Lil Wayne Gets Eight Root Canals In Preparation for Jail

Lil Wayne went to the dentist Tuesday (Feb. 16) for an 8-hour procedure that included a whopping eight root canals, in addition to some dental work on his tooth implants and remaining real teeth, reports

As previously reported, the New Orleans-bred rapper was scheduled to be sentenced and begin serving time on Feb. 9, after pleading guilty to a second-degree attempted gun possession charge this past October but was delayed due to the aforementioned dental surgery.

Weezy was given 16 days to get the surgery and recover and is scheduled to appear in court again on March 2. He will most likely only have to serve eight-months on good behavior of his one-year sentence.

Wayne still faces drug and weapons charges in Arizona. That trial is scheduled to begin in March. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • no hate but…

    shit is disgusting. brush them shits, mang. “flouride”.

  • abdulnasir

    and this is important to mankind because…

    • 619

      I just took two shits today, can you believe it. C’mon XXL do a story on it.

    • weednsyurp808

      it dosent have anything to do with man kind this is a hip hop website not a man kind website

      • Tonyto’sway

        OK and what the fuck does a rapper getting his teeth fixed has to do with Hip-Hop?!!

  • King Don G Unit

    It’s all those hot, sweet loads of last names he swallowing from Birdman…rotting the poor nicca’s teeth out of his skull…floss the pubes out Weezy!

  • officer Von

    thats good i want have to worry bout gingivitus on my dick when that nigga giving me some dome during rec time at the yard man cant wait till shift change an im on duty im gon please that booty yall feel me an then im gon make that nigga brush my teeth wit nut in his mouth while we listenin to r kelly’s trapped in the closet part well all of them ATL’s in the buildin that where im from faglanta GA

    • CJA

      Your mad gay homie!

      • DevoG

        Man that shit was gay even by Atl standards. Take the wayne posters down off your wall dawg.

  • $yk!

    Platinum teeth and green gums huh? The n*gga’s breath was putrid I presume…

    • Will E. Will

      hahaha I was thinkin the same thing. Like dayum son! All that money, to buy all types of whips and chains and houses and guns and drugs….. but u cant go to the dentist?? lol 8 fuckin root canals????

      I thought that nigga rapped with some pain in his voice, now I see why lol. It wasnt the struggles of coming up in the N.O., it was his teef!!! lol (teef=teeth)

      • GregSIDE

        Don’t people know what real grillz do to your teeth? They implant them shits with your real teeth on the inside. That’s why you always see rappers with real grillz with candy in they mouth. So while you got shine on the outside your stank ass teeth are rotting on the in. I remember a Hot Boy interview a long time ago and all of ‘em knew what would happen to there teeth. Seeing that shit made me change my mind on getting a real grill. Fresh was the only one that said he’d spend his money on keepin’ his teeth white.

    • Devog

      Still makes you wonder what in the fux Lauren London fine ass was thinking.

      • http://xxlmag RUCK n NY

        She like most hoes out there. she’ll fuck a tube of toothpaste if it had a black card.

  • Anonymous

    all that money cannot buy you a simple lesson in personal hygeine. education… man, that’s a nasty mouth mothafucka! all that money, its no excuse, and imagine, if he was not going to jail this procedure would not be taking place, dirty mouf ass nigga! he gone need dentures before he’s 30! kids, drugs will kill you mind, body, and tear up your mouth, Lil Wayne is a role model of what not to become- who the fuck asked him to do the “we are the world” for Hati? dumb as hell.

  • http://xxlmag RUCK n NY

    and 2 think. he impregnated Lauren London and more then likely hitting Nicki Minaj. WOW.

    • Capital G

      Probably hit it from the back so they ain’t throw up from his mouth stench. Disgusting hobbit that he is.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    who the fuck asked him to do the “we are the world” for Hati? (Anonymous)

    the absurdity is lol. Wayne didn’t need root canals a year ago?

  • what

    I’m not a fan, but I sincerely doubt anyone will tamper with Wayne in the pokey. (||) There are too many dudes who would have his back simply on the possibility that he could put them on when he gets out.

  • eddiesixes

    he’s probably hyped for the percocet to follow said procedure…i know i’d be

  • The real chris

    Yal kill me yal be on wayne dick,man dude gun be ok aint nobody gonna be fucking with him.and jail dont even be like that.but i do agree bout the tooth thang all that money he got but yet his grill more fucked up than he look .

  • Justice4All

    Hip Hop is at an all time low….”Lil Wayne Gets Eight Root Canals In Preparation for Jail
    NEW Friday Feb 19 11:57 AM CST posted by xxl staff”—Yall want some claps?! I feel violated and demeaned just for posting on this crap. Who cares man? Really? Who cares? Can we get some substance about hip hop, maybe some history lessons, some revisits, some verbal wars, some producer comparisons, some culture changes, some ear to the street stuff…
    Please, give us something more than what the ni$$a did with his teeth. How about what are up and coming producers using to create, where is the home studio coming along in the new culture of hip hop? Something….geesh..

  • EmCDL

    ahhh, too easy…

  • Chief GreenLeaf

    Instead of sippin all that syrup, nigga need to put some fluoride in that styro.

    • mav

      cosign that

  • sealsaa

    Priorities FAIL. *Watches as Nivea and Lauren London’s property value’s plummet*

  • sealsaa

    LOL, just, LOL. Eight hours at the fucking dentist. Eight hours. That’s a day’s work. That’s a night of sleep. You could see 4 2-hour movies.

  • real Talk

    Man you Nikaz need to stop FKN hating on other people and quit talkin shit man… fuck what he has going on in his mouth man it aint like yall be kissing him so it dont matter. As for that man
    Lil wayne keep doing your shit man and you alwayz be DOPE


    I guess all the styrofoam cups got to his dam grill

  • sealsaa

    ” it aint like yall be kissing him”

    In that case, add Baby to the same pitty list as Lauren London and Nivea

    • Capital G


  • What The ?

    “second-degree attempted gun possession”

    What the fuck is that bullshit ? how the fuck do you attempt to possess a gun. The entire legal system can eat a fat one.

    Now a little off topic but how the fuch does T.I. get out in 8 months for purchasing Bin Laden’s left over arsenal and Weezy Bad Breath Baby get the same for attempted possession ?

    and y’all dumb mother fuckers keep thinking it because he payed for good layers ? Weezy has more money than T.I. ? dumb bastards keep suckin T.I.’s informant, snitch on you boy, bow down a suck Uncle Tom’s sausage, dishonor your whole belief system ass.


    weezy spits so hard that he fucked his teeth up.

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  • camhammer

    bob saget

    • NotoriousAGC


  • Kid Pistol

    Co-Sign camhammer on Bob Saget.

    This shit smells like poo.



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  • BIG Ry

    This dudes breath must smell like hot garbage juice! nasty motherfucker.

  • camhammer

    Straight up BS man..I wipe my ass with articles like these, and then it makes the zine look good. yuck

  • http://myspace Sneed Drizzle

    dawg wayne need 2 leave dem drugs alone….dats whats wrong wit his ass now

  • Big Baby

    Lil Wayne is on top of his game, but he need to leave those drugs alone. But who are we to judge. Hold it down Young Molla Baby!!!!

  • Elwood Warren‘s done it again! Great article.

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