XXL Presents Haiti Relief Concert With Jim Jones & Juelz Santana

XXL magazine is gearing up for a special one-night-only concert featuring Harlem’s own Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, with special friends, in support of Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

The show will be held on February 9 at the Studio Space in New York City’s Webster Hall in tandem with the release of XXL’s March Issue, which includes stories on Gucci Mane, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Rakim, Styles P, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Plies and Wale.

Ticket prices are $15 pre-sale and day of. Tickets are currently available online or fans can physically purchase them at the Webster Hall box office.

All ticket sales will be donated on behalf of the participating artists to The American Red Cross’s earthquake relief effort in Haiti. —XXL Staff

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  • Beave

    Cam’Ron put these two dudes to shame with Boss of all bosses 2. Who cares about these two anymore? No one.

  • Won1

    look at u clowns, tryin to profit off other people’s misery..have u no shame?? ya’ worst than ‘Clef and his so-called charity..I aint payin shit, im gonna debo my way in there haha

    • AZ40

      How? they said the procedes go to the American Red Cross relief efforts

  • Rack

    People tryin’ help in a tragedy and there still those who hate. Dam.

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  • http://www.my2centsarepriceless.blogspot.com Kay Jay

    Red Cross has a GENERAL relief fund. Besides overhead, all this money being sent to them will not all go to Haiti.

    There’s other grassroots organizations based in Haiti that the proceeds from this concert can go to. Even better, with this being a hip hop benefit, how about the proceeds go to Yele Haiti? Clef has been on the frontlines for Haitians for MANY years. A story comes out to discredit him & the organization during the worst event in the history of the country? Souns hella suspect to me…

    I don’t like Jim Jones, but as a Haitian, I appreciate him stepping up & supporting us in our time of grief.

    • Leah

      Something must have been wrong with Yele Haiti’s bookkeeping, and that’s indefensible, even if the money ultimately went to the “right” places. HOWEVER, I am convinced that this nonprofit org won’t commit such an error again. Wyclef Jean’s efforts help Haiti through this horror are Herculean. I’m going to donate some money to Yele Haiti, both to help Haitians and to support Wyclef Jean’s work. I urge you to donate to Yele Haiti, even if you are also donating to other relief organizations.

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  • getthesenets

    It’s a good sentiment, but Jones and Juelz promote gangbanging.

    If you really want to help Black people, don’t throw a benefit concert…..stop promoting the negative stuff.

  • Sozzay

    Are you kidding? Boss of all Bosses 2 was the wackest mixtape of the year! Getcha ears fixed!

    • Beave

      Well sir, your in the MINORITY. Which no one cares about. Good day.

    • dr.new castle

      they need the help no matter where its coming from,if you hated the type of person i am,and if i was the one feeding you would you not take whats offered

  • jakes

    So you are actually suspect of the Red Cross? Listen here, to even mention the Red Cross in a benefit you need to go through a TON of red tape. Trust that I know. This is to make sure the organization having the event is on the up and up and that you really are raising money for what you say you are in this case Haiti and that they send your contribution to your cause. Don’t hate. Bring your support. Every little bit helps.

  • Master CHeef

    watchin jim jones perform? haven’t these people been through enough?

  • NotoriousAGC

    man, the LAST thing haiti needs is this dude “rappin” his bullshit givin them bigger headaches

  • P81

    havent these people suffered enough already? Why make them sit through a jim jones set.

  • brand-new

    it makes no sense, you’re gonna have a artist who raps all about “ballin”, to people who have next to nothing.

  • CBS

    Who cares? At least these dudes are trying to do something. All the while muthafuckers type out their hate on here and show obvious jealousy towards Jim Jones and Juelz Santana. That shits really helping out.

    • NotoriousAGC

      STILL, your 2 favorite rappers(santana,jim jones) are still garbage.

  • rich

    yall americans are funny.. (we laughing at u, not with u)

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  • Hate Haterz

    you are (almost) all pathetic – like them or not – they donating… not just texting 9099 or yele or whatever. don’t go if you don’t like them but how could you knock them for doing something good? oh, i forgot – it’s the internet – that’s what you’re supposed to do.

  • http://www.wtnrradio.com A-Beatz of WTNRRADIO.COM

    Sounds like a good show…Im gonna try and make it..

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  • http://XXL CALHOUN

    Mane hole up, I have already donated more money to Haiti than these two clowns will raise. You’re right P81, these people have suffered enough,XXL is a straigh up trip!

  • Trap Slob

    I thought Gucci Mane was in jail for a year..how is he performing?

  • kush44

    Damn Juelz and Jimmy you guys lookin like 2 unhappy crackheads why did you do em like dat Cam WHY!!!!!

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