Nicki Minaj to Host BET’s Rip the Runway

Young Money princess Nicki Minaj has been tapped to host this year’s annual Rip the Runway television special on BET.

Minaj will be joined onstages by Pooch Hall from the TV show The Game. The show, set to be taped this Saturday, February 27 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, will also feature live musical performances by Ludacris, B.O.B., Soulja Boy, “All the Way Turnt Up” rapper Roscoe Dash, Janelle Monae and Estelle.

The event, now in its sixth year, celebrates the connection between music and fashion.

Rip the Runway is set to air on March 15 on BET. —William Nilly

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  • Gift

    Man nicki can get it!!!!!That is a bad motherfucka right there.

  • The real chris

    Co-sign that gift she definetly look pretty nice in that pic.and damn she got nice tits!.would love to see her nude .


    now i’ve never watched Rip the Runway before. but, im gonna check it out cuz i love me some cleavage. & nicki has a lot of it. too bad it won’t be live, there goes the chances of a nip slip.

  • $yk!

    Dumb questions but…

    When is the album coming out? Is there even any music that’s been recorded for it? Or am I not supposed to ask because she has a big ass & breasts?


    Nicki got a real fuckable mouth on her…

  • ms_spittuh

    I don’t give a fuck how fine the bitch is she still can’t spit. Tiye Phoenix and Jean Grae are BEAUTIFUL!!! At least they have talent and don’t have to fuck to get anywhere. But you all just sound nasty and stupid. What happened to the real men who looked beyond beauty? I bet if you heard a little boy talking like that about your daughter you’d be ready to kill him.

    • $yk!

      “But you all just sound nasty and stupid. What happened to the real men who looked beyond beauty?”

      ^ I think you skimmed by my comment above…notice how I’m on your side…the body hasn’t made me forget how there’s no timetable for her project, yet she has guest verses everywhere. This tells me there’s no demand for her music, only appearances.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      No offense Ms- Spittah but you must be on crack to think that “real” men looked beyond beauty in a woman. If that was the case then every man would’ve had that ugly ass chick they knew from work or high school who was always nice to them and baked them a batch of cookies and shit. It’s not that we don’t respect women for their character, it’s just that if men were more interested in a woman’s character, those free drinks you may get in the club, Valentines Day gifts, or men just being nice to women for no reason would never exist. You can’t tell me there are women out there who aren’t as vain or vainer than men.

      But back to Nicki Minaj. I really don’t see the hatred folks have for this chick. Can she rap? No, not really. But I don’t even think she cares whether or not people feel that way. The new venture for rappers now are to be these multi-entertainers rather than lyricists. Kid Cudi’s a rapper turned actor in a matter of months and Drake is a rapper that sings and is likely to be an actor (next Will Smith). That shit used to take years for an artists to invest and a # of successful albums. who wants to be GOAT in this day in age? Being Goat doesn’t sell records or stop your wife from cleaning you pockets in a divorce after she blew myspace rapper. But being a rap celebrity these days can take you far without even droppign an album.


    imma have to agree with two out of the three last comments. 1. Niki look aight, but there is alot that goes into her to get her to look that good.

    2. her spit is weak. beyond weak. at first i was like she aight cause she was a female goin in. However, she holding on to the same pattern, her rhyme scheme simple, and her flow is getting old real fast. plus, listen to wat she be saying. she too animated and has too much hype.

  • The real chris

    True enough nikki is overated and have abc lyrics like a 13year old kid and might not be all natual, but yal no yal would tap nikki if she yal could.

  • a.vicious585

    all this hype over a chick with a fat munk, with not 1 official album in her catalogue seems like hiphop is getting desperate to find the next lil’ kim smh

  • The real chris

    yeah the thing is she dont have an official album but who would even want to buy it anyways, personally she should a kept doing videos.but like i said before the bitch can get it.

  • Fireforreal

    That bitch can get it but it doesn’t equal fans wanting to buy her mixtapes or when she drops an album. Just like Drake young money is going to focus on the hype of her before real quality music. I really would hit that no question and even buy a calender or dvd but an album ? time will tell.

  • Beatwild

    ya’ll crazy nicki got the job she got the job, so wat, big tits, big ass so wat, ya’ll shld congratulate not hate, fuck ya’ll

    • nicholasdelorejo

      I gotta cosign to that. Its amazing how female rappers are criticized for the talent or their use of sex to market themselves. But folks can come up with the most outlandish excuses to defend the talent of shitty male rappers (Gucci, Ross, ect). Did anybody say shit when 50 cent used his drug past or being shot 9 times as a ploy for marketing? No. But only when a female artists come along do we analyze every aspec about them and go hard on whatever flaws they have. How many male rappers bulked-up in muscles and posed with their shirts off (50, Ja Rule, LL, and Wayne)? Isn’t that using sex appeal to sell records? But when Nikki Minaj does it, she’s obviously a hoe that we should despise. To me going at Nikki for using sex as a gimmick and not at the male rappers that use sex and many other gimmicks is really another form of sexism in rap and in the music industry in general.

  • caino

    Just cos she is hot dont mean she is dope !! Like $yk asked, when is the album dropping?? l’ve only really heard her with a verse on Luda’s track and on the BET cypher!

  • J

    the subject isnt bout a album its about her hosting a show just clap an move on
    it gives confidence to the up an comers that they can do whatever

  • Joe

    Drop an album for what? So she can sell 100k and yall call her a flop?

    The game is fuked up, but one place where money aint goin nowhere and people still eatin is TOURS and CONCERTS. Trust me, she eatin. Thats like sayin Nelly need to drop an album. She already gitin the outside endeavors that nggas reitre off of (Nelly, LL,Ludacris).

    Also, she is on a Lil Kim path, not rhyming wise, but busniess moves wise. Like Kim had to break from JM, she has to do the same with YM. Females stand out, if im her manager why should she git the same cut as Tyga and Gudda Gudda (lol)

    Like Mike did with J5
    Like Busta did w/ Leaders
    Like Simon and American Idol

  • Joe

    Ms Spittuh:

    Heres some words of wisdom and a sad truth in life that perhaps you havent caught onto:

    She looks good. I mean real good. We dont care if she can spit. We dont care if she writes her own shyt, how clever she is, none of that.

    She looks good=she gets a pass.

    Hey sweetheart I dont make these rules but such is life and these things will never change *kanye shrug*

    That goes for Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, video hoes, etc.


    They look good, THATS their talent. Get over it.

  • beatwild

    wats all this craziness bout nicki, u knoe all this bears testimony that she hot ryt now,did u see her at diddy’s son party, she had the crowd rockin to her flow, if diddy likes her, she hot, ryt now she the hottest bitch in the game, yeah she will never go hard like eve, foxy, kim or remy ma, but she’s doin her thang,& lets all see where she goes before we start talkin, hell she rhymes betta than Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy all combined.

  • Kyfrenchy

    I think Nikki is wats hot right now..Girls just wanna have fun…N she brings it as far as rappin I think shes mor hiphop-pop>? Wen it comes to rappin bout life n struggle n gettin deep its all white washed I wanna hear da struggle n can u I feel u n kn it aint bullshit or just alotta talk? Im past rims n tits i need depth Ima bump nikki,But ima Comin down da block Remy N shawnna all day feel me I need to hear a spitah no gimmicks…

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