Shyne No Longer a Part of DJ Khaled’s “Victory” Plans

You win some and you lose some. Despite Victory being the name of his upcoming album, DJ Khaled apparently lost—a few key features that is.

After turning the rap world on its head by securing one of the first live recordings from recently freed MC Shyne, the Miami-based DJ has opted not to include the record on his new disc. An updated track list for Victory was recently released with noticeable lineup changes.

Jadakiss and Kanye West were initially billed as guests on the title track, which now only features Nas and John Legend. Also, the untitled Fabolous and Ne-Yo record will no longer appear on the retail version of Victory.

The biggest changeup, however, is the removal of the highly anticipated Shyne feature on “All My Life.” The song actually leaked earlier this month but received a lukewarm response from fans and critics alike. There’s no word from Khaled’s camp if that played a part in the decision to cut the song.

Despite losing a few high profile features, Victory gets beefed up with a plenty of extras—including Lil Wayne being added to the final version of “Fed Up” and all-star laced tracks like “All I Do Is Win,” featuring T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross.

Victory is due in stores March 2. —Anslem Samuel

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  • jtm

    yeah the song was terrible sorry shyne.

    • AZ40

      Yeah he sounded like shit, that’s what 10 in the box will do to you

  • E-Man

    I would have deleted that bullshit off my album to shit lol nigga fucked that shit up
    but hey the whole album is gonna suck anyway so khaled could have kept it just for shyne wastin his breath

  • calito

    yooo khaled what’s go around comes around plus U ain’t no big time, only in the souht.

  • jonny bizness

    i would’nt buy khaleds album with or without shyne. it’s got more fillers than subway!!!!

  • General

    I would like to know what the deal with that Shyne record is too, because his vocals sounded horrible. I don’t know if his voice is fucked up know or if it was a problem with the way they recorded it, but it sounded awful…

  • The real chris

    Khaled u need as many guest features as v can get unfortantly luda,snoop and ross r the only ones who make me want to download this album.khaled u mack wack and yo voice mad annoying u sound like a lil bitch..p.s we the what a joke

  • Teddy

    that shyne verse was probably the worst verse iv’ heard since silk the shocker that verse makes bizzar from d12 look like drake

  • Mutada/mullah Atari

    I don’t understand the hate for dude honestly. Is it G-Unit based? I mean seriously other than his ultra annoying voice, and a few not so stellar songs dude comes across as pretty “average Joe” to me. He came up, made a name for himself and does him. Whats the issue with him ?

  • these posts are racist

    Wow, a lot of hate for Khaled. What is the real reason behind the hate?

    • NotoriousAGC

      yo wus good iz ya boii A.G.C. here are MY reasons why i hate the hiphop terrorists

      1.Annoying ass voice
      2.His over-produced songs sound like 3 songs mixed(terribly) together, that may get shit poppin in MIAMI, but in the west it is MAD annoying.
      3.We The Best<—we dont need to hear that shit every fucking song.
      4. Looks like a fake douche dj.
      5.Makes Diddy sound like Sade(as hard as that is to believe) when he is “hyping” up the song.
      7. He came out with that garbage eater yall call Rick Ross(that’s the first time i saw this asshole).

      but that’s just MY opinion.

      • these posts are racist

        You just called him a terrorist. You realize you took this conversation to another level. You are on a hip hop website saying you don’t like somebody because they are Arab…and using a racial slur to describe him. Wow. Google Irony.

    • I agree…

      i mean what the fuck is everybody riding Khaled bout this shit for…it was SHYNE PO’S MUTHERFUCKIN FAULT FOR LAYING A HORRIBLE VERSE DOWN WITH A NEW STUPID FLOW AND VOICE TO ADD TO IT YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!!!
      and this coming from a new york nigga slash Shyne fan!!! if this was the type of shit Po was spittin before he went in…well we woulda never heard of him cuz the nigga wouldn’t have been signed…it was his fault for rushing in to this shit when he DEF aint ready for it yet!!! understand dat you fuckin dickriders…the verse was hot stinkin municipal waste!!!

