Kid Cudi Apologizes for Punching Fan

Kid Cudi has finally apologized to Michael Sharpe, a Canandian fan that the Cleveland rapper attacked last December during a concert in Vancouver.

As previously reported, the incident occurred during Cudder’s set at the Commodore Ballroom on December 12, 2009. In a YouTube clip of the assault, viewers can see Cudi leaping from the stage and striking a man in the crowd, after a wallet was thrown at him.

Sharpe, recently spoke to, and told the gossip site that Cudi phoned him and blamed the punch on his alcohol consumption. Sharpe also said that the Kanye protégé offered to fly him out to New York for an all-expenses paid weekend.

Cudi, who is currently gearing up for the premiere of his new HBO series How to Make it in America, which airs this Sunday on the network, has yet to comment on the claims. —Elan Mancini

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  • The real chris

    Wow i would nuh apologize for jumping off stage if i was kid cudi,but i guess oviously this dude aint no true tuff guy

    • Shutupman

      Kid Cudi had one good song and is frail as hell, he needs his ass whooped for believing he is someone special. Doesnt he realize he is the next Young MC

    • Anonymous

      ur an idiot

  • Kid Pistol

    He shoulda dropkicked him in the left ear-lobe. No apologies!

  • The $ykotic Don Mac

    Word is bond this dude is not built for the game…retire after this album Cudi…man ain’t gonna like you “just because”…

  • The real chris

    No doubt bout that don mack, after doing what kudi did is just something a true trill rapper dont do in this rap game, apologizing, kudi what a joke u are, so yeah retire kudi and me personaly want miss u

  • RTS_FN

    hold up hold up hold up. Ya’ll mafukkas ^^^^^^^ are just plain stupid.
    item #1:
    not all rappers are “true trill” rappers. (fuckin idiot) You don’t have to be a g or a fuckin thug to be a good lyricist, let alone a good entertainer. Although he did get hit with a wallet, an apology was necessary in any case for that happenig during a show. I can understand some frustratin but nothing to stop a show over.

    Secondly: What the fuck does “built for the game” mean????? The majority of these “trill” rappers out right now don’t know the first thing about it and are just enetertainers in their entirety. And to get specific, i do not belive that Lupe Fiasco, one of the greatest lyricists in the game right now, is considered to be a rapper of “trill qualities”. Is he not built for the game??? Ya’ll are so ignorant its rediculous.
    Respect the man for apologizing. He did the right thing. speaking of apologizing and respect, none of these “trill” rappers that are “built for the game” that ya’ll listen to deserve the type of respect they get for not having any talent and for being fake.



    • The $ykotic Don Mac

      1. All you needed to do was click reply if you didn’t like what I said, thus the purpose of it being there in the 1st place.

      2. HE AIN’T BUILT FOR THE GAME=HE DON’T HAVE THE THICK SKIN TO TAKE THE CRITICISM. He is way too emotional for the public eye of scrutiny. I could care less about a “trill” qualification.

      3. Unless you can prove mufukkas are truly stupid and ignorant, as you call “us”, because we have a different perspective than you, you may want to refrain from labels.

      4. Show and prove from my statement above where I said I don’t respect him apologizing. The man has said NUMEROUS times he wants to quit making music, so why not do it? What’s stopping him? His CONTRACT OBLIGATIONS? I wonder why it will take 4 albums if he’s that unhappy?

      I see your envelope, I just got my turkey bag. I’m here.

      • Neibo


  • RTS_FN

    Oh ya and one more thing, @therealchris: You don’t have to be tough to be a good artist. come on son…


  • swizzy

    the only reason y he apologized was because he punched the wrong guy the guy who threw the wallet was behind him get the facts straight dumbasses

  • CrunchyBlack187

    If Kid Cudi tried to attack me I’m pretty sure I could wreck him.


    Cudi did overreact thats for sure, I mean damn..If someone threw a wallet at me while I was on stage, and it didn’t smack me right in the face, i just woulda picked it up and put it in my pocket lol..course im just not an angry type of dude..

    checkout my music!

