Flo Rida, D4L & Shop Boyz Among RIAA’s Top Selling Artists of Decade

Record sales may be down, but the first 10 years of the millennium still produced some chart-topping releases. Earlier this week (Feb. 17), the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) released a list of the decade’s top gold and platinum award winners and hip-hop was definitely in the house.

While Michael Jackson undoubtedly holds the crown as the King of Pop with a whopping 44 certifications of the past decade, the self-proclaimed King of the South didn’t do too shabby himself. T.I. was credited as having the most master ringtone certifications by a male solo artist with 15, while Kanye West earned props for receiving the most digital song certifications (19) by a male soloist.

In terms of actual album sales, OutKast’s 2003 opus Speakerboxxx/The Love Below tied with *NSYNC’s 2000 release, No Strings Attached, as the highest certified group album of the decade with 11 million units in sales.

The new millennium also saw the increased popularity of digital downloads and ringtone sales, which opened the door for a few surprising names amongst the decade’s top artists. Flo Rida’s 2008 single “Low” was credited as being the highest certified digital song, going 5x multi-platinum. Meanwhile, D4L and Shop Boyz tied for highest certified master ringtone honors, going 3x multi-platinum for “Laffy Taffy” and “Party Like a Rock Star,” respectively.

Lil Wayne rounded out the hip-hop honors with “Lollipop,” which became the highest certified master ringtone by a male artist, going 5x multi-platinum.

“We’ve seen a decade of major music milestones and extraordinary artist achievements as part of our historic Gold and Platinum program,” said Mitch Bainwol, RIAA Chairman and CEO, in a statement. “The names, songs and albums on our list are the decade’s best and are etched in our music DNA.” —Anslem Samuel

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  • The real chris

    Good to see d4l mentioned,and where the hell is faebo?he need to get the group back together.

    • Otto the Rugged Man

      Wow, D4L isn’t even hip-hop and none of them clowns can rap well.

  • HU

    LMAO at the real chris knowing who the hell faebo is and that D4L isn’t together. What is wrong with you, son?

    Anyway, the ’10s will go down like the ’80s. Full of clown music that hopefully dies out completely in the current decade and will forever be ridiculed as the bullshit it is.

  • The Change

    I can’t believe these groups getting recognized and for what songs like Laffy Taffy, Party Like a Rock Star, & Get Low or Elevator, fuck. I hate this, this is crap cause all those groups & flo-rida are garbage. Only make 1 single songs that last for like 4 to 7 weeks on radio play cause America is so dumb and can’t comprehend how real Raw HipHop used to be. Fuck these Acts. All I’m Saying.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    The ringtone rap era am I correct? Guess MIMS wasn’t that hot…

  • Gkid2345

    Lol Hu, very true tho. The 10′s is filled with the worst clown music and should go down as that.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Syk, Change, or Hu, cawp me a baseball bat. I would like to hit myself in the face until I either passout or start to think like the rest of the world. This is super wick wack.

  • IndyKid

    The names, songs, and albums on this list are the decades best? Really?

  • RTrilla303

    Y are all u haten itz juz fun musiq club muisq it has itz tyme and place.I love my hip hop crooked I Nas ect… but inda club i uv 2c dz gurlz get down 2dat type of musiq 2.Nuff Said

    • mav

      you can make a hot club song made you look was a club song was brush ya shoulders off was too my swagg etc. so what r you really sayin fuck that watered down dumb music

  • The real chris

    Hu what is wrong with yau,i know d4l aint together no more u dummy, thats y i said faebo needs to get the group back together, and that dont mean he cant come out with a single cause they aint together.and r trilla, roger that cause hell these guys deserve to be mentioned cause it was hot for the clubs especially the strip clubs.thou i do feel like mims should had been on that list and few others,but its all good aint no need to hate.

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    And ya’ll know what I’m about to say….

    SMDH, what a disgrace….

  • mav

    ringtone rappers fuckin suck d4l (the real chris wtf?r u crazy b2k should get back together too then…lmao) shop boyz and flo rida…get all the way the fuck outta here..ill bump black eyed peas over any of them corny ass niggas (please dont think i like bep}where they at now? one album an done
    jadakiss went in on ringtone rap on that last kiss album all of them songs are some of the worst of the decade laffy taffy is probably top 3


    Man,ya’ll some haters.2010 has been by far the best era in hip hop.Shawty lo will kill any rapper dead or alive.Just check the first verse of Laffy Taffy,the boy is a Shakespeare.

    The Shop Boys are the best group ever since N.W.A.

    Flo Rida is the modern day Rakim.The first verse of Right Round is classic hip hop at it’s best.

  • Stylistic

    Lmao at Somethin New’s comment, but yeah the 2000′s were DEF the WACKest decade for Hip Hop especially late 2005 to the present, and the bullshit is slowly snowballing and getting worse, but then again this was all of corporate’s plan which is leave REAL Hip Hop off the radio…drill bullshit like laffy taffy, soulja boy, gucci mane, etc into youngin’s heads to make them think it’s Hip Hop, and overall destroy Hip Hop by purposely promoting Wack shit, ignoring real Hip Hop and overall killing the culture…It’s not an accident that rap albums are at an all time low in sales…The shit is absolute Garbage now!!!!

  • honest-e

    fuck a damn hip hop




  • The real chris

    Mav u tripping,ya d4l,flor rida and shock boyz aint the best hip hop has to offer but the are some of the best when it comes to ringtone and club songs,basicly thats there specialty other than shawty lo and faebo cause they dope on any song,and have yal forgot that geeked up song from faebo? cause that song was dope,and get any shawty lo album you gaurenteed to appreciate it.they might not be no nwa or no wu tang but they dope.point blank they dont get enough credit.

    • JERZEY




  • The real chris

    This to jerzey,no im not no d4l promoter or there spokesperson but a person who gives credit to who deserve it and shawty lo pacificly is always over looked.but i bet if it was cuccimane yo bitch ass would be all for it.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Let’s settle it.

    The Real Chris is REALLLL Wack (pacificly!!!????). – 1 vote for Wack User of the Year

    Somethin New is past the point of wick wack. I wanna throw my laptop at your face for saying such stupid s**t, Flo Rida = modern day Rakim?! Shawty Lo = Shakespeare??!! Quit listening to Spencer Pratt so much you corny muhf**ker! – 1 vote for Wack User of the Year.


      Kid pistol,it was a joke.I would insult you back but you already killed yourself by believing what i wrote.Why don’t you read my next comment after that one and think about the meaning.

      I know you’re smarter than that and there’s no need to take this to world star level.So i’ll just say i wish you well in all your endeavers and that the comment you read was a joke to make people laugh.I know most people on this site are bright enough to see that.

  • the real chris

    .lol. seems lik i struck a nerve..lol.,kid pistol you and lilttle jerzey might want to take a time out,angry/emotional point blank bad for the health..lol.

  • beaver

    real chris is a clownn..


    fuckk candy rapp..

    slaughterhouse is 1 of da last hopes 4 hiphop..

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Nah, homeboy, I just don’t like circus clowns, forgive me.



    • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

      Co-Sign Camell. To the fullest.

  • Otto the Rugged Man

    LOL @ XXL thinking Flo-Rida Shop Boyz and D4L are related to hip-hop. Pretty soon you guys are probably gonna start reviewing Lady Gaga’s records.