    • daywalker

      1. rich, fat, palestinian bastard (who got in the game by paying money for the privilege of carrying other dj’s crates–literally) gratuitously uses the n-word on a level unlike anything i have ever seen or heard in my life…i literally feel like i want to beat the dog shit out of him everytime he says it…

      2. DOES NOT PRODUCE –repeat– DOES NOT PRODUCE or rap on any of his “songs” (he may have produced a total of 2 or 3 songs in his entire career–literally)… nuff said…

      • these posts are racist

        Yes, the real reasons come out. Becasue he’s Palestinian? And that makes you a racist coward.

        Because he’s rich? And that makes you a hater…that’s what a hater is. An envious person who hates others for being successful…Pac wrote songs about this type of thing.

        • daywalker

          to “tpar”

          so you are just going to ignore the whole part about me not appreciating his n-word usage right?!? i didnt say i had an issue with him being palestinian, or being rich—-i said that i had an issue with a rich palestianian dropping n-bombs in the manner in which he does…furthermore, you cannot possibly, seriously, be on a black music oriented site and claim to have a problem with me having an issue with his n-word usage right??? i would have an issue with the way khaled says n**** even if he was black!!!!! but coming from a wealthy palestinian=UNACCEPTABLE-PERIOD… and that makes me a hater?!!? GTFOH!!!!!!!! and yes, as i said: every time i hear him say “N****” I WANT TO BEAT THE DOG SHIT OUT OF HIM…. if thats hate to you than fuckin hate on….

          furthermore… so yo are just going to ignore the whole part about him not producing or rapping and doing nothing but yelling “we the best” and “n***” over ever song right?!?!?

          …ignoring the two HUGE primary points (n-word usage and him not rapping or producing/buying his way into the game) and going bitch crazy because the word palestinian touched a nerve?!?!? so who is the hater here?!?!

          i can’t believe this POS called me racist beacuse i have a problem with a rich (ie didnt gorw up in the ghetto with blacks etc.. ie has no possible excuses or reason for saying it) palestinain shouting out n*** like a retarded gorilla…WOW.

        • these posts are racist

          What supporting facts do you have to show he grew up “wealthy”? Secondly, do you have a numerical count of the number of times he uses the “N” word compared to others on other tracks? Does he use it more often than others? Are you against ANY one using it? Or just fat Palestinian Americans, who you, without factual basis, claim grew up on a non-black wealthy neighborhood?

          1) did he grow up rich? If so, what proof do you have?

          2) Did he grow up in a non-black neighborhood? If so, what proof do you have?

          3) What is your criteria for who and how the N-word can be used in a rap song or in general?

          4) Whether you believe he adds value to a song/album is insignificant. Res ipsa liquitor…the thing speaks for itself. The best selling artists in the country think he does. He used to “produce” beats/songs under the name beatnovocane…obviously he found a more successful route of putting together tracks…and Wayne, Ross, TI, etc. think he adds value, or they wouldn’t work with him.

        • that nigga

          @ TPAR, I use to agree with a lot of the shit you said because It was real, so I felt, fuck what every one else thinks….But, on this note I have to side with Daywalker, he has a lot of valikd points bout that Khaled, He didnt call him out of his name, just used his ethnicity in an attempt to point out he says the N word an awful lot to not be black or hispanic!! And, that “we the best” shit makes me wanna fuck him up too, he’s the best at what? An who is “we” he’s talkin about? He fuckin sucks, and so does his 10 mc features. Except for a couple and that Victory song with Nas. He’s actually the worse!!

        • that nigga

          One more thing, If Khaled can say “nigga” all the time TPAR, Is it o.k. If we call him “Sand Nigga”?? Just a question!

  • BigCityGzzy

    Yall lil ho azz radio lovin’ Jay-z nutz hangglidin on azz niggaz dont know shit bout no Shyne Po..That new khaled shit iz my Shyne Po X 10..Yall niggaz betta recognize!

  • $yk!

    I will give credit to Khaled for reaching out to Shyne in the 1st place.

