New Details on Raekwon, Method Man & Ghostface Album Revealed

In an exclusive video for, Raekwon the Chef shared information on his collaboration disc with Ghostface Killah and Method Man, tentatively titled Three, the Hard Way. Looks like the plans have changed.

Def Jam recently announced updates to the album including it’s new title, Wu Massacre, and new March 30 release date. According to the press release the first single off the project will be the RZA-produced track “Our Dreams” which samples Michael Jackson’s “We’re Almost There.” Other producers on the project include longtime Wu-Tang beatsmith Mathematics, Scram Jones and Ty Fyffe.

Despite prior reports, there will not be a new group name for the trio. —Brooklyne Gipson

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    dang gon suits. the album will be hard and i wish they went with three, the hard way. thas a fan fav. and six of my friends co sign.

  • Zo

    Co-sign also….

  • jim

    wu massacre is better 3 the the hard way is mad generic

  • The real chris

    Cant wait to buy this.



  • Jae Fatal

    No bullshit, this album is gonna flop. Its gonna do like 80,000 and then ppl r gonna be like, “oh, its a good look for NY hiphop.” Fuck outta here man. On top of it these dudes r mad disrespectful. Raekwon tootin his horn talkin bout “if you younger than 25 you aint gonna be feelin this album.” damn rite i aint.They dont sound like they used to.

    • jtm

      go listen to soulija boy you 12 year old punk.

      • bjtobk

        agreed, dont forgot gucci bitch ass mane!



      • Wu Clanman

        HAHAHAHA, you a funny muthafucka. Fuck that kid. He wouldn’t know what good hip hop is. Wu’s worse shit is better than anything else out now. Fucking butt-sniffer!!!!!

    • ms_spittuh

      You dumb fucker of course they don’t sound like they used to! THEY’RE GROWN FUCKIN ASS MEN!!! WTF is you’re problem? Rae is right most of these young fuckers aren’t gonna like it. Go jack off to your fuckin Nicki Minaj poster you faggot. You probably have a gay Ken Doll in your bed waiting for you at night. This shit is gonna be hot. My brother in law met them niggas before. Ain’t nothing wrong with them. Hell he’s also from Jersey, and he knows Reginald. Them dudes will only disrespect if you disrespect them. Fucker…

    • George Clooney

      That’s because nobody gives a shit what people under 25 think. Try and name more than 5 truly exceptional rappers under the age of 25. This isn’t ’86 or ’87 when teenagers like Rakim, Kane and LL were literally REMOVING older rappers from their spots.

  • 3-2-6Cubed

    Wasn’t 3 the Hard way P. Diddy, G dep and Black Rob? Or was that just a song?

    • CARTEL

      sure was…that’s why I’m glad they changed to wu-massacre…

  • $yk!

    3 The Hard Way was a movie and an album soundtrack. I knew they would have difficulty holding on to that name.

    “Raekwon tootin his horn talkin bout “if you younger than 25 you aint gonna be feelin this album.” damn rite i aint”

    ^ So how does the whole album sound? And how is it disrespectful if it seems like Rae said the truth?

    I’m thinking you heard that Shade45, WSHH interview with the Wu that was taken down and you feel a certain type of way. This album is a good look period.

  • sealsaa

    Let’em hate $yk. He don’t know.

    I didn’t know Def Jam was releasing this.

  • mike

    Puffy, G-Dep & i think it was black rob already put out songs as Three the Hard Way years ago. So the name has already been used.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    Wu Massacre is a dope name for their album. They already click so no need for a sub-crew name.

    I agree with Jae Fatal. How r u going to isolate the largest audience with that insecure statement. Noone under 25? Noone can understand the Wu? whats so deep? they smoke weed fuck hoes and do shows and claim to have prison ties. A lot of 19 and 24 year olds do the same shit. its stupid Rae should embrace all schools and lead the shorties instead of saying pussy statements to justify releasing a brick(sales wise).
    To me and many heads I can’t wait for the album and I’m geeked were getting a legit Wu album so soon. I can’t wait to sit back spark a L and zone to the New Wu sounds…

    • $yk!

      “How r u going to isolate the largest audience with that insecure statement. Noone under 25?”

      Most kids under 25 listen to Gucci, Soulja, OJ, Wacka, Young Money, them jerk dance kids, Yo Gotti and them, am I correct?

      The Wu rap audience, not the label demographic (18-34) is mid 20′s to mid /late 40′s, and it’s an international audience, not just NY like some of y’all want to think. Most of the 25 and under get online and call the Wu old heads, scream they don’t listen to the Wu, they don’t wanna hear 90′s music, and want them to retire.

      So where is Rae incorrect? He knows his target audience. His target audience consists of people like Sade & Busta & the rap OG’s, not snap music high schoolers following the new trends of music. His last ‘brick’ is sitting on 170,000 and is considered one of the best albums of 2009. Him getting a side deal w/Def Jam to release this album doesn’t give off a scent of insecurity, especially when the LABEL is promoting it without them being around (all 3 of them just released albums last year and are still touring). It looks to me like he’s in a good space to succeed and not prepping for failure like you said.

      • EmCDL

        Co-Sign to the fullest

    • bjtobk

      shut the fuck you souja boy love, gucci mane fuckin, 13 year old punk, that has no idea about shit you faggot!

