Mos Def Brings Out Diddy, Talib Kweli & Jay Electronica at NYC Concert [Video]

Mos Def brought out a star-studded lineup during his performance at New York City’s Highline Ballroom last night (January 17).

Jay Electronica was one of the many special guests to take the stage. Sporting his characteristic fez hat, the enigmatic emcee, first set off his cameo with a performance of “Exhibit A.” His now trademark “Exhibit C” then followed, with Diddy making his way from VIP onstage to play hypeman. [Watch below]

Earlier in the night, Mos performed the entirety of his Grammy-nominated album, The Ecstatic. “Quiet Dog” saw Mos hop on the drums for a solo and his Black Star rhyme partner Talib Kweli joined him for “History,” as well as “Respiration,” Throughout, a video montage of Muhammad Ali played in the background as Mos paid tribute to the icon on the fighter’s birthday. Another of the night’s heaviest themes was the tragedy in Haiti, with Mos addressing the situation in numerous mid-song speeches and even endorsing Wyclef Jean for President of Haiti. “I’m not joking,” he said.

Mos is expected to play at the end of the month with indie rap favorite DOOM. The duo will hit Manhattan’s Nokia Theatre on January 30. —Devin Chanda

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  • JZA

    Dont get me wrong I like the video but damn thing changes 10 years ago Blackstar was dissing Puffy for rippin the industry recycling old songs and making a dime.

    Everyone remember the anti-theme “Hater Players” with Talib Kweli saying:
    It’s a Small Wonder, like Vicki, why I’m picky
    These niggas suck like hickies
    and still get the shit they slip in like Mickies
    I’m sick of the hater-players, bring on the regulators
    With the flavors like a farm team fucking with the majors

    And Mos def:
    people was behavin’ like hip-hop was good
    There lived a little boy who was misled
    By a little sha-tan and this is what he said
    “me and you kid we gonna make some cash,
    Jackin’ old beats and makin’ the dash…”
    They jacked the beats, money came wit’ ease
    But son, he couldn’t stop, it’s like he had a disease
    He jacked another and another, michael jackson, stevie wonder
    Set some r & b over the track for ‘deep cover’ (187!)

  • thoreauly77

    amazing how things change when you get a little paper, huh?

  • Yodel

    JZA- I’m with you, but I always thought it was ironic how many choruses they jacked on that Black Star record. That was really its only weak point to me back then, but it was glaring enough that I still skip half the album to this day.

    To be sure, Diddy is a plague, but apparently Jay Elec’s the one who brought him to the stage, not Mos. My girl was at the show, and she said Dante looked a little surprised to see dude on his riser. For what it’s worth…

  • sealsaa

    @ JZA

    Mos recently did a joint with Jim Jones of all people, and him sharing the stage with Puff shocks you?

  • A-Beatz of WTNRRADIO.COM

    Must of been a great show…I’m Sorry I missed it!

  • DV8

    Mos Def wrote in the liner votes about “Hater Player” he said that that song wasnt about Puff. But ut sure as hell sounded like it.