Killer Mike Bothered by Grammy Committee Snubbing Rick Ross

This Sunday (January 31) the 52nd Grammy Awards will be held at L.A.’s Staples Center and some in the hip-hop community were surprised to find out that certain rappers were left off the bill by the awards committee. [Check tomorrow here to vote on our official picks for who should and shouldn’t have been included.] recently caught up with Grammy-award-winner Mike Bigga, f.k.a. Killer Mike, who was shocked to find out that Miami Boss Rick Ross wasn’t acknowledged at this year’s gala for his latest effort, Deeper Than Rap.

“If [Ross’] album doesn’t get nominated for rap album of the year or album of the year, all this shit is rigged up,” the blogger said. “Rick Ross should be heralded this year for the quality of music he’s put out, no lie.”

Although Young Jeezy wasn’t eligible for album of the year this go-round (The Recession came out in July 2008, but only albums released from October 2008 where eligible), Mike doesn’t understand why the trap star hasn’t been honored in the past.

“I think Jeezy deserves a Grammy, but he’s never received it,” Mike said. “I’ll watch the Grammy’s when Jeezy gets his… He never got nominated.”

The Grammy Awards are set to air at 8 p.m. ET/PT this Sunday on CBS and will feature performances by the Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake and Travis Barker.

As previously reported Kanye West leads this year’s nods with six nominations. Jay-Z came in second with five. Fighting for rap album of the year are Em’s Relapse, Flo Rida’s R.O.O.T.S., Mos Def’s The Ecstatic, Common’s Universal Mind Control and Q-Tip’s The Renaissance.

“I ain’t paid attention to a Grammy since after I won one,” Bigga joked about the trophy he picked up in 2002 with OutKast for “The Whole Word.” “And I figure, when it’s time to win one again, I’ll pay attention again.” —Jesse Gissen

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  • 88_cutlass

    man hold up, if outkast name not attached to that song, YOU don’t have 1.

    • Mike Bigga

      but OK’s name is “attached my” bruhda and i stole dat song and nigga (now lie and say i didn’t lol)u know this, so stop the hate. my grammy was for best collab and u need a guest to collab so there for no guest no grammy ,lmfao and the middle school hate u jus sent me!

      Disgruntled raps stans gotta love ya’ll preciate the comment regarless.

      • romil

        Stop all the hate! Ross dropped quality music this year. Hell it was close to a classic if you ask me. And for him to step the bar up at the begining of the year was great. Killa dont worry about the bloggers they probably never heard “the whole world” b4.Classic I copped that, and your 1st one based off that performance. Dont do like Jigga and start paying attention to the Blogs!

      • DV8

        “took the whole world and murdered that shit”

  • lapaixx

    proofread before u submit brotha! you should know better than that!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    So basically wait until tomorrow when XXL throws a Grammy Day controversy and quadruples the web hits…for the weekend at that…

  • MAC 10

    did you really make an entire news post about what killer mike’s opinions on the grammys are? wow you guys have really sunk low. hey how bout tomorrow you make a post about what his political opinions are? then the next day about what his favorite things to eat are?

    • Mike Bigga

      My political opinions r up every week please read and comment. my fav, thing to eat it a bad black bitch with “goo” hair…lol. rt after a houstons steak or ruths chris porter house. preciate the comment no read my blog post and hate me with a comment there too. peace!

      • Jamal7Mile


        Fly to Texas (DFW) and check out those steakhouses! It’s worth the plane ticket, believe that! Get some gulf seafood, too. Papa Deaux comes to mind.

  • ri067953

    Who gives an eff about the grammy’s???? We all know it’s a popularity contest. IT DOESN’T MATTA!!!!

  • Casey

    So now it’s news whenever Killer Mike is bothered? I hope he doesn’t run out of toilet paper anytime soon…

    • Mike Bigga

      i hope i dont either but if i do i gots shit to say….lol get it? i gots shit to say…lol. mayne every body that has ever loved rap opinions matter and if u think not u a pop star sucka type. i know u aint that type…..are u?

  • tommy gunz

    lmao @ killa mike thinkin deeper than rap should be nominated for album of the year

    and lmfao @ killa mike’s opinion bein relevant to any grammy based discussion…outkast gave you yours

    • beaver

      haha cosign.

