Clipse, Mobb Deep & Pharoahe Monch Teach Fans “How to Rap” in New Book

Wanna learn how to be a super MC? In the new book, How to Rap: The Art & Science of the Hip-Hop MC, over 100 rappers have offered their insight on the artform for aspiring wordsmiths.

Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, Clipse, Mobb Deep, Pharaohe Monche, A Tribe Called Quest, AZ, Cypress Hill, Boot Camp Clik, Masta Ace, Styles P, the Black Eyed Peas, Crooked I, Immortal Technique, Royce Da 5’9”, Papoose, Nelly, and Jurassic 5—were among the artists that were interviewed for the guidebook; where they offered tips on techniques and gave fans a glimpse into their creative process.

How to Rap, which also includes an introduction by rap legend Kool G Rap, is currently in stores now. —Max G

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  • jtm

    yo the clipse , mobb deep, and pharaohe monche should do a song together

  • these posts are racist

    …and Max G is redundant. “currently in stores now”.

    • a

      Haha, well spotted…thats pretty dumb

  • j

    What? No Gucci Mane? SMH. How will the clowns of tomorrow learn how to rhyme like the clowns of today?

  • AZ40

    I’m glad these super talented artist share their insight but the last thing we need is a bunch of nobody half talented wanna be’s tryin’ to do what’s in this book…it should come with a don’t try this at home warning

  • Federal Ranga

    The warning SHOULD say “Don’t try this shit in PUBLIC.”


    • EmCDL

      LOL!!! co sign

  • Blakout615

    Its WAYYYYY too many wanna be rapper/mc’s out here. I feel if getting on the mic doesnt come off natural,then u shud be doing something else. A ‘how to’ book may provide a starting point but most dont understand its more to spitting than just rhyming words together.

    A good example of an mc nowadays imo is Crooked I. Dude covers all bases as an mc, (his song writing could be a lil better) just listen to his hip hop weekly series a couple yrs back. U can tell he puts his heart in his lyrics. Its PLENTY more out there,I was just using him as an example. With that said, im prolly gonna check this book out just to see what cats like The Clispe,AZ,Royce have to say about songwriting. I like knowing about the inside workings of artists- such as being in the Yo,producing etc. I seen a dvd a long time ago that featured Jay,KRS,Kanye that was kinda like this.

  • mav

    i think this is a good thing because it gives whack rappers a chance to go back and maybe learn somethin new and become a better artists some artists have gotten better with age like e40 scarface mjg busta kool g rap jada just too name a few wit all these kids grownin up on garbage rap somebody needs to tell these kids somethin ima send soulja boy a copy…

    • a

      Why the fuck didn’t Mos or Talib put some lines in for this book. The game needs some timeless MC’s opinons. Nonetheless, it sounds pretty sick. Send this shit off to Gucci Mane and Soulja Boi they could use some advice from real cats.

  • Max Profit

    Nice Idea!

    But I wonder how many future rappers would admit to reading this.

  • ChillDan202

    ayo, I copped this book a short time ago, it’s insanely dope!
    definitely the best hip-hop book i’ve read, lots and lots of info, and the list of interviewed artists in crazy


    “yo the clipse , mobb deep, and pharaohe monche should do a song together”

    i’d buy that song! monch and pusha t?!? wow

    they should put this in audio format and send it to all wack rappers.

  • Oz

    This book was released a long ass time ago.

  • gaddic

    I hope Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane pick this up

    Oh and last but not least Rick Ross!

    All talented rappers as the authors not to mention king of gangsta rap Koool G
    I cosign!
    Sounds great