    If the song was a certified banger it would have helped both of them. But it’s not like I was buying Victory anyway…

  • eddiesixes

    po you’re my dude…but you made mavado sound even ok by comparison. that’s a feat in itself.

  • alex

    khaled watch out for Mr Criminal that dis he put out was tight

  • Jinx

    shyne could of done way better on dat joint

  • Escobar9300

    I really don’t understand alot of the Dj Khaled hate. Granted, the dude is kindof a clown, but I don’t wanna see the guy flop just because of that. Must be alotta 50 cent stans because Khaled isn’t that bad by any stretch.

  • Kid Pistol

    Cool. Anyways…

  • Fireforreal

    Fuck everybody.

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  • Noles506

    No one liked Khaled before 50 Cent ever said a thing….His crap is over hyped and watered down.

  • mav

    shyne sounded like he smoked about a half ounce of crack b4 he layed that shit all that coke snifin musta fucked him cuz that nigga sound half braindead on that shit yall should stop hatin so hard on khaled cuz he was smart enough to know that track was garbage and he not even that successful yall should waste energy on somebody else dude is just a dj

  • Om Sag

    daywalker Khaled’s from Israel!if it was dj wookid releasing /doing the same song with Shyne Po i’m sure it woudln’t have been a problem with all these 50 dickriders , they would’ve just brushed it off but now that it’s Khaled they blowing it way out of proportion…when Shyne brings the hardcore you’ll hear how they change their melodies on this site i bet u

    • these posts are racist

      Khaled is from New Orleans. Khaled’s parents are from Palestine. Israel is an entity that occupies Palestine an denies non jews equal rights under the law…Khaled’s family are Muslim Palestinians and therefore are treated as non-citizen residents who enjoy little to no freedom under the racist Isralie regime.

  • the brown

    Yo! ffffFUCK Khaled!!! his shit sounds the same and he’s just wack as hell! Yo, Shyne is tough and we’ll see whether he can recoup from that misfire, which I didnt think was all that horrible…aside from Khaled’s wack ass!

  • these posts are racist

    It’s sad to see how much racism exists in the hip hop community. People are actually calling Khaled a terrorist and citing him as being Palestinian as one of the reasons they hate him.

    It’s unreal. Go to a white suprm website not a hip hop one for that garbage.

  • murda dog

    dj khaled victory is a loss

    • Kid Pistol

      BIG loss.

  • these posts are racist

    Daywalker,that’s what i thought.

  • The real chris

    Tprt im a tell u y i dont like dj kahled and it aint race thing.1 he sound super annoying and always say we the best when he dont do shit.2 he never raps,i realise he a dj but damn dat dont mean he cant rap, he need to aleast try in spit 8 bars, even lil john can do that

  • Real Talk 4 Real

    KHALED is MUSLIM SHYNE is JEWISH……How can anyone miss that point. Khaled dropped Shyne because Shyne is a jew….muslims hate jews like 50 hates Ja.

    • these posts are racist

      fake talk, how do you explain Khaled doing a song and video with Drake, a jew, and putting his arm around him in the fed up video while he’s wearing a jewish symbol? Also, are you aware of scott storch and khaleds friendship? Your slanderous accusations are unfounded.

  • The real chris

    and since when have race become a problem in rap hell u say muslim hate jews but hell some whites and black hate each other but yet we got white and black rappers doing songs together, even though i dont believe thats kahled true reason but regarles kahled needed this dude since kahled fat annoying bitch ass dont want to rap.hell point blank kahled a fucking clown

  • suli

    VICTORYFORPALESTINE my nigga khaled makin his money while yall hating on some internet blog. pres of def jam south. being palestinian doesnt mean u hate jews. it means u hate zionism. peaces

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  • Dipsett03

    Fuck you hating-ass motherfuckers, Khaled’s an ARAB, and Arabs are genetically closer to any other ethnic group concerning black genes! Don’t forget who the fuck lives in North Africa… Arabs that’s right! So if dude wanna say the N word, then let him say it if he wants to! Plus, Khaled runs Miami, anybody living in MIA knows that! Haters eat a dick, that Shyne track was garbage anyway!!

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