    • Mike Bigga

      Tommy u r as bright as a blown lite bulb…lol. Becuz i have won a grammy i get to vot e smarty pants. lol so my opinion, like it no count. lmfbao. good day and gods speed sucka!

  • prodigynius

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  • E-Man

    why does killer mike opinion matter lol
    but Ross did have a hip hop awards album of the year but no where near a grammy album of the year

    • Mike Bigga

      Hey bruh they ask i answer. i c ya point on the hip hop award doe either way the nigga had heat thats no lie. i cannot crab and front like he did not like other rap niggas wud do.

  • von

    man this nigga always tryn stay shit evrytime man rick ross bruh please nigga the only way got his cause of outkast man fuck this nigga man he can lick my balls but not bfore i lick you kno what im sayn my ass up atown in my mouth beeyotch

    • Mike Bigga

      ewww u just managed to sound dumb angry and gay all at the same time. u need a reality show homie…lmfbao.

  • Jon Dog

    What the FUCK does Killer Mike know about good music? He put out that Underground Atlanta cd, and I actually bought it. WORST $12 I EVER FUCKIN’ SPENT! I just threw up a little thinking about it. Souljaboy lovin ass muthfucka. FUCK DEEPER THAN RAP TOO!!!
    Killer Mike = The New Kanye…Fuckin Baby.
    Like his tune A-D-I-D-A-S, the “S” stands for snitches, apparently.


    • Mike Bigga

      UA was a compilation not my solo. my solo received album of the year honors on hiphopdx and was rated top ten in many other sites but if u send me the album i will give u ya money back real talk so get at me. sorry u aint feelin g it my dude. smh…damn >:0 (

      • Jon Dog

        Yo, if K-I-L-L, the name that came to…..dropped a new album, and the shit was as good at his past music, then I would cop that in a minute. But I can’t respect any album with Soulja Boy on it. That boy is not hip hop, he is pop, PERIOD!!!! You know? The reason That UA was rated top 10 in other sites, is because people don’t have a clue what real music is anymore, and shame on the artists for following fads just to make a buck (audo-tune). Keep it real, and your real fans with stay loyal.

  • Tonyto’sWay

    Flo Rida’s R.O.O.T.S. & Common’s Universal Mind Control over Deeper than Rap?!!! thats just fuckin ridiculous…
    and I’m not even a fan of the C.O. but he did put out one of dopest albums this year and not to mention those cocksuckas didnt even nominate OB4CL Pt.II or Till the Casket drops SMH….FUCK A GODDAMN GRAMMY!!!

    • screezy

      cutoff was August 2009.. u honestly believe the grammys would leave Blueprint 3 off the best rap album list?!?! illuminati not havin that lol

  • RDS

    “Em’s Relapse, Flo Rida’s R.O.O.T.S., Mos Def’s The Ecstatic, Common’s Universal Mind Control and Q-Tip’s The Renaissance.”

    2009 was a sorry ass year if these were the picks for “Album of the Year”. That said, Ecstatic was dope, The Renaissance was okay for an album nearly a decade old and despite Common being my dude, UMC was buggin’ compared to “Be” and “Finding Forever”. I agree with Mike though. I’m not Ross’ biggest fan, but (the first half) of that album was fire. The second half was…meh.


    • Mike Bigga

      Thank u 4 kicking real shit. Like a man or not if his work merits it give him his props. thats a real hip hop fans only job call out dope shit and not fux wit wackness.

  • yoprince

    ross def should have gotten a rap album nomination. flo-rida and common don’t deserve them.

    the dream deserved a nomination too. i believe a pleasure p album was nominated.

  • jtm

    officer rikcy would have lock his ass to jail if he didn’t say that

  • Fireforreal

    Rick ross doesn’t deserve a grammy at all. His music sucked because he just like 50 spent too much time with that bullshit beef. His fans didn’t check for him like they did in the past and since the beff with 50 he’s even more popular.

  • BlueRed

    Sorry but there is no room for frauds at the Grammys

    • really?

      LOL! all i gotta say is milli vanilli.


    @ killer mike,

    i found myself argeeing with you quite a bit in your columns. however, so many GREAT rappers and emcess NEVER were nominated for a grammy. the idea of feeling that officer ricky was snubbed was completely insulting to say the least. i can say his production is solid. but thats about it. so you can argue for instrumental of the year for officer ricky.

