Game Talks New DJ Drama Mixtape, Ashanti Collabo

In anticipation of his upcoming R.E.D. Album, Game is working on a mixtape with DJ Drama, called Red Everything.

The West Coast MC recently spoke to MTV News about the project. “It’s a bunch of tracks I did specifically for Drama,” Game explained. ‘They’re full songs mixed with a few freestyles. I’m trying to finish up ‘400 Bars’ and get it on there. Ain’t nobody piss me off that much. But even if that ain’t on there, the mixtape is still gonna be crazy.”

In related news, Game recently hinted on twitter that he will be dropping R.E.D. on his former label Aftermath Records. Along with the message “It’s funny how things come full circle,” the rapper also tweeted a picture of himself adorned with four Aftermath chains around his neck.

Game dropped two albums The Doctor’s Advocate and LAX with Geffen since leaving Aftermath in 2006 after his beef with 50 Cent. Neither albums have been as commercially successful as his critically-acclaimed debut The Documentary, under Aftermath.

The West Coast MC has also buried the hatchet with Murder Inc. as well. During the heat, of his battle with G-Unit, Game had beef with Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, and Ashanti but has since announced that he’s cool with them and even invited the songstress to jump on one of the tracks for The R.E.D. Album.

“Hey man, it’s ‘No beef 2010.’ That’s the trending topic on this interview, man,” Game told MTV. “Dre called me and he was like ‘You got any current-day problems with Ashanti?’ I was like, ‘Nah. I ain’t got no probles with Ashanti.” She can sing like a muthafucka and you put her on a hook, it’s automatically radio. So he was like, ‘I’mma have her come down.’”

The R.E.D. Album is currently set for release on March 23. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • jtm

    no beef 2010 please he is probably gonna start dissing megan fox or tom cruise saying he is a homosexual

    • G-unit or G-unot?

      Haha, lmao at that comment.

  • Peso

    Game about to come full circle with this R.E.D album, he go hard. 1st album damn near classic except those damn Fiddy hooks lol. 2nd album was a westcoast classic and eventally went Platnium and the 3rd was just a dope album so all he got next to do is come with a real bonifide classic…can anyone say it’s GAMETIME

    get um Game…

  • Peso

    You know the boy gone be beefing again next week lol

  • General

    The R.E.D. cd should be hot, but you have to wonder if will be held up continually by Dre???

    Its good to see Game back on Aftermath, because thats where he should have been all along. I’ve said for the past year this was likely with 50 falling out of favor with Interscope and all of G-Unit being dropped by Interscope

  • the mystery


  • gaddic

    Game shouldn’t have left Aftermath
    He shouldn’t have back stabbed the hand that feeds him
    Look at his career now
    He can’t create interest in his albums without Dr. Dre & 50 cent
    1st album-50 cent hooks and Dre beats+Co-signs=5+mil sales

    2nd album-50 cent beef=1.5 mil
    3rd album-no 50 cent/G-unit beef=500 000

    Now on his fourth album the only way to go close to plat is Dr.Dre & the tension/implications with 50

    He doesn’t need to “beef” anymore to gain attention
    He’s got what he needs to keep his career afloat

    • soufpaw

      im not feelin that. when LAX dropped nobody was sellin much than 500k. aint nobodies sales fell off like 50′s.

  • gkid12345

    This is a prime example of how shady the music industry is. 50 cent sold 40 million records in total under the interscope,aftermath and shady umbrella and just at the snap of the finger they get rid of his label and help his enemies. This is going to be an interesting year with lloyd banks gaining anticipation for his album and the success of his new single beamer benz and bentley as well as game being on aftermath. Either way the fans win because we get good music

    • General

      It wasn’t a snap decision for them to get rid of G-Unit. 50′s contract with Aftermath/Shady/Interscope is up. His sales as a solo artist have declined sharply and the sales of other G-Unit artists are non-existent. Plus the fact that 50 continues to try to blame Interscope for the fact that his Cd’s aren’t selling as well leads to the fact that him and his label are out the door. As far as Game, he has remained under Interscope even after he left Aftermath so they are not helping 50′s enemies they are helping one of their own artists…

  • onysik22

    gaddic you’re on some stupid shit in your post. Do you have any clue what the situation was in him “leaving/backstabbing” Aftermath?

    50′s bitch ass basically made Dre choose between him and Game due to the beef, and Dre wasn’t about to fuck up his own money, since especially 50 and even the unit were still relatively profitable.

    Now, we can finally see for a fact what’s been evident to those of us who followed the situation, which is that Dre and Game never had beef between them.

    50 cent is no longer hot, and the Unit doesn’t exist anymore. So Dre went back to working with his protege. This makes perfect sense, especially since if you check out what’s goin on with Eminem; he’s been branching out and working with as many new producers as possible, so obviously Game’s gonna take advantage of Dre being available more. This will lead to a better Game album, props to him for slowing down on the beef shit.

  • A.K.

    Nigga GAME talks so much, let the music speak for itself, like that nigga Nipsey Hussle, he gon bring the west coast back. No name dropping and beef shit

  • Mr. Q

    I second onysik22′s comments! The reason Dre is so successful is because he conducts business like a business man. He may have dropped a few balls (i.e. Raekwon, Joell Ortiz, Rakim), but his money and product has always been correct.
    I’m also glad to see Game back off of all that “Beef” bullshit, he has enough talent to survive in the industry without putting negative energy out there.
    I also think it’s funny how Game went back to Aftermath after Bishop Lamont left. Wonder if that had anything to do with Game’s return???

  • The $ykotic Don Mac

    When did this dude have beef w/Ashanti?

    And wasn’t son on Aftermath, then moved to G-Unit, then to Geffen, then back to Aftermath? Isn’t that Jimmy’s blame and not 50, since Jimmy is in charge of Interscope?

    I don’t understand the “leaving” part, he got transferred, no?

  • CBS

    It’s good to see Game and Dre hanging in the studio again. I think Dre realized 50 and G-Unit are a sinking ship. So he bailed.

  • Chris

    Game the shit, and if u dont like the man shit fuck u cause the dude got hell of talent but yet he get negativity from mf haters.he the man stop damn hating

  • Ben

    I do not understand why Dre did this? He has to be pissed at fifty, second, I think he will have Game rap diffrent, no name dropping, full, actual competent, good raps. I do not understand the Ashanti thing neither.

    • JC

      the ashanti thing is because when game was with g-unit, 5o had beef with ja rule and all of his affiliates which was ashanti so game had to jump ship on that beef as well

  • Fireforreal

    The game is talented but he needs to stop lying about releasing mixtapes. Last summer he said he would release a mixtape every month and never did. He was suppose to release uknowwhatitis vol 5 and never did. Said he would turn the doctor’s advocate into a movie like the streets is watching and never did.Said he would stop beefing and never did. When will he just make good music and stop doing all these gay ass antics ? to be a legend it’s not about only beef. It’s the great body of work you leave behind. Not quanity but quality.

  • caino

    The Documentry was a great album, l still bump that! Doctors Advocate was good, and LAX l didnt really like except the first 6 songs!

    Hopefully the RED album will be a return to his best, especially if Dre gonna be involved again.

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