  • NemesisB3

    So what if he appologized. He obvioulsy did it to protect his wallet. Dude less likely to sue now for sure!


    kudi makes music. Rap is dying over that i gotta be a “G” mentalilty. First, Gangsta rap has been in the game for almost 20 years. Gangsta rappers are so far removed from the hood that it sounds more realer than alice in wonder land.Hip hop is dying cuz of the fakeness btwn fans and the hood and the artist. the hood ain’t the hood anymore because of the overglorfication of it. you got people in the hood acting like rappers and rappers acting like they broke busted and hood. In reality, its about the music. Kudi has a rap career and acting career. What’s hood about not taking a lost to floss? That apology is apart of the game.

  • Kid Pistol

    Dear Jesus. Stop trying to be professionals and critics. Kid Cuid apologized for molly whoppin the wrong dude in the cot damn grill and that’s it. Damn

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  • caino

    Man, he clearly apologised so he wouldnt get sued!! And not all rappers are Gangsta! shit , is any rapper really Gangsta?

  • heartlandG

    Yall ni99as funny like a G aint goin apologize…that so called “G” is a man 1st. I guess u aint gangsta if you work and take care of yo kids too, where that fucc yall get tha job description fo this shyt..Point is ol boy man’d up and apologized prolly not for his actions but he hit tha wrong dude…I dont get whats wrong with that. AND dude said he wasnt goin press charges anyway and still a fan…@ The real chris & The $ykotic Don Mac yall ni99as is LOST! Its chess! NOT checcers ni99a, dats some grown man shyt. take notes

    • The $ykotic Don Mac

      “Show and prove from my statement above where I said I don’t respect him apologizing.”

      I will state that what I originally commented on was from another story about dude, not about this.

  • hazard

    Yeah but cudi looks like such a faggot, the punch he threw would not have made my little sister cry.

  • The real chris

    Rts and hearland a put it like this im just not a fan of the kiss and make up thing i mean it cool any other place then hiphop this aint no rockandroll industry.

  • The real chris

    And no u dont have to be a gangsta to be good rapper but u cant be soft and emotional like cudi cause niggas will take advanage of you and think u a pussy regardles if he did hit the wrong guy.but the main thing in this rap game u aint got to be a g but aleast be some what trill and cudi is not that.

  • Kid Pistol

    I’m internet slappin urrryone using the word “trill” on this cot damn post. Homos

  • letscutthebs

    I bet every damn body in this bitch would say “I’m sorry” if it mean’t you not being sued for ridiculous amount of money when said incident is on fucking videotape, otherwise you just some dumb ass chasing respect when the court sure as hell gonna give you the complete opposite.

    If dude sued him he would win, so he would def sue for a big amount, and he wouldn’t just sue cudi he’d sue the venue, the promoters, security team, everybody in that bitch that night….

    Cudi damn well making sure he don’t fuck a lot of people out of money for a punch. Thats using your head something these “Gangsta” rappers ain’t doing these days…

  • zack 285

    man yall guys r idiots no lie he apologise i ont blame him hes an og to me no doubt he don wana look bad so he apologised u guys r fuked jus commentin behind a screen fuk first of all nun of yall would even have the guts to geh on stage u faggots so u kno wa keep yur thoughts to yur self nd suck on yur dick motherfukers cuz cudder is a true man word.

    • The $ykotic Don Mac

      “keep yur thoughts to yur self”

      Follow your own advice. You’re commenting behind a screen too, calling people faggots and cursing like somebody on here did something to you. It’s a discussion.

  • KiLLuMiNaTii

    FUCK THIS GAY ASS NIGGA!!! Kid Cudi AkA Day & Night Mr. “Gay N Tight”

    • Ruc

      Um….yea….Maybe u should try harder cuz even a faggot wit 2 dicks in his hand n 1 in his ass wud tell u dat dat shit rite dare was pretty gay itself lol.

  • gaddic

    Cudi knows he ain’t no HARD gangsta and doesn’t pretend to be
    I respect dude he’s true to himself unlike other over-weight wanna-bes running amok in the game right now

  • MysticaL

    I agree gaddic he aint tryin to be
    somethin he aint…your all just

    go listen to you’re g az fuk 90s music

  • sosodusty

    Ayo 90′s Gangsta Rap was the shit!! Bring that back!!! Niggas where I live aint tryin to dance and shit!!! Kid Cudi a cool dude… A man admit his wrongs thats all he did…

    By The Way:
    Some of yall get in yallz feelings about this commenting… lol..

    Yall need some pussy and weed!!!

  • Anonymous

    I know everyone is just commenting on the news and what-not, but what is up with the typing that this website is getting from your keyboards!