    • jtm

      i can’t believe jadakiss’s album wasn’t nominated

      • Mike Bigga

        co sign the Jada qoute! and Rae!

      • Tia Fenty BWS

        @jtm,ur ryt!Jadas album was fire!i wish LAX would have also been nominated.anyway,the R.E.D Album is out in March,lets see if they’ll forget to nominate game this time.peace!

  • latino heat

    with all due respect to Killer Mike, Deeper Than Wack was by far the most overrated album of the year. like RDS said above the 1st half of the album was cool, (really only the 1st 3 tracks for me) but overall the album sucked.

    and as i’ve said before, artists, and i use that term very loosely for Officer Ricky, like Ross don’t get Grammy nominations. look at his subject matter, tough guy drug kingpin talk and, well that’s about all the subject matter he has isn’t it? dosen’t fly with the old white people that are on the Grammy voting committee. look at who’s nominated this year, Common, Q-Tip, Flo-Rida, Mos Def and Eminem. all considered “safe” by the Grammy committee.

    someone should’ve told the committee about Ross’s past. having a former cop in the building would’ve made them feel safer too.

    anyway, fuck the Grammy’s. i won’t be watching. but i will be pulling for Q-Tip since he’s the only album nominated that i liked enough to give multiple listens to this year.

    • Mike Bigga

      Thank u 4 disagreeing with respect homie…lol. these other dudes be acting mad at a nigga and shit. Buncha fugging mad rappers, peace and thanks 4 the comment.

  • me

    i guess the grammys dont like cops

  • Gebra

    Grammys are non a popularity contest – last years big winner, Robert Plant, sold dk all before and after the awards show, and he almost won rap album of the year! The thing is, the committee is made up of middle aged suits who always looks for that “organic” rap sound 1) Mos Def, 2) Q-Tip (ps- that organic comment is a joke, as much a joke as Q-Tip’s career and Mos Def’s sorry excuse for an album), the rapper/actor because hollywood plays such a big role in the music industry 3) Common – a rapper even my irish mother could love, 4) Eminem because he’s the only rapper the majority of white people understand and he looks like every white person’s retarded goon cousin and 5) Flo Rida because the suits got mixed up, saw the Roots title and thought it was K’naan.

    Last year had some good ones, but really, all the judges are rolling stone readers, not xxl readers. if rob sheffield et al at rolling stone were to get a boner over skyzoo – he’d be in the running too.

    I’m putting my money on Common – the most entertaining outta the bunch. If you think eminem should win go huff a sharpie.


  • Gebra

    Oh yeah, all people dumping a heatstack on Rick Ross – play that back to back with relapse – quality of rhymes, beats, album artwork, guests, melodies – rick ross deserves the accolades he’s getting from the rap community for deeper than rap. if you aren’t in agreeance, you need to see it’s because your older now, and turning into one of those bitter men holding onto 2003 like “they sure don’t make angry white rap like they used too…”


    • Mike Bigga formerly Killer Mike 4the homie Steezoili

      great observation never get so set in ya ways u cannot give props where they r due. well said


    Mannnn JADA got robbed cuz his CD went HAM. That song “A letter to BIG”, IMMEDIATE CLASSIC… That whole cd was flame, period.

    Ross’ CD was hot to, I won’t lie; I’m still a fan of his music regardless of what that man does… WHAT HE EAT DON’T MAKE ME SHIT, still puts out good, quality music to me, so I fux with him on that tip.

    But to call an ace an ace, and a QUE a QUE, his CD wasn’t hotter then Jada’s by ANY means. Woulda been nice to see that OB4CL2 up there nominated too, but COM’s UMC; save that. I’m a huge Common fan but that cd went Vlade D (Weak as fuck in the paint).

    I think they should honor a HOTTEST MIXTAPE of the year. I’d have nominate Wale and Gucci (Hate him or love him; duke has got hustle stitched into his soul…) I’m just goin’ by HARD WORK yall; hustle respect hustle. Both put it STOOPID work this year. Gotta respect that.

    ROO to the QUES!!!

  • HERM

    No disrespect to any of the nominees, but at the end of the day, I know I won’t be tuned in. I don’t need some grammy committee telling me who is the best. *cough* OB4CL2 *cough*

    BTW, Killer, not to dick ride or anything, but IPA2TG 1 & 2 are fire. Both albums still get steady play in the ‘Lac, chea.

