Jay-Z, Eminem Win Big at The Grammys

Jay-Z and Eminem added to their legacy last night (January 31), both walking away with the top rap honors at the 52nd annual Grammy Awards.

The Brooklyn-bred legend took home three trophies—two for “Run This Town” (Best Rap Song and Best Rap Sung Collaboration) and one for “D.O.A.” (Best Rap Performance)—while Eminem racked up two golden gramaphones—Relapse won Best Rap Album and “Crack a Bottle” was selected as the Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.

Eminem was among the artists included in the show’s grand finale. The Detroit lyricist first joined Lil Wayne and Blink 182’s Travis Barker for a rendition of the New Orleans MC’s song “Drop the World,” and later Drake was added into the fold as all four stars performed their hit “Forever.” Kanye West, who is also featured on the track, was absent from the event.

Other highlights included Jamie Foxx and T-Pain’s performance of their smash single “Blame It” and a futuristic medley by the Black Eyed Peas.

For a full list of last night’s winners fans can visit grammy.com. —Max G

Disappointed by the nominees at this year’s Grammys? XXL was too, so we devised our own ballot. Click here; now’s your chance to pick who really deserves to win. Readers have until February 9 to cast their votes.

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    wayne, drake , and em killed that shit.. classic song ,, three of the best rappers ever.. drake’s a star dont care wat anyone say yo

    • Jon Dog

      Sorry buddy, but Wayne and Drake are not able to kill anything. Are people fuckin stupid, seriously.

    • joe p

      lmfao @ “wayne, drake , and em killed that shit.. classic song ,, three of the best rappers ever.. drake’s a star dont care wat anyone say yo” what a fool , yes em IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE but to say wayne and drake ? get real what are you fuckin 12 ? lol kids these days

      • http://N/A D

        But that dude told the truth about that chick Taylor Swift who can’t sing at all. The bitch was tone def & everybody trying to be nice. Fuck that, music should sign real artists who have real talent. I don’t know everyone is trying to be nice to this tone def hoe.

    • Tonyto’sway

      Get the fuck outta here with that shit SOPRAnus….wayne n drake wouldnt even be able to kill time they’re both good entertainers to all these shit heads like you but as rappers there aint much good about them Em on the other hand has paid his dues already dudes a legend and the only good thing about Forever its Eminems verse n drakes fruty hook but still theres nothing classic about that song!!! “It may not mean nothin to y’all…I was on the Degrassi show, understand nothing was done for me”….Damn this fucking rap game its full with a bunch of fucking impostors now at days what ever happened to that RAW shit it was known for!!!

  • Uh-oh

    Wayne killed nothing. Listen to his verse and you’ll hear he spit nothing good. He just has a catchy voice.

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    jay and em, doing they thing like usual
    em and lil wayne performing together and later shaking hands made me proud to be a hip-hop fan
    in 05 when i first got into wayne, i prayed for a song with em but thought it would never happen
    4 years later


      Danm nigga u prayed for that, I guess niggas waste prayers this time in age!

      • nicholasdelorejo

        Man I seriously don’tunderstand why people are so shocked at the fact that Em might actually like Wayne. Em has previously stated that one of his favorite rappers was Mase (yes, shiny suit Ma$e). Remember the “Lean Back Remix”? I swear people can’t seem to grasp the fact that their supposed music icons can also like artists that do not share their same format musically. I’m pretty sure that their are rock artists that like rap even if the fans tend to differ (Chris Martin, Travis Barker, Elton John, ect). Is it any different for a rapper Em to find something appealing in other rapper from the hard spittas to the goofy/ silly ones to even the energetic and entertaining lyricists.

        That’s one of the reasons why rappers have low shelf lives in this industry. People put the older artists in such a high pedistal that they can’t collaborate with the younger auideince hopefully give them guidance. When the fans of the new artists don’t see these elder rappers in any relavent songs, they tend to ignore their significance.

        Look at Jay. He’s one of the most relavent rappers alive after all these years and he did it by embracing the younger generaton of artists. Well that and becoming a puppet of the Illuminati. But still young fans welcome Jay a lot more than say KRS-One whose fanbase would piss their pants over any collaboration with even Jay let alone Wayne.

        Is Wayne on the same level as a lyricist as Em or Jay. No. But Wayne far from sucks and he’s also bold and entertaining. You don’t have to like it but for fuck sake please respect Wayne and even Drake for their work ethic and passion for music. I don’t like Souljaboy as an artists but I respect him a hell of a lot more than I do these complaining ass fans and sometimes artists who bitch about what’s wrong with rap instead of promoting what’s right.