    • El Tico Loco

      The “largest audience” don’t buy records like u think and when they do is with an allowance from a Wu audience type.

  • east from tha west

    3 tha hard way..1st done by bahamadia and 2 other chics produced by dj premier

  • MAC RyDa 420

    If you dont know who Wu Tang is and what their about then you better take your dropped out ass back to school son. Real recongnize Real

  • Stuckfresh

    Never has Hip Hop needed a album like this so bad!! This is whats bout to be pop”n this summer! And I Bet a Milli that These 3 Thrill Niggas will be at Rock The bells Tour! Cant Wait!

  • http://xxl All Dae

    @ Syk

    I feel yr point of view. Rae gets no pass cause Jay-Z and Eminem and Busta can say the same thing. Thats cutting yrself short. What if the Beetles or Rolling Stones say no one under 30 will understand us. No they take in new fans and many older fans bring there kids.

    Many shorties love Wu and 90s hip hop. If Rae were to put his lyrics over some DJ Kalie or Solja Boy beats or the guy who made the Rich Boy beat it may reach a diffrent audience. I think the shorties like Wu Tang. They don’t like outdated sounds.

    No diss but the 4 count 90s sound is not hot at the moment. no diss no hate. it is what it is.

    • $yk!

      No doubt Dae.

      I don’t know if you heard that Shade/Wshh interview but even Rae said, and he was right, we would look at him sideways like WTF Rae? if he did rhyme over a Soulja or Toomp beat. That’s not what we expect from dude. I don’t even think his IceWater clique would allow him to leave the studio with that track.

      For really real, can you even imagine Rae doing a guest verse for “Kiss ‘em Thru The Phone”? Or “Whip It Like A Slave”? “Oh, Let’s Do It”?

    • henryronny

      the beatles ain’t said shit for a long time

  • yunggee

    ppl still sayin dat the 90′s sound is outdated when everything dat comes out now has no substance n sounds da same. dat 90′s sound birthed a change in hiphop. wu switched da whole game up. n dats wut we need instead of dis lil wayne gucci ect.. whens da last time a song touched ur heart n made dat tear almost come out? dats da 90s. dis cumin from a 24 yr old n i been waitin 4 dis…

    • $yk!

      That’s peace yung. Real talk.


      I see the envelopes next to y’all names, following the new comments…


  • The real chris

    i must say this the 90 sound could never be not hot cause the 90s sound is the best as it gets, if u dont like it than u been brainwashed buy this new rap sound bull shit.thats driving hiphop into the ground

  • furahiday

    fuck all yo, coz da real deal is abt to hit da stores,so if u ain’t feeling it roll it in ur pipe n smoke it, gt ma cash ready 4 da album ,have u???????????

  • wontang

    wu tang is the bill cosby of hip hop, just don’t know when to shut the fuck up

  • Jae Fatal

    Real talk…ppl can get mad. I love wu-tang just like everyone else, but come on now. Numbers don’t lie. Look at their recent releases, with the exception of 8 Diagrams the camp aint doin too well!

    Go look at what Waka Flocka said about Method Man and his comments toward southern hip hop. I don’t think its right for these old heads to be judgin the game when they don’t have the credentials to do so. So what if they sold millions of records! Are they sellin now? So what if they have a hardcore following? They should be pushin these artists in the right direction instead of trying to “son” them.


    • $yk!

      “I don’t think its right for these old heads to be judgin the game when they don’t have the credentials to do so.”

      They have been in the industry for over a decade (EXPERIENCE). They can teach you about contracts, publishing, promotion & marketing, introduce you to connections, they have unlimited wisdom on how the game works, outside and inside. Those are business credentials. No group EVER was able to do solo projects until they changed that. Those are credentials.

      “Are they sellin now?”

      Ghost/WOP-around 44K

      Meth/B!2-around 160K

      Rae/OB4CL2-around 170K

      * all end of Dec 2K9 #’s *

      How much is Wacka selling? What’s the numbers on his album? Song?

      “So what if they have a hardcore following?”

      EVERY artist and business on this planet wants a hardcore following. The NY Philharmonic has a hardcore following. Coca-Cola has a hardcore following. Willie Nelson has a hardcore following. I have never heard of an artist not wanting fans. How do you sell units with no following? You guys listening to Wacka are his hardcore following.

      “They should be pushin these artists in the right direction instead of trying to “son” them.”

      Waka said he didn’t need lyrics 1ST. The interviewer asked the Wu their take on what Wacka said, and they responded with their wisdom on the game, what they had to deal with to point the up and coming in the right direction. None of them ever disrespected Wacka or ‘sonned’ him. So let’s stop acting like Wu came on the air with a pre-determined notion to get @ Waka or southern Hip Hop. The discussion was about THE STATE OF Hip Hop, and the Wu are right about having lyrics. I haven’t seen anyone calling Wacka for guest verses. Or OJ.

      What about what Meth said about the labels? Care to discuss that? Or the effect the music has on children? Don’t think he has the credentials to speak about that? And how I see it, the new jacks should be hollering at THEM, not the other way around.

      And I saw the 600 + comments on WSHH. Waka addressed it diplomatically. But they weren’t doing crunk, crunk didn’t exist when Wu & Onyx came out.

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