Nipsey Hussle Speaks On His Acting Debut, Already Secured Second Film Role

In addition to working on his debut album, up-and-comer Nipsey Hussle is keeping busy with acting. The West Coast MC will soon star in his first full length feature film alongside Ving Rhames and fellow rapper Gillie Da Kid in The Wrath of Cain. [Watch trailer below].

“[The Wrath of Cain] is basically a penitentiary-type movie, we shot it all in L.A… in an old prison in Los Angeles called Sybil Brand,” Nipsey told XXL in a recent interview. “We just wrapped, they just finishing the edit on that and we working on another film called Spanish Harlem. We gone [film] Spanish Harlem in New York.”

Last summer as a guest blogger for, Hu$$le shared his experiences filming his theatrical debut and gave some insight into the film’s plot. “As soon as I heard what the movie was about I could relate to it and knew I wanted to be a part of it,” he wrote. “Not because it was about gang banging but because of what the story line and plot represented, which was a Blood and Crip that turned out to be brothers and wound up fucking with each other because of the trials and tribulations they went through in the streets. The movie was some real life shit because the division that gets created in the streets between red and blue means nothing at the end of the day because you’re all men when it’s all said and done.”

There is no official release date for the film as of yet.

Outside of acting, Neighborhood Nip recently spoke with about his experience filming and recording the “We Are the World: 25 for Haiti” tribute and is also putting the finishing touches on his debut album, South Central State of Mind, which is expected to drop this summer. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • AZ40

    Another west coast artist grindin’ doin’ his thing, you can hear him mature from his first street album to his latest, he keeps gettin’ better and he got some hits, that movie got gillie and ving rhames in it too

  • Gift

    I think there are more huge opportunities comin for this cat here. Real recognize real, and the streetz iz feelin him. ready for that Album.

  • jtm

    damn ving knows everyone from tom cruise to nipsey hussle.


    Hustle Hard

  • Enlightened

    People always saying Snoop, but damn, I think he look more like Lil’ Romeo.

    But on another tip, much respect to Nipsey. I like how he carries himself as a young artist out here.

  • ebron

    good line up of actors, but something just seems real “made for tv” with it… get that impression straight from the beginning of that trailer

    regardless, nipsey is a beast

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