Lil Jon’s Crunk Rock Coming in June

Yeeaahhh!!! After several setbacks, Atlanta hitmaker Lil Jon will finally release his long-delayed Crunk Rock album this spring.

The disc, Jon’s first studio album in over four years, will feature several big name collaborations including tracks by Game, Soulja Boy Tell ’Em, Pitbull and R. Kelly, among others.

“I’m finally ready to get Crunk Rock out there to my people,” Jon said in a statement. “It’s been a long time comin’ and the album has somethin’ for everyone on it.”

“I gave them every kind of Lil Jon that they have ever heard on an album,” he continued. “From the crunk shit, to R&B, to house, electro and rock… The album is on a whole other level… I can’t wait for da’ people to hear it!!!”

Crunk Rock is set to hit stores on June 9 through his new label home, Universal Republic.

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  • DV8

    i never thought i would say this but I miss LJ’s music. his 1st 2 joints had heaterz on them. welcome back!!!

  • Leon

    I don’t even care about Crunk Rock anymore. That shit ain’t even gonna sell. Its becoming as bout as close to a Music Myth as Dre’s Detox. Booorrring!!! Meanwhile in other news, man in Connecticut shot his dick off at 2 a.m. in the morning, we gonna report on that too?

  • JTM


  • The real chris

    First off ima say its about time lil jon drop another album, oviously it want be a best seller
    but im sure lil jon aint expecting it to he just giving his true fans a lil personaly not to interested and buying it but if u a true lil jon fan than support him.

  • Deadly MIME

    damn man BOUT DAMN TIME!!! Matter of fact I think he shouldn’t have came out with the album. Its so long overdue. He should have done a completly brand new project. Crunk Rock wasn’t that on some 2004 shit?………..YYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  • Kid wizdom

    Lil jon’s music aint hot anymore, like when he came with bia bia, throw it up and get low his music was fire. But now an days his music is some what horrible. Anybody heard dat song “dat baby dont look like me”? funny but horrible. If jon can get back to his bia bia days he might get his fans back but i wouldnt count on it. If you aint lil wayne, T.I. or da black eye peas you wont sell. I aint list drake cuz i gotta feeling alot of people are gonna download is shit.

  • Jesus Martinez

    I remember he had a big single with E-40 and Sean P over 4 years ago that was supposed to be on the album. Since then, I’ve only heard one other faggot electro song wit some bitch.

    I wish he and crunk were still big cuz since he went under the radar, all the Soulja Boys and VICs and Young Money and other one hit wonders/ringtone pop bullshit been getting all the airplay & attention.

  • HU

    Lil Jon goes hard–no homo. He makes me want to get violent and commit crime–no negro.



  • The real chris

    Hu shut the fuck up u stupid son of a bitch.only lames and pussy as niggas go no homo say what u got to say and get the fuck on we know what yo stupid ass mean!

  • The real chris

    Internet bully get yo bitch ass on and quit trying to put viruses on folks computer.

  • No Name

    Bull to the shit. Crunk Rock has pretty much become the Detox/Chinese Democracy of Southern rap albums.

  • CBS

    4 years? Lil Jon has been gone so long fags are running around in skinny jeans.

  • weapon

    Lil jon’s album has been held up by label politics. Everybody knows that. Can’t wait for the album.

  • 11KAP

    Good luck, son. Big up!