For the past few years, Flavor Flav has been looking for love but now he might be in search of a good lawyer. The Public Enemy hype man, born William Drayton, Jr., is said to owe over $63,000 in unpaid child support.

Mary Parker, the mother to three of Flav’s seven children, is seeking a reported $63,439 in owed monies. Back in 1996, Parker and Flav came to an agreement where the rapper-turned-reality star would financially support their then-two children. In 2008 Parker gave birth to a third child by Flav and she moved to have the agreement modified to a larger sum.

Last month a judge ruled in Parker’s favor, increasing Flav’s weekly payments to $837.72, along with covering the children’s private school tuition. Flav, however, is contesting the allegations saying that he has provided for his children and their mother beyond the court’s requirements.

"The judgment is recent as I was just made aware of it," Flav said in an interview with the New York Post. "I'll certainly be addressing it. However, I've made payments on my children's tuition, and have made direct payment to the mother outside of the court order."

At press time, a court date had yet to be set. Stay tuned to for more on this case. —Amber Mckynzie