    • Mike Bigga

      Thank u 4 your support. I really appreciate glad it’s still some real rap listeners out there. GTRGBBB…Chea!

  • keith

    first you diss OBAMA, then you make a fly video with a bunch of white women in it which I thought you wasn’t that type nigga, how you saying DET. 1st class RICK ROSS should win something for that bullshit cd that didn’t sell more than 50? you smoking to much kush and it fucking with your minds cells! you was that nigga at one time!

    • Mike Bigga

      Kieth i am a true dude. I value truth homie. I love the potus but he is a pre. and i have to critique him to he same standards i wud a republican or i will be phoney homie. I voted 4 B.O. and will again but if Cornell west, Tavis Smiley and the entire Black Caucus has the same gripe as me maybe i aint so crazy.

      Hey man i dont care that Ross was a c.o. my dad is the realest zone 3 dude i know and he is former APD. My dad can’t rap 4 shit but Ross can it’s that simple. I fux wit raw rap that includes Ro$$. far as that other shit that’s on the public.

      The video was dope huh? I like all women i jus love black ones. I’m that typ nigga i am smart political and i like weed and strippers sorta like Bill Muher. Also the vid was a hangover copy can u blame

      btw i love 50 as an artist but him selling more than Ro$$ is like telling me hammer was better that NWA jus cuz he did 10 mill and they did 2 come’on son.

      Glad u thought i was that nigga i look 4ward to gaining that respect again till then its studio work and purp i aint a kush fan like dat. gtrgbbb peace.

  • Mike Bigga

    sorry 4 the typos also i cant type 4 shit. thats Pres. ….Bill Maher and a few others peace

  • 11KAP

    son gotta point. ross be clappin mc’s in his own way. real talk. he on his miami shit all day.

    • Mike Bigga

      Thank u Kap for not being a whining ass hater. I strait up hate some ball players cuz i know they hoes ass niggas in real life but on that court i never hate cuz dem niggaz fiyah.

      Thats’s why i fux wit Ro$$ (no pun intended)nigga spit dat shit, and Game, and Buck and Jada, Styles, Rae, and a lotta other street hop niggas that aint getting their proper looks. I thought in this day and age stans would like to see a rapper not side hating on another rapper…lol smh.

  • Ya Boy

    Ross was def done dirty on this. And @ Killer Mike. I felt A.D.I.D.A.S. lol

    • Mike Bigga

      lol never did never wil….lol. that was an Out Kast throw back. Re Akson and Scared strait were my picks as singles…ahhh sony..smdh

  • PharoeTheGreat

    Man, for some reason this doesn’t strike me as the real killer mike postin these comments.

    • Mike Bigga

      It’s me i’m jus lol’n at the many slites and wierdo comments. If it’s filled with typo’s dats me. My editor refuses to edit my anything but my blog…lol.

  • http://xxlmag j

    how come just cuzz u dont like a cat’s music u gotta be a hater? Maybe u just dont like his material. Aint no way in hades do Rick Ross deserve a grammy! To me the albums dat were nominated are justified. Especially Q-tips.

  • http://xxlmag RUCK

    Why if u dont like a cats music u gotta be considered a hater? Maybe u just dont like the artist material. With that being said there is no way Ross deserves a grammy nomination! I dont kno what Flo Rida is doing there either but other then him all the other artist are justified. Especially Q-Tip. I hope he wins but it will probably go to Em.

  • Chase

    Dont really understand how anybody on here can talk shit about Killer Mikes work?!? I mean monster was raw as hell, bought two copies. one for the crib and the ride. Same with IPATG 1&2. Yo Mike you need to drop another rugged album like that soon man!

  • G Money

    one whack dude talkin about another whack dude. killer mike is cornball, and rick ross got merked out by 50 and is not movin any weight or ANY of the BS he raps about. dude used to be a 9-to-5-er CO. both these dues cornball, XXL is busted for even showing this article.

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  • ListenToLeon

    It’s some angry motherfuckers in here! You’d think these fools were inmates at the jail Rick Ross worked at or something!

    I liked Ross’ album better than most of the ones nominated for Grammys, but I’d argue for a number of other ones being nominated before his.

    Either way, keep blogging!