        • allhiphop>xxlmag

          ILLWILL, i aint black and i was exaggerating
          who woulda thought that that little kid from the hot boys would be collaborating with the highest selling rapper of all time?
          i also thought it wouldnt happen after that 50/wayne shit
          nicholasdelorejo, wayne and em are my two favorite artists (music, movies, painting, etc.) them two collaborating and then performing is better than anything i ever saw or heard in hip hop

        • ILLWILL

          Mr allhiphop, when I say nigga its nothing personal, but im gon call u nigga no matter wat color u R Blacks aint the only niggas get that rite, if u love the hiphop culture, then u can b called NIGGA! and that nigga eminem is overrated, him and wayne on the same level, so its not a great honor 2 do a song wit that Nigga!

        • allhiphop>xxlmag

          ight nigger willy
          you think ems over rated? well the millions fans worldwide think hes the best rapper
          he has more fans than all your favorite rappers rockers etc put together

        • ILLWILL

          U aint allhiphop, u all BITCH, u would never call me a nigger 2 my face, u racist pussy, u dont know rap, u like Em cause he white, fuck fans i fuck wit real MCs, so get the dicks out yo mouth b4 u say my name!

        • allhiphop>xxlmag

          kiss my ass bitch
          i aint racist, i just hate fags
          “real mcs” sound like a fag to me
          how many niggas names is illwill? jockin motherfucker

        • ILLWILL

          Pussy where u from, cause i whould love 2 come slap the shit out yo bitch ass, then i would fuck yo mother rite in front of u bitch

        • allhiphop>xxlmag

          im from south dakota faggot
          you the definition of a internet thug

        • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

          “allhiphop>xxlmag says:

          ight nigger willy

          im from south dakota

          i aint racist”

          As of the 2005–2007 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, White Americans made up 87.4% of South Dakota’s population, American Indians made up 8.2% of the state’s population, Blacks or African Americans made up 1.0% of South Dakota’s population, Asian Americans made up 0.9% of the state’s population, and Pacific Islander Americans made up less than 0.1% of the state’s population. The five largest ancestry groups in South Dakota are: German (40.7%), Norwegian (15.3%), Irish (10.4%), Native American (8.3%), and English (7.1%)

          South Dakota politics are generally dominated by the Republican Party, and the state has not supported a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964.

          American Indians, largely Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota (Sioux) are PREDOMINANT in several counties. South Dakota has the third highest proportion of Native Americans of any state, behind Alaska and New Mexico. Five of the state’s counties are wholly WITHIN Indian reservations. Living standards on many reservations are often VERY LOW when compared with the national average. The unemployment rate in Fort Thompson, on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation, IS 70% (As of November 2008, South Dakota’s unemployment rate was 3.4%).

          South Dakota, in common with other Great Plains states, has been experiencing a falling population in many rural areas over the last several decades, a phenomenon known as “rural flight”. In 24 counties, AT LEAST 20% of the population IS OVER THE AGE OF 65, compared with a national rate of 12.5%.

          A state that LIVES by the racial suppression code, most of the population were around during segregation…no need to say you have black friends, “nigger willy” was all that was needed.

        • ILLWILL

          South Dakota, wow these lame ass niggas, wiggas, wat ever they r cant b serious!

        • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

          That’s why I put that info out there fam, show all what’s the deal. Yes they are serious, there’s no G’s like how we know out there to check them.

          Dude don’t even know he’s bred to think that way, listening to rap ain’t enough because look where he took it…racial…quick fast too…do the knowledge to the info Chi-town’s finest…they built the cities & counties around the reservations and cut the Indians off…mad because the land is the Indians’ (DAKOTAS) so they got them starving…the whole lifestyle is pre civil rights…one percent of 800K means the brothers have no who say out there, barely even out there…Laura Ingalls’ picture comes up when they speak about SD culture (Little House On The Prairie)…wiki that…man can listen to rap wherever they are, but that “nigger willy” sh*t is a no-no. That closet racist sh*t is the real internet thug.

          And whoever you are South Dakotan, show and prove that what I said is wrong.

        • ILLWILL

          Bro u hit it rite on the head, these clowns R sad, but wat part of the Chi is u from fam?

        • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

          I’m NYC alumni…real recognized real when you & tpar were building…

        • ILLWILL

          I feel u fam, well u have a bleesed day bro, its supper bowl sunday baby!

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Uh-oh! Hater food!

    50 Cent won a Grammy and went gold in the same month! I didn’t think it would happen either yo…

  • migz

    drake aint one of the best rappers ever man you talkin stupid

    and fuck kanye he dont show up to the grammys cause little bitch aint gettin no attention he more bitch than a bitch

  • prodigynius

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  • Red

    Em and jay deserves the Grammays they got.Lil Wayne and Em killed it with Drop the World,it was awsome.Forever with Drake was really good too.

  • Ochieng’

    It’s a pleasure to see Em back in the limelight after a period of time working on his music as he puts it in the song “Beautiful.”

