Breaking News: Lil Wayne’s Jail Bid Postponed ’til March 2

Lil Wayne won’t be going to jail just yet. Young Money President Mack Maine took to his twitter minutes ago to announce that the rap superstar’s sentencing date has been postponed.

“Extension till march 2nd!!!!!” Maine just wrote on the social networking site. “Thanx for da prayers LOVE y’all…and Wayne said thanx for da prayers too..ym!!!”

MTV News reports that the New Orleans-bred rapper’s jail date was delayed due to dental surgery. Wayne’s lawyer Stacey Richman told Judge Charles H. Solomon that Wayne is suffering from a cracked tooth. He is set to undergo surgery on February 12 and will need at least 10 days to recover.

“I don’t want this to get pushed back anymore,” Solomon said. “This is the last adjournment.”

As previously reported, Wayne was expected to be sentenced today in Manhattan criminal court and then begin serving his time.

The Grammy award-winning MC was arrested in July 2007, following a concert at Manhattan’s Beacon Theatre. After smelling marijuana coming from Wayne’s tour bus, officers pulled the vehicle over and allegedly found a .40 caliber semi-automatic loaded gun belonging to the rapper.

Originally claiming innocence, Weezy switched his plea two years later for a lesser charge. On October 22, 2009 the rap superstar officially pled guilty to a second-degree attempted gun possession charge. He will most likely only have to serve eight-months on good behavior of his one-year sentence.

In related news, Wayne still faces drug and weapons charges in Arizona. That trial is scheduled to begin in March.

Last night, Birdman Jr. went on UStream to address his fans. “I’m out this bitch,” he said. “To all my fans, my real fans, I really, really, really truly love you. I love you with all of me, for real. I’ll probably be loving everything else because I love you so much. Thank you from the bottom [of my heart]. Do not forget about me ’cause I will forever think about you, and I cannot wait for you to see me again. I’m out.” —Elan Mancini

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  • jtm

    oh man i was gonna celebrate my valentines day with my girlfriend about this.

    • A

      HAHAHA, Nice! Hey at least we have something to look forward to in March. I’m still celebrating Gucci Mane’s current residency..
      Where the worst mc’s deserve to be..

      • BEEZIE!

        your comment reeks of fuckassniggery… fuck ass nigga

        • KiLLuMiNaTii

          get Waynes cock & balls outta ya mouth you hoe ass nigga.

          FUCK WAYNE


          CO-SIGN “AZ40″, “Justice4All”, “Capital G”, “KLETEWOOD”, “Hussle’s Way”, “Jamal7Mile”.

        • BEEZIE!

          Kill yoself nigga… who says some dumb shit like they look forward to another cat going to jail, or celebrating the fact that a man’s in jail???? Yuze a ho anyway, cosign deez nuts, bandwagoning on other niggas’ comments

          CO-SIGN my got damn self

  • AZ40

    So the preferential treatment begins…

    “I’ll probably be loving everything else”- You damn right you will in jail, like Richard Pryor said “Jail ain’t a bad place if you like it in the butt”

  • Stuckfresh

    I’ll be glad when this is over so Wayne can kill the game somemore! Fuck these clown ass haters! If I dont like someone I dont even waste my time to read anything about them so thats how you know these dudes are just haters! Kill yourself PLEASE!

  • Justice4All

    Ha’ Gucci Mane getting lock up for horrible lyrics is hilarious. Gives a new new meaning to hip hop police.

  • rILES

    WTF!!! After all that?!?!?

  • nicholasdelorejo

    After reading this post, something tells me that Rebirth’s first week sales figures were went above the expectations of the music execs. I don’t why but I just got a feeling.

  • Broke Iz A Disease

    I smell BS…..Didn’t Jadakiss himself once say “I know dudes that go to jail just to get their teeth fixed”?

  • Enlightened

    Damn, them niggas happy as hell like he don’t have to go at all. the nigga still goin.

    That nigga scared as hell right about now.

  • The $ykotic Don Mac

    “is suffering from a cracked tooth”

    ^ WTF?

    Don’t dude have plat implants?

    • Capital G

      I thought the same shit. How do you crack platinum and diamonds? I smell pussy.

