Details Revealed on Game’s R.E.D. Album

In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Game speaks on how Pharrell Williams became an executive- producer on his upcoming fourth solo album, R.E.D

“We worked together one day, and that one day turned into 30 days, and those 30 days turned to 60, and then those 60 developed into a friendship,” said the Compton MC who recently got the words “Star Trak” tatted on his arm as a tribute to Pharrell.

As far as Dr. Dre goes, there appears to be nothing but love on that end as well. “Dre and I have always been on the same team, I’ve just been too wild for him at times,” he said. “He’s older and legendary and he’s been through enough drama in his career and doesn’t have to jump into my drama. So, I understood that and why he pulled back.”

Two tracks produced by Dre will be on the project. In addition, R.E.D.  features production by Cool and Dre and DJ Khalil in addition to guest appearances by Beanie Sigel, Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke.

The album which was originally scheduled to drop on December 8 was pushed back so that Game could focus on working with Dre on the Detox album but is now set for a February 16 release.  Brooklyne Gipson


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  • Enlightened

    You got Star Trak tatted on your arm as a tribute to Pharrell huh? Ok nigga.

  • stuckfresh

    I fuck with game but the tatt is a lil gay! Real niggaz only put shit thats real on there body! wtf?

    • sb

      a lil gay and groupie-like…

  • jtm

    i can’t believe he has justin timberlake, officer ricky, and pharrel on the im not so sure about buying it.

  • Kadio

    Fuck Game, he ain’t never put on no new West heat. Always dick riding fake cats and keepin’ dudes name’s in his mouth. Bitch ass, faggoty ass nigga!

  • Lewbear

    this muthafuka aint got no clue no more, hees jus takin any commercial artist that comes to him (but has no real talent). Game should get some more REAL emcees on this album that don’t jus talk about all the swagga thay got or all the hoes they fuked (NO ONE GIVES A SHIT) were jus thinkin yea great sounds like u got loads of money….. well we dont or yea u fuked like 20 bitches in the last 3 days…… well i didnt. TALK ABOUT SUMMAT THAT MEANS SUMTHIN.

  • Gift

    niggas can say wut they want, but game has not put out no bullshit albums. Each album he puts out gets a lil more deeper, and you can see growth. That’s how you get more respect as an mc, for what you’ve accomplished being from impoverished areas, and always trying to stay creative. I don’t like everything he drops, but he’s alot more solid than alot of these willy foo foo azz niggas now-a-days. REAL TALK!!!

    • BigJon

      CO-SIGN – All of Games Albums have been real good, this one will be no different.

  • Nehemiah

    Yo Gift imma co sign you on that. Its a recession haters he gotta appeal to a white audience cuz Pill poppa is getting all the attention right now. Fuck refilling I got the Purple Tape 2 thats the album of the year. Get at me Shady Stans I dont give a fuck about any rapper I rep real men fuck being Ignorant be smart. The revolution will not be televised so whatever a man doing on the surface is only to hide the real reason for doing buisness. This life is a Chess Match you have to plan ahead. Game just getting money and stayin relevant. Listen to his lyrics they on point. He know he aint gonna be around forever he just gotta do what he gotta do because the GED-less unit fucked him and Bucks cash flow. Fuck what everyone else likes imma do me. WU Tang Forever.

  • BD

    @ Nehemiah

    u funny as hell nigga. first of all fuck if shady is gettin the attention look at the lyrics and flow nigga. game aint even close to being on that level.

    am i the only one who thinks its funny that dre back off this project? as soon as game started runnin his mouth like he do. about me n dre back together and shit. game a little chatty ass nigga. i think he gay fo real 2

  • DV8

    thats cool looking forward to listening to it. All of Game’s albums have been good and this should be no different.

    But on another note. Didnt Game diss Pharrell for not giving him a beat on Doctors Advocate? Im pretty sure he did. And now he gets a Star Trak tattoo? Hmmm…… and I thought the butterfly tat was suspect.

  • Einztine

    I would liked Game’s albums were it not for all the name dropping. It is severely overused and kills the impact of his lyrics.

  • George Clooney

    By the time his album comes out this dude will more than likely have a butterfly or a star or a giant dick on top of the Star Trak tat. Then he’ll probably get JT and Robin Thicke’s faces tatted on his ass cheeks. This clown probably had his Dr Dre tramp stamp lasered off after he got dumped, and now he’s gonna need it back….for now.

  • Harmo

    SICKest & Most Liked Rapper In UK. Honestly, This Dude Is Tha Shittttttt. Am From Liverpool, England. R.E.D Album it will Be Messssy!