50 Cent Sued by Rick Ross’ Ex Over Sex Tape

The beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross has spilled into legal territory.

According to the Associated Press, the Miami Boss’s former girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston, has filed a suit against Fif yesterday (February 24) in New York City for unlawfully distributing a sex tape that featured her online.

As previously reported, the G-Unit General posted the video on his site, BooBooTV last year, in an effort to humiliate Ross. Dressed as his comical alter-ego, Pimpin’ Curly, 50 narrated the clip, offering commentary throughout.

Leviston claims she suffered emotion distress from the release of the tape, which she made with her lover in 2008. The Florida woman has a child with Ross.

As of press time, the Queens-bred rapper’s lawyer has not made any comments on the suit. —Elan Mancini

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  • carrick

    Ha tune is a fag !!

  • eesco

    Another sad sad story of a female thinking that she was finna make a come up and it fell through so now she is trying to go the evil bitch legal route. As I recal isn’t this the same woman who far after the sex tape was released was hanging out with fifty at floyd mayweather’s house. If it isnt please correct me but either way fif probably promised her some bread for the tape and didnt deliver on his end of the deal after the whole ross bef and now she is crying wolf

    • DV8

      that was the other BM hanging with 50. This one is/was a escort. The sextape was given to 50 by the guy in it.

      • eesco

        appreciate the info homie. well in that case sucks to be her then

  • tommy gunz

    jew unit got this

  • foti’mane

    Rick is surely loosin out,filin’ a lawsuit only shows tht fif did touch da wound of ross..Dammm,ross was just suppose to take it like a man and shake it off, now he actin lyk a real bitch

    • Jack Tripper

      The rapper is suing 50. His baby’s momma is. Reading is fundamental.

      • Jack Tripper

        I meant that the rapper’s not suing. But reading is still fundamental.

  • The real chris

    co-sign foti’mane,officer ricky has been bitchen lately and back to the officer baby mama thats is fucked up and just sad another bitch trying to get rich off a rapper.

  • The real chris

    And another thing when these bitches gonna learn when u make a so call private sex tape its a 90 percent chance it want continue private just like all the others before her.and wonder will the fat police aka mr. ross be with her in court.

  • http://xxlmag.com ant

    Everybody please read the girl is suing not ross, he has nothing to do wit her suing 50 and the one in the video is his other baby momma ,not the one who was at mayweathers crib check your facts before u post, what people have to undeestand is dey dont make women like dey used to ,hoes will do anything foe money and fame and try to switch up when da plan fails

  • sealsaa

    Rick Ross isn’t filing the lawsuit, his child’s mother/ex is. Its clear that both of you only read the first sentence.

    Besides, what’s Ross got to be salty about? Deeper than Rap was a better album than BISD(especially production wise), and first week sales were very close.

  • King Don G Unit

    As 50 would say unlike Ross’s broke as a joke ass: “I write a cheque before the baby comes who the hell cares?!”

  • kingequality

    I cant believe yall still 50 dick riders. He’s gonna have to reinvent himself to get another buzz .

    • King Don G Unit

      @kingequality I’mma dick ride 50 until that hot load of baby gravy self destructs

  • Jhon da Analyst

    This bitch won’t get 1 cent!

  • Anonymous

    King equality who cares 50 still got money and in my point he still dope,u just keep listening to officer ross aka the dude in blue.

  • The real chris

    King equality who cares 50 still got money and in my point he still dope,u just keep listening to officer ross aka the dude in blue.

  • The real chris

    yo kingequality u sound stupid,50 still dope so he got to do shit but what he been doing and i aint even no 50 fan like that but to say he need to reinvent his self is dumb, dude still selling big

  • The real chris

    I apologize for my double msg, i wasnt trying to send the first one but hell i guess u get the point.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Real Chris, you always got the most wick wack posts bro, cot damn, I’ve only been able to co-sign once.

  • SickMind

    I bet 50 paid her too for that tape. The tape has been out for a year. Why didn’t she sue him before??? She spent all the money he gave her and she asked for more and I bet he gave her nothing. Now she’s taking him to court!!!!!! Really??? Can she actually compete with 50′s money power to buy the best layers??? She is not gonna get a fuckin’ cent out of this, she is just gonna lose some more paying layers.

  • latino heat

    50 better be careful, that bitch has the law (Rick Ross) on her side.

  • steve

    “jew unit got this”
    indeed. fucking hilarious!

  • http://XXL CALHOUN

    I am truly LMFAO!HOHOHOHOHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHA. Fifty needs a fucking role model!

  • master p

    its a pity She’s on dat tape. too bad for Ross. it ain’t 50′s fault, if he knew it was really Ross’s girl.

  • av

    i never really like ross, but this sh*t gotta suck. His baby mama got a sex tape out, he beefin with fifty and fifty got this new cd out and that shit is fire. when it rains it f*ckin pours huh ross?

  • http://www.candidbackshots.com candid BACKShots

    LOLOloloL Damn Ross babymom got a sex tape and that shit was narrated by 50. U cant make this stuff up.


  • these posts are racist

    What Ross’ ex does now does not reflect on his character…this is silly. The bottom line: Rick Ross makes better music than 50 cent does.

  • Truth


    Shut the fuck up. Ross is the Milli Vanilli of the 2000′s. He is fake as fuck and its people like u that are ruining Hip Hop culture by supporting fake ass gangstaz and making the community look like a fucking joke. I bet u are one of those lames that work at McDonald’s and turn in real niggaz doing real things so the community can be “safe” and act like you are hard online. No wonder u love Ross, you are one in the same.

    FUCK YOU. You are racist against REAL niggaz and I hope that either u or someone in your family gets locked the fuck up so you can understand better what type of nigga you really support.

  • big t

    this beef of rick and 50 is going to far.why dont they just get into the ring and fight.who wins he iz the man,unfortunatly 50 cud kill ross.