Lil Wayne’s Rebirth Sells 175K in First-Week Sales

More good news for Lil Wayne. One day after learning that he won’t have to report to jail on gun charges until March, the New Orleans-bred rapper has sold close to 25,000 more copies of his new album, Rebirth, than expected.

Last week industry insiders at projected Weezy to sell around 140,000 to 150,000 units based on first-day sales. Now the official Nielsen SoundScan numbers are in and Wayne has managed to rack up 175,600. He also earned himself a seat at the No. 2 spot on The Billboard 200.

While the numbers aren’t as high as the rap superstar’s awe-inspiring one million tally from 2008′s Grammy award-winning Tha Carter III album, the estimation is still pretty impressive considering the setbacks that Rebirth faced.

Along with being plagued with countless push backs, the disc leaked to the ‘Net months before its official release. Not to mention the fact that the project is experimental in nature, with Wayne trying his hand at the hard rock genre on many tracks.

Also on the charts this week are the Black Eyed Peas, who climbed four places from last week’s no. 10 spot. Thanks to the Grammys, many artists have received an increase in sales this week, including the Peas, whose latest CD, The E.N.D., jumped up 76 percent in revenue, selling 69,700 units this go-round. This makes the Peas’ overall stats stand at 1,999,000 sold after 35 weeks.

Young Money sits tight at no. 28 this week, but their sales got an eight percent bump. We Are Young Money got bagged up by 20,900 fans this week, making their seven-week total 291,300.

Two spot down, Jay-Z sits at No. 30. Hova leaped 11 positions up the charts this week and was injected with a 35 percent increase in sales. Approximately 19,200 fans picked up The Blueprint 3 this week, putting the rap legend’s grand total at 1,596,900.

Fellow Grammy-winner Eminem landed four spots below Jay, at No. 34. Relapse scored another 18,400 to its total tally, which now sits at 1,823,500.

Failing to crack the charts this week was Styles P and Green Lantern’s The Green Ghost Project. The duo sold 2,400 units of the independent album in their debut week according to Nielsen SoundScan. —Elan Mancini

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  • m-cizzy

    first bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • E-Man

    damn styles an green latern went nowhere lol
    I kno niggas with mixtapes selling more then that

    but before yall say wayne flopped got to think about how many times this shit got pushed back for one
    for two the whole shit leaked
    for three its a fuckin rock album lol so hey good for him

    damn black eyed peas still selling a shit load of albums

    at least young money can say next week they pulled off 300,000 albums there first go around

    • AZ40

      Yeah styles p ain’t do numbers but honestly I thought that shit was gonna be a free mixtape cuz it damn sure wasn’t in stores, I got it from amazon didn’t know you’d have to pay for that, especially since green lantern was involved you just don’t expect him to try and retail his stuff…wanyne is such a poser he ain’t no damn rocker

  • Charlie Boy

    Who da fuck keep buyin BEP cd????????? damn lololol at styles p an home boy dat shit een sell nttn lol N lil wayne FLOPPED lolololol…dat was da worst cd of da year

  • Federal Ranga

    See… I told ya’ll… well, I kinda called it. I said BEP 2.5x Plat by Valentines Day… but they’ll easily have the 2x Plat by Valentines.



    what bout that Sade? Soldier of Love?

  • jtm

    what bullshit that crappy rebirth sold that much

  • My Review
  • dat koon nigga

    the record business is in the crapper

  • gaddic

    Jay was smart in making a pop-sounding album

    His sales are still strong and will more than likely increase over the upcoming holidays/celebrations

    His stans will pick it up even if his lyrics are weak and the material is watered down

    The commercial listeners of hip-POP will buy too
    Good business move from jigga man
    If only the album was half as good as other 2009 releases I would have bought it too

    It’s the same with Lil Wayne smart artist that are good at selling well off their mediocre albums

  • brand-new

    that styles p album was one of the hardest cd’s for me to find ever. couldn’t find it at best buy, went to target and asked for it and they looked at me like i was joking with them. after a few more searches, finally bought it online from cduniverse. so given that, not really suprised by those numbers. lack of promotion played a part too.

  • latino heat

    damn that little gremlin stays winning. for an album that everyone had 2 months ago those are great numbers. if your saying he flopped your a moron if you rally think about the circumstances surrounding the album.

    the promotion for that Style P album was horrible. i also was confused over if it was a free mixtape or an actual retail album. especially since Styles himself said it was a “mixtape / album, and my actual album is coming soon.” good way to confuse your fans, Styles. i also found my copy online and the shit is fire.


    Damn, I would’ve swore that SOMEBODY in here would have said that Wayne’s rock album sold more that 50′s disc, and with damn near no promotion… the rap game is crazier every day

  • The $ykotic Don Mac

    Man they were selling more vinyl back then than CDs now…

  • 92FS

    According to most views..that’s considered a flop. Especially considering who the artist is. “Rock” album or not. They claimed Ross flopped, 50 flopped, but their sales were not that much different.

  • caino

    The weezy album is not ‘hard’ rock!! its soft rock or arena rock at best !! Good numbers tho, considering!!

    Damn Style P, WTF happened there?

  • Ryan

    Lil wayne deserves to be in rikers island right now, that album was a fucking crime against humanity. Wayne, seriously get the cock out of your mouth, stop think your f**king god and use your talent (when you get out of jail) to rap and produce. Stop trying to play guitar cuz only a f**king retard would actually believe you have a future as a rock star. If you actually payed for this cd your a moron

  • woowwowo

    yo…on some real…that Wayne album is NOT GOOD…I know its easy to hate on his wack ass (cause well…he’s wack)…but that album is honestly trash…and I ALWAYS give shit a listen before I comment…his advisors fucked up on this one…what’s he gonna do when he get outta prison…he’s leaving the public with this “kid rock” music…he gonna have to return to that when he get out….fail…he better think long and hard in the pen (no homo)

  • Capt. Obvious

    @ wowwwowow yo what are u talking about…wayne has enough material to last him untill 2012…noboby will even be thinkin about rebirth come november…yea the album does suck ass BUT wayne knows exactly what he is doin…he’s building up anticipation and as soon as carter 4 drops in 2011…strait pandamonium!!

  • tek

    Just wait for the Carter IV. I mean on every carter album he puts talent into it. Rock’s not my style so I wont cop this one

  • Dee-Nyce

    Kanye west did great numbers with his “step outside the box album” he went platnum…this wayne album is shitty…. I dont like wayne as an artist I think he has talent but is highly overated…but I wouldnt wish harm on anybody going to jail…so hold your head

  • Lee

    weezy dont go to jail until March 2 yall niggaz is fuccin dumb

  • claire

    It really saddens me to read some of your comments. The language is horrible. We as black people wonder why we are never really getting ahead, well now you know! So it’s not his usual style, so what, Run DMC did it and many others. Allbeit, not a whole album, but at least he gave it a go!! I don’t recall seeing any of your albums/CDs on the shelves!! So, no matter what, jail, rock, rap, or what have you, he still balling and y’all not!! Hatters!!

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