Canibus on us with his debut lol(Youngsters 21 and younger. Canibus is a rapper who had one of the biggest buzz’s in rap history. Killed mixtapes,album appearences and by most critics was regarded as the next Rakim. Had a horrible debut and never fully recovered. At one time he was the only emcee who would have been a challenge for em back then along with royce the 5’9)Now he’s a bitter has been who like most places the blame on his lable,the industry etc……

  • caino

    ^^^ ahh the good ole days of Canibitch! lol

    l love music and if l was around l would go to the concert, shit l go to any music event l can get to. Gotta support the genre.

  • T.Dot

    Wow Drake. You selling out on your City fam? Why no show in Toronto. What a disappointment to us Toronto fans that had you from the get go.

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