E-40 to Drop Two Albums on March 30

The Bay Area ambassador E-40 is gearing up to release his 13th and 14th albums simultaneously.

Entitled Revenue Retreivin’ Day Shift and Revenue Retrievin’ Night Shift the two albums include over 38-tracks in total, as well as features from Gucci Mane, Snoop Dogg, Bobby V, Mistah Fab, Too $hort, Jazze Pha, Ya Boy, Turf Talk, and Messy Marv.

“I’m excited about this album,” he said in a statement. “It’s been a year since I dropped The Ball Street Journal. It marks an important independent business venture for me. This way, I am able to go back to the basics and run my own campaign.”

The albums are expected to drop on March 30. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Chris S

    1 album by him is too many

  • Stuckfresh

    The man got like 10 albums out you Fag! E-40 is a O.O.O.G! 1 of the last niggas left from the good days! watch your mouth lame cause have the shit you say came from the O.G! E-40 keep that hustle’n pimp’n alive! Fuck these lames new clowns!

    • Anonymous

      Chris S is a Chris bitch. Sound like these fake phoney rappers who takes credit for the big mans work. Click crew biotch

    • http://www.myspace.com/mileaminuteuno Mile A Minute

      I smell that shit you talkin bout mane. Alot of cats dont know nuttin………bout what real niggaz talk about… They see what the squares want em to see and they see the shit so much they think its hot. I swear I aint never bought no other CD’s E 40, Too Short, Spice one, NWA, Cube, Above The Law, Suga Free, B Legit, mane you can here it in my flow. Aint shit sugar coated. No additives or preservatives. LOL one love to the new Album Im kop dat… And the cat talkin shat about it need ta kop it and get a sponge nucca and soak up some of the game. Imagine all the hebrews going dumb. LOL Inna minute Mile A Minute nicca Gudda dude like rascal flats or some shit get the fuck outta here. Haters come in all shapes and sizes huh colors and fag ass individual. Milez!

  • abdulnasir


  • jtm

    where is g unot killa when you need him. just bunch of stupid 12 year old clowns in this site all the time.

  • ee bubble

    word, i used to check the comments just to see wat GUNOT killa had to say……

  • AZ40

    Much respect

  • east oakland savages

    Yeah the generation x pill takers dont know nuthin bout that real gutter spitting shit unless been through it you just wont understand lil wayne and soldier boy era listeners. Rap will never be like it was when you rush to the store and cop the whole album without bootlegging it. 40 was in that prime area Townbiz wuz up yay area Killafornia

  • the real chris

    Ya i got to agree aswell to the other chris e40 may not be the best as a rapper but he is one of the best in keeping it real point blank he a vet, got to respect the man.but i wonder why he put that lame ass clown gucci aka cucci mane on his cd.wtf


      E-40 had Gucci Mane on his last album (The Recipe).

      E-40 been holding it down for years. I have every album on CD….no bootleg. He spits harder than anyone in the game.

      Everything he says now….niggas will be saying in a few years. For example…Snoops new album (Malice in Wonderland)…Snoop says “turf” way too much and “geekin” and shit. Those are E-40 words.




      • http://www.myspace.com/mileaminuteuno Mile A Minute

        The brotha said I call em my love wimps… The nicca got one liners that kill niccaz whole albums. If they start listening they a get it but you know what. The niccca suga free said it aint on ya mane its in ya. And point blank it aint in alot of these cats onna planet. Too many suckers mane. Aint nuttin worng wit Soldier boy era but they do seem like they popin too many pills. Listen to what a rapper sayin and then watch his eryday you a realise thats a wack ass person fuck his rap. He wack as a humane. The money behind em and the need for america to jump on the band waggon. Yall should a had enough of wagons wit the cowboys. Bang Mile A Minute Im a new skool old skool nicca fro Money Minnesota. The Vegas police said all we know how to do is Pimp and fish. I aint fishin niccaz.. Inna minute Mile A Minute

  • DV8

    40 been rapping longer than some of you youngns been alive. Respect the legend who is the father of the majority of hiphops slang. I definetly will but both albums when they drop. 40 is one of those artist who ill spend money on no questions asked.

