Freeway Speaks on Reconciliation With Just Blaze [With XXcLusive Video]

While the Internet has undoubtedly sparked many feuds in hip-hop, at times, it can help unite old friends. Count former Roc Boys Freeway and Just Blaze in that list. Free recently reconnected with Just over Twitter after years of not speaking because of a misunderstanding. recently spoke to the Philadelphia MC about his reconciliation with the superproducer.

“As far as the Freeway/Just Blaze situation, Just did a lot for me,” he said. “As far as my career, you know, he did, basically what me and Jake [One] doing now. The whole Philadelphia Freeway he did 10 tracks on that joint… And as far as the outside things that I did, the “Burning Up” thing [with Faith Evans], the Mariah Carey thing, like Just did all that. He didn’t have to pull me in on those joints. Those was people that was reaching out to him for tracks and he pulled me in. And he’s just a cool dude. He’s always thorough; we used to be in Baseline like comparing gadgets and all that.”

“But we fell out,” he continued. “[Because of] a lot of things going on behind-the-scenes, like people was saying this and that. But it’s all love though. I just had to reach out and tell him how I felt. Let him know that I really appreciate everything he did for me as a man.” [Watch below]

The question now is will Free and Just unite in the booth anytime soon. “We probably gotta do a Freeway/Just Blaze album sponsored by Twitter,” he joked. “Let’s get it crackin’.”

Free and Jake One’s collaborative album The Stimulus Package is in stores now on Rhymesayers. —Jesse Gissen, with additional reporting by Anslem Samuel

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  • F.U. CEO


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  • Jason

    They should work together again, that would be dope.

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  • The real chris

    Thats whats up glad to see that they cool, thats whats really good

  • The real chris

    co-sign they should make another album, that shit would sell big tyme.

  • John Cochran

    They should definitely link back up. They complement eachother. Plus Just’s “Exhibit C” beat got me waiting to hear more from him.

  • latino heat

    if Just and Freeway hook back up poor Jake One will be left out in the cold so quick his head would spin.

    cosign John Cochran, Exhibit C has me wanting to hear more from Just. that’s his hottest beat in years.

  • Andre

    Now Freeway let’s help Beeni Sigel and Jay to get on Twitter! :)

  • Joe

    co-sign they should make another album, that shit would sell big tyme.
    *Deep sigh*

    1)No it wouldnt
    2)It took 5 posts for somebody to interject record sales…smh nggas just dont git it

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  • Fireforreal

    I like how freeway has sayed clear of the bullshit. Even with the break up of the roc and going his own route but not shit talking about Jay and reconnecting with Just blaze just goes to show to be a man you have to grow up and get your’s and stop bitchin about past mistakes and waiting 5-10 years before you address an issue. Beans needs to stop being ignorant and follow the same path.

  • jayjay81

    That Was Definitely A Good Look!!! Now, All Joking Aside On The JustBlaze/Freeway Album & Make It Happen!!! That’s What Artist Should Start Doing Anyways, Find That One Producer That Fits Their Style And Flow, Great Examples: Dre And Snoop Or Timbaland And Missy etc. Maybe That Would Make People Pay More Attention To Albums And Buy Them.

  • Wayne Warren

    Both Free and Blaze are both the best at what they do so I hope they will use their creative talents for the sake of Hip Hop together.

  • Won1

    New album aint doin so well,huh Free?

  • YEAh


  • Reagan Cammarano

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