Lil Wayne on Track to Sell 150K in First-Week Sales

Album pushbacks, leaks, switching genres; none of this concerns Lil Wayne fans. Apparently, the rap superstar is set to sell between 140,000 and 150,000 copies of his new rock-influenced album Rebirth.

Industry insiders came up with the impressive projections after tabulating Weezy’s one-day sales figures.

While the numbers aren’t as high as the New Orleans MC’s awe-inspiring one million tally from 2008 Grammy-award-winning Carter III album, the estimation is still pretty impressive considering the setbacks that Rebirth has faced.

Along with being plagued with countless pushbacks, the disc leaked to the net months before its official release. Not to mention the fact that Wayne is set to do a one-year jail bid starting on February 9, which will stop his ability to promote the new album.

Stay tuned to on Wednesday to find out the Young Money General’s official SoundScan numbers. —Elan Mancini

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  • yoprince

    a (deserving) flop

  • weasle

    that actually would be pretty impressive considering that every track has been heard for months now, and the fact being that it’s not that good of a rock album, lol.

  • jonny bizness

    That is pretty brilliant considering it’s been out since christmas , that it is a terrible album it makes the young money album sound like illmatic in comparison lol

  • jtm

    what bullshit there is no way it should sell that much. damn it must be some stupid 12 year old punks buying it. fuck lil wayne glad his ass is going to jail that annoying fuck.

    • DanM

      sound like a hater.. u come to a page just to talk sh*t? anyways, i let my roommate listen to it cuz he likes Rock, and he said that the album was horrible. He gotta make the Carter 4 better just for this

  • My Review
    • The $ykotic Don Mac

      ^^^ Son is on point with his review if y’all haven’t checked it out…

  • King Carter

    How you go from selling 1.1 million your 1st week to selling 140-150k your next album. WOW! Lil’ Wayne should have known to stay in his lane, which is Hip-Hop. He should have taken notes from yo’ boi, Jay-Z & did a collaboration album with a famous Rock Group & Sh*t would’ve turn out better. FLOP ain’t even a word for this, FAIL!

  • Avenger XL

    How many did the label buy to create a false demand? Wayne is a brand and his stans try to ride with him no matter what. Not to mention folks who don’t know from good music that just want to appear cool because the have the new wayne cd/download ooooh woooow. But we all know there is something fishy about this number especially with no real viable hit. They let us hear the whole album and nothing stuck. At least with the carter it had lollipop, A milli and Mrs.officer to feed the hip-pop stans but this one is a miss folks. The only way it goes gold is if baby buys them up and passes them out as party favors with his lame album.

    Young money cd will out perform it and young moneys disc is a frisby too. But it has radio hits for hip-pop stans.

  • gaddic

    Lil wayne has started falling off from just reaching his commercial apex for 2 years!

    This is ridiculous
    All those years, all those dope mixtapes trying to reach the top and he is imploding little by little
    First Young money now this weak crappy excuse for a LP

    Not even in his prime and after so many lps can this cat even make a “Near classic” album

    Hopefully jail gives him some inspiration and musical intelligence for C4
    He has talent, hopefully he can increase it with prison time
    Sorry to the stans but lil wsyne’s stay at the top looks more and more like a bulb flttering b4 it blows
    Maybe I’m wrong maybe I’m right
    Time will tell

  • Kool Clint

    All I know is the album is pretty much TRASH, to me…I ain’t really feeling this hip-rock movement he tryna do…But “On fire” and that song with Eminem are pretty nice…But I love music and’ll listen to whatever so I’ll continue to give the album a chance. But, from what I heard so far, I give it 5 “upside-down” stars…lol…

  • NotoriousAGC

    I remember him calling himself “best rapper alive since the best rapper retired” in the first Carter, now…he just sounds like a drunk-robot with predator facial expressions…
    how did he come to be the Black “steve-o”, everytime i see wayne i feel bad for him…

  • G

    Lil’ Wayne is plain bad at dat rock star shit. He needs toi get his freestyle rep grown bigger.

  • Ben

    The balck Steve-O thats fucked up, Lil wayne is a cokehead though.

  • brand-new

    i feel bad for anyone who bought this. it’s not even worth the plastic that it’s made of. with no hate, it’s just a god awful album. i think maybe thats why he put out no ceilings, to try to make up for it.

  • Stylistic

    I hate to tell everybody but whether it’s rock or rap this nigga S-U-C-K-S! He’s def the most overrated rapper alive. Seriously other then Raekwon’s OB4CL 2 all commercial pop garbage that appeals to finger-snappin 5th graders is all that sells…It’s sad! I agree with JTM lock this annoying fuck up. Between him and Gucci Mane it’s good to see all the suck-ass rappers getting locked up slowly. When the Wu-elite (Mef, Ghostface and Raekwon) comes out on March 9th, E-40 on March 30th (I know he’s not the best lyricist but his music has been bangin for the last 4 years) and Joell Ortiz on ??? cop them!!!!Not this either rock or auto-tune garbage that the radio force feads us to like everyday…..

  • harmen

    140 k is impressive!?!? for someone who sold 1 mill and comes out and sells one tenth of that is not impressive.. howcome everyone shit all over curtis for doing like 160

    but then again u couldn’t really expect this to do much, u don’t know many people that were on board with this idea and by many i mean no one
    but still i would’ve thought he’d still do like 250 k

  • MC

    Impressive?…But 50′s sales was an embarrassment?…Who writes for this dumb-ass website???…The bias is mad obvious…They both fuckin flopped!…This site is pathetic!

  • Teddy

    their the same 150 000 people who bought young money… their the same 150 000 ppl buying hip hop releases, infact the only 150 000 people apparently still paying for albums, clap for em, clap for em, if it wasn’t for these decidated 150 000 people you would never see anything hip hop on any charts

    • CJ2792

      ^^^Lol, sounds about right

  • The $ykotic Don Mac

    2 days in listening to it…so far that Fire cut is the best one…

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