  • El Tico Loco

    Best rapper ever and Drake in the same sentence? Wow. That hypnotism is something else, he ain’t even the best rapper in Canada. I don’t know maybe coming out the gate all big raises eyebrows a little. All the rappers we like we saw them develop into what they are now, this dude just came out like bam! with a mixtape which was more like an independent album.

  • E-Man

    damn its a new year and we still got old hate lol
    just face it wayne an drake is going nowhere
    everybody want hip hop to come together an stop with dum beef an all I saw was wayne an eminem shaking hands which had me proud of the game

  • JTM


  • http://pharaoh-kingofthepack.blogspot.com/ Pharaoh1983


    Like what is the big deal everyone knows how the grammy’s is full of shit, so why are rappers surprised or angered by what the crackers do. They need to stop bitching and get over it. I thought these rappers do this for the culture not to get some stupid ass present every January. Whatever though.

    go grab that new hood ass Styles P – The Green Ghost Project…… leave a comment.

  • Jon Dog

    Oh, and DRAKES FUCKIN’ SUCKS!!!!! I’m from Canada, and the only people up here that are proud of that fuckin’ goof are the people on Ent. Tonight, or those audo-tune dick riders, and the little kids, of course, because he’s the latest fad. So, um, fuck Drake eh!!

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Where’s the nomination for Wick-Wack Rap Artist of the year?

    I’ll do it myself, nominees are:

    Spencer Pratt

    Rick Rofficer

    Gucci Mane

  • Technique

    @ nicholasdelorejo

    Co-sign 10,000 percent! Well put dog, well put.

  • DV8

    who gives a fuck about the grammys? there where plenty of albums that where not even nominated that should have been. and how does “crack a bottle” get a grammy? that shit was horrible. I would have rather have “were the ones that made you” won.

    All I know is real hiphop heads dont give a fuck about the grammys. thats for pop music and im like myley cyrus I dont listen to pop music.

  • mav

    yall stans at the top need to fall back..everybody knows that relapse was pretty garbage and im sayin this as a fan of his he used to inspire me to spit people might not like the way wayne carries himself but he has developed into a solid artist and even when i say hes wack ill hear him drop a fire verse and drake is the best new rapper to come along in a awhile and he is gettin respect cuz he got something yall stans dont seem to understand.. bars and a different background and image which is how eminem got on but every after the eminem show (which is his best album..til i collapse is my shit} hes been real wack i have liked any of his singles beautiful was wack! bp3 almost outsold relapse and it was only out 4 3 months and em shit was out for 6 months it didnt even do double plat…grammy..fuck outta here

  • http://myspace.com Kid Pistol

    I miss the good old days when people would leave comments that were only a few sentences long, rather than a full cot damn essay out this b*%*h.

    See Mav.
    See Prodyginus.
    See Nicolasdelorejo, etc.


    @mav Damn shame as he Eminem gets better your opinion of him declines. True I agree Eminem show his best cd I also think that Relapse wasnt that good half garbage half amazing but you are stupid to say Beautiful is garbage, you must have liked we made you more.Beautiful was Em doin what he does best rap about serious subject matter much like sing for the moment off the Eminem show. Beautiful great beat,great lyrics, outstanding song should have one the award in its category Jay-z was doing nothing but saying what everyone else was thinking and that is kill auto tune. Anyway who gives a shit about the grammys anyway.The fans make the music.Not the industry.


    What I meant about him getting better is his skills and word play is just getting better. Though some of his material might not be as consistent as it was, he is at the top of his game right now lyrically.Just wait till relapse 2 drops im sure a lot of haters will close their mouths. He said it will be less playful music, which is what we are tiring of. More hip hop oriented and serious than the first relapse.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    1st, big ups to jay and Em (as much as i hate to give him credit) However, i give credit where credit is do.

    2nd, They did kill it. was it mos def and talib like murder, or a mobb deep in the early 90′s type murder, was it outkast type murder, was it *insert your favorite rapper type murder? Probaly not. Was your favorite rapper invited to the grammy awards? Your favorite rapper might need to step his or her game up.

    3rd, hip hop fans are killing hip hop. i can’t even call these fakes fans. every rapper isn’t gonna make music just about drama, gun play, or wat is “real” Being real is realitve. If we as a people haven’t evolved since the 90′s, than we as a people don’t belong.

    So, stop the hating and give credit where credit is due.

  • js416

    i like em but crack a bottle won a grammy? really?

  • Young History in the Making

    the grammys have always misrepresented hip-hop..for ‘crack a bottle’ to win a grammy just says clearly that eminem is gonna get a grammy this year just for having an album out. and for clearly not even trying to make a good song let along a good album. ‘relapse’ wasnt as good as previous eminem albums, we all know that and stated it. like a few posts have stated it was plenty of other hip-hop albums and songs that shoulda won (‘run this town’ being best song??? you sh**tin me? but i digress.)but thats what happens when you let white america pick what they think is good (hip-hop)music.

    *see mtv’s hottest mc’s in the game*

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