    East Oakland Savage Said:

    “Yeah the generation x pill takers dont know nuthin bout that real gutter spitting shit unless been through it you just wont understand lil wayne and soldier boy era listeners. Rap will never be like it was when you rush to the store and cop the whole album without bootlegging it. 40 was in that prime area Townbiz wuz up yay area Killafornia”

    Yeah the 90′s was the best. Theses young heads will never get to experience something as great as that.

  • latino heat

    E-40 is the most quietly consistent artist in the game. everybody might not like him or his style but since the early 90′s he has been dropping hot albums and still is to this day. name one other artist in the game that can say that. and he always sells really well for an artist with little to no promotion.

    fuck what a young ass hater has to say. Bay Area stand the fuck up on March 30th!!!

  • The real chris

    i didnt even get to check out 40 last album but am gunna buy that shit along with this one, and like i said earlier 40 a legend and should not be associated with clowns like cuccimane but besides that just got to say west coast is wheres at

  • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

    Don’t forget it’s a snow day y’all, these youngin’s are home bored.

    40 Water’s that dude…

    * circles date on calender, crosses fingers *

  • Oaklands Own


    Stand the fuck up!

    40 is the Ambasidor…we fucks with E-40 forever and a day out here in the Yay! Yall wack ass solja boy fans better wake the fuck up!

  • http://xxlmag esco1031

    Man all these lames aint knowin. 40 is the Bay. All u need to do is listen to his first cd-Federal. Fuck all that watered down rap.

  • Nikki

    I Don’t care How Many Albums He Dropped Or How Long He Has Been Rapping. He Is Garbage. Rap Can’t Be Paying His Bills. No One Has An E-40 Albun. If Fifty’s Number Were Low, His Numbers Might Dip Into Negative Territory. Ego Is A Bit@h.

    • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

      “No One Has An E-40 Albun”

      “I DON’T HAVE An E-40 Album”

      ^ Fixed

      You can’t speak for others who have already co-signed his legacy here.


    40 = UNDERATED

  • heartlandG

    Ughhh!!!! ((in E-40 Voice))…I dont get why ni99as clicc on a link to hate. But uhh Im def coppin tha album AND that new Brotha Lynch thats comin out

  • Face Phoenix

    I like 40 water but enough to buy two separate albums OR a single double album on the same day or the same year.


    Real talk i got my first 40 CD back in 91 back in 91 when he was slangin’em out the trunk up here in Tacoma.. People been stealin his slang for years but lyrically he’s been a beast for damn near 20 years. Put his friends and family on too…. A REAL ASS MAN IN AN INDUSTRY FULL OF FAKE ASS FOOLS!

  • sam

    GGGGUNOT niggaz

  • Stylistic

    Def will be coppin bofe albums! In what has hands down been the WORST time period for Hip Hop the past 5 years 40 water has STILL been putting out great music. My Ghetto Report Card was a classic, and was his best album back in 2006, his last album was bangin and though In a Major Way and Hall of Game are said to be his best albums by many, in my opinion element of surprise, charlie hustle, loyalty and betrayal, grit and grind, and breakin news were all better albums and albums which you could find plenty of bangers! Do your research kiddies and quit listening to that mainstream shitwater that the radio and television brainwashes you to like!!!!!!


      SO WELL SAID ………

  • DownSouth

    E-40 about to catch up with Too $hort in a minute. There is no one like him. From the slang, to his delivery. Oooogh!


  • Dopeyso

    …its “VERBAL VOMIT”!!! Seriously…do I have to say more?!?!? I bet you youngin’s don’t even know who the fuck 2Pac is, gah damn shame!!! If you don’t know the HISTORY of HIPHOP, sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and get educated!!!

  • what

    its true. no one can really compete with e-40 in terms of consistency, longevity and just overall bein about it. i respect 40 for a lot of reasons but one of them is definitely his willingness to work with new artists who may or may not blow up but the collabos are sick regardless. 40 fucks with EVRYONE. potluck? gucci? snoop? pac? mac dre? tech n9ne? check all the above. thats just off the top of my head. plus of course b-legit (UNDERRATED!!) sorry im not gonna say ill pay for the albums but i will fa sho bump the fuck out of em.