      “You won’t be smilin’ on Rikers Island”
      -Kool G Rap

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  • gkid12345

    Perfect birthday present cuz my b-day’s march 2nd. YAY (just kidding cuz i don’t wish prison on no man

  • General

    Since when does it take 10 days to recover from a cracked tooth??? WTF???


    How often does a mouth full of diamonds and gold end up in Rikers Island?

    If Wayne was in the general population….that nigga would get killed. No doubt.

    If he was out here in the Bay (San Quinn)…them Mexicans would destroy him. Aint too many “black bloods” out here….Slobs.

  • brand-new

    when you have a $5,000 an hour lawyer, a cracked tooth can take to heal for as long as the lawyer wants

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Lock this Gremlin up already!!!

  • ee bubble

    damn these mofos cant even get into the jail, talk about preferential treatment, he’ll probably gon in march and theyll give him time served.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    the power of the dollar at work. the reason why his sentence is pushed back is so unplausable I’m stunned.

  • E-Man

    wow are yall really wishin for a succesful BLACK man to just hurry up an go to prison???
    like wtf if you dont like his music fine stop listening to his shit stop clickin on his damn name stop with the damn hate already but a mans personal life is nothin to play with

    you try goin to rikers island

    • BK’s Finest

      God forbid one of your family members was killed by Wayne from the gun this nigga had in his possession. Would you still be shouting “free Wayne” or “stop hating on him cause he successful”? I doubt it!

      Stupid ass Niggas be killing me when they take up for dumb ass entertainers who do dumb shit. SMFH

  • Hussle’s Way

    this is BULLSHIT!!!! In the meantime…Prodigy is stuck behind bars


  • Jamal7Mile

    Tupac went to prison the day after getting shot four times… in NYC. If anybody deserved a postponed sentence, it was Pac. I was always salty at that judge for not giving the man a chance to heal.

    So what happened? Did things change in New York? Not hating, just wondering out loud.

  • manni fresh

    Wayne pussy and tell em mannie said that u heard me.mannie the best

  • Fireforreal

    Not a suprise. T.I. did the same bullshit before he went to jail. He delayed it like 4 times before finally going in. It’s funny because these guy’s know for months and months and in some cases a year that there going in so all there business,mediacl,dental,home life shit should be taken care of. When we have a year when these niggas doin all this ignorant shit will stop ? I mean really get the fuck out of hip hop and just stay in the streets. There’s alot of niggas who would trade places in a heartbeat and would love to be in there situation and make good money without doin dirt any more.

  • shorty g

    I don’t give a f*** when or if he goes! but I don’t wish jail on anybody> Money talks bullshit walkz! Don’t hate!

  • brickboy

    I’ll be glad when this is over so Wayne can kill the game somemore! Fuck these clown ass haters! If I dont like someone I dont even waste my time to read anything about them so thats how you know these dudes are just haters! Kill yourself PLEASE!


  • caino

    This is hysterical !! a cracked tooth keeps him outta jail… just cant make this shit up!

  • Southernbreed

    I’m with Jamal7Mile, they were quick to throw Pac in jail and didn’t let the man heal.
    Pac was shot 4 times! Wayne has a cracked tooth? Tell me who should have been able to postpone? That lets you know how much the justice system hated Pac, they didn’t give a damn about him just getting out the hospital from getting shot!
    I don’t wish jail on no man, my cousin been locked up since 1994, it’s hard on his daughter, mom and wife.
    But, Wayne just need to go ahead and get it over with because, if he stay out more, he gonna get in more trouble. Didn’t he get pulled over or arrested or something last month? He acting reckless right now and he only thinking about himself. He ain’t thinking about how this is affecting his mom and his children.
    And he still could be facing more time in Arizona once he get out in NY.
    I hope he grows up while he is locked up because, if he don’t he gonna be in and out of jail every other year.

  • Lllim

    no way has he got a cracke dtooth!!! gimps, its so he can get all those diamonds of his teeth otherwise sum1′s gunna smash them out n keep the diamonds,

    ya divvies.

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  • Bubba J

    I say let the nigger rot!

  • weezy f baby

    hello motherfukers come and take my shit and urine

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  • http://lookatme omusa

    Everyone look lil wayne is alaways spoilt and always be.

  • http://lookatme omusa

    Everyone look lil wayne is alaways spoilt

  • http://lookatme omusa

    Lil wayne is always spoilt

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