Dr. Dre Sues Death Row for $75K

The good doctor claims he hasn’t been paid. In a recent lawsuit against former label, Death Row Records, Dr. Dre alleges he hasn’t received any royalties since dropping his last LP for the imprint, 1996’s classic disc The Chronic.

According to tmz.com, the superproducer filed the suit against WIDEawake Death Row, the resuscitated version of the label that was created after the label filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

Dre says that WIDEawake has put out a greatest hits compilation, re-released The Chronic, and released a digital version of the disc without his permission. The West Coast legend is seeking $75,000 in damages.

As of press time Dre has yet to make a comment about the suit. —William Nilly

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  • http://xxl All Dae

    Good for the Dr. He’s really playing it cool in the public level. Many rappers would bitch online and try to start some shit for $1,000 bucks and some weed. Get em Dre. The guys music supported Death Row and Suges lifestyle for a decade. Give the man what’s rightfully his. Peace.

  • sealsaa

    Waiting till Suge no longer owns/has any ties to the company to sue>Good strategy.

  • General

    So much for the new owners claiming they were gonna fix the royalty situation now that they were running Death Row, lol.

    75K seems a bit low for what they probably actually owe him

    • roper

      it probably didnt sell that many copies the second time around…

  • P81

    75k is more than a bit low, its unbelievably low. You know theres more to the story.

    • Justice4All

      Well I think he’s talking about the reissue money which is different from the 1st release royalties. Most reissues don’t sell alot of records becuase it’s old material and we all know old material in hip hop is not the thing of choice (which is wrong in itself), but we all know that the chronic made mad loot.

  • mrLex

    William Nilly, The Chronic came out in ’92, not ’96.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Co-Sign. I thought I misread it.

    • DC

      Good call on the year it came out. Yo Nilly, you work for XXL and don’t know when the classic, The Chronic, dropped? December 15, 1992…classic was released on this date. Step yo game up!

  • http://www.film-nyt.dk G- bear

    Has to be a principle statement, otherwise he would claim more

  • El Tico Loco

    I’m guessing he’s only suing for re-releases which normally don’t do big numbers hence the low amount. If he was to sue for all he might be owed he could shut em down.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Don’t care about all the who’s, why’s and technical details, but that’s what’s up. Detox Detox Detox!

    Need beats? MySpace.com/KidPistol

  • Mr.Beadz

    Yeah,Dre needed to do this for along time! vAnd it does seem to be a matter of principle,coz it aint like he needs to take no money of they’re broke arses, Maybe he gonna throw that 75large to ‘Gregg the Barber’…HaHaHa! Now Snoop,Daz,And all the other stars that keep suge eatin as much as he clearly does need to follow suit!

    • Wallman

      Suge isn’t tied to the label anymore, some Canadians bought it last year.

  • heartlandG

    @ Kid pistol Detox is an urban legend ala Unicorns, Lochness monster, and bigfoot…I’ll believe it when I see it

  • NotoriousAGC

    Man Like i’ve said before, if Detox is anything like Chronic 2001 it’s worth the long ass wait, IT BETTER BE A DOUBLE DISC though, cause otherwise homie would just be one LAZY ass producer. Till this day, i bump Chronic,Chronic 2001

  • Anonymous

    No doubt dr.dre cronic album was dope and forever classic but back to the topic hope dre get his money that is owed to him,and some off topic shit im i the only one who think dre is underated

  • The real chris

    No doubt dr.dre cronic album was dope and forever classic but back to the topic hope dre get his money that is owed to him,and some off topic shit im i the only one who think dre is underated


    Give the man a fuckin break hater. If you have been followin the news closely which obviously you havent. Dre said Detox would have already been released had it not been for the Beats by Dre project. He was about to put the finishing touches on Detox till they came up with with Beats By Dre.With Dre being the perfectionist that he is he didnt want to release Beats until it worked right which took like three years. He is back in full swing on the Detox it is supposed to drop next year.Prolly summer time.About the topic at hand good for Dre he deserves it he paid his dues and needs to get at least a fraction of what he put in to the company Death Row. Haters fall back and put your LiL Wayne cds back on this has nothin to do with Suge and his sorry ass. Besides didnt Suge just get knocked the fuck out by some young dude on camera lol. Suge is washed up and stays hatin that he fucked over some legends. I dont have a doubt in my mind that he had somethin to do with Pac dyin in some way shape or form.


      @ heartland g and any other haters^^^^^^^

  • The real chris

    Damn the first msg i wastn’t trying to post but its cool now i got two.lol.but yeah i think suge had something to do with pac getting shot to suge a shady type dude and cant be trusted

  • newyawka631

    After da lawyers take their cut of the $75 mill,which would probably get reduced anyway,along with taxes due,son might be left wit $25 g’s.

  • IdleHandz803

    Um XXL Yall Need 2 Get Ya Shit Rite The Chronic Came Out 12.15.92 Not In ’96

  • http://XXLmag.com LeroyLove

    I predict Dre is going to own Death Row within five years and bring it back to its glory days. It would be the only reason he hasn’t been pushin his current label. When was the last time Aftermath released anything?


    are you serious? lets see Relapse relapse 2, not to mention Detox will drop soon summer time next year prolly.

  • http://Memphisrap.com/KDaVincci KDaVincci

    Let’s just keep it real. This is DOCTOR DRE.
    What is 75K, to a multi-platinum selling Producer/Artist?
    We need NOT look over this mans resume. Lets just total up the Eminem, and 50 Cent stand alone money made, OK?

    1) This is NOTHING MORE than a CREAR indicator that not only is the “Detox” complete and 2) a friendly wake up call to Mr. Suge Knight that the album IS coming. After rumors were circulating that he, Mr. Knight, would “KILL” Dre if he released the album.

    WHY would he do that??? Maybe cause somebody has a few 2Pac verses laying around, perhaps? What’s the chances Eminem couldn’t get Pac’s mom to open the Volt ONE MORE TIME?! It’s not like she WOULDN’T get PAID!

    Why wait almost 4 1/2 – 5 long years to sue?
    Why not sue as soon as the issue occurs? Open your eyes people. It’s a 10 YEAR TAUNT! Don’t be surprised if he releases the album THIS YEAR to add insult to injury….
    Not to mention…

    I also heard 2Pac was suppose to be releasing yet another “posthumous” LP this year …(MINUS DEATHROW)…
    Don’t be surprised if Aftermath got their hands in on that too… And when I say Aftermath… I mean… “Aftermath/Shady/G-Unit” and anybody else Dre decides to sign.

    Which brings me back to my 1st point…. What’s 75k to a MULTI-PLATINUM ARTIST/PRODUCER?!

    #Imjustsaying @KDaVincci



    I know this is a little off topic but it is relevent since it has to do with the Aftermath family. I just got the new mixtape in the mail that I ordered off of myspace. If you like D12, Kuniva from D12 just released a mixtape called Retribution. Shits pretty decent, I always thought Kuniva is one of the best in D12. If you like D12 or Kuniva I would pick it up it is worth it. Plus it has some good production and a few good guest appearances.

  • Anonymous

    Ay…first…The Chronic came out in 1992…second…he prolly should b getting alot more money…that album is a classic…