A federal judge in San Jose, California ruled against Stanley "MC Hammer" Burrell last Thursday (Feb. 11) for failure to show up in court to face charges in a 2003 lawsuit. According to Courthouse News Service, Hammer was supposed to help market technology being developed by PacketSwitch.com but the company folded before the technology could be launched. As a result, a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation was launched that included the rap star.

Hammer, whose last name was misspelled on the complaint and summons as "Berrell” instead of Burrell, claimed that the typo, in addition to the fact that he had “virtually no dealings” with the company owned by the plaintiff, Steven Ristau, were grounds enough for him not to show up to court.

U.S. District Judge Jeremy Fogel deemed otherwise. Fogel found the judgment against Hammer in the 2003 case to be binding because, as he said, “[MC Hammer] obviously had the ability to consult with counsel if he had any questions as to his legal situation.”

The former rap star will have to pay in full whatever the plaintiff asked for initially in the original lawsuit. —Brooklyne Gipson