Fabolous, Nicki Minaj & Jim Jones Perform at Sweet 16 for Diddy’s Son [With Video]

Over the weekend, Diddy threw his son, Justin Dior Combs, the ultimate birthday bash, and the music mogul spared no expense.

New York’s Daily News reports that the fete took place on Saturday night (January 23) in Manhattan’s M2 Ultralounge, and featured a long list of hip-hop stars, including Fabolous, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, G-Dep and Trey Songz, who all took to the stage to wish Diddy’s first-born a happy 16th birthday.

As a date for the special occasion, the lucky teen arrived holding hands with the princess of Young Money, Nicki Minaj. They both sat onstage like royalty in big, red velvet thrones, before Nicki hopped on stage to rock the crowd.

As far as gifts were concerned, Diddy bought Justin a brand new silver Maybach, as well as a check for $10,000, which the young Combs donated to Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation.

The entire event was filmed for an upcoming episode of MTV’s popular series, My Super Sweet Sixteen. As of press time it is uncertain when the show will air. —Max G

Peep some footage from the party below of select performances, as well as a clip of Justin donating money to Yele below, courtesy of Mike Feeney.

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  • jtm

    damn i miss the 90s.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

    News??? This ain’t news.


    ^^^ This is news

  • http://www.jango.com/music/EmCDL EmCDL

    Damn, his son rolled to his own party with Nikki by his side…you know the chicks at his school gonna be sweating him HARD.

    • Curtis75Black

      He’s Diddy’s son…They’re probably doing that already !!

  • BK’s Finest

    Idk call me a hater or not but I honestly think this is too much for a 16 y.o. kid, rich or not. I mean it’s at a 21 & over club (not to mention he had his younger kids there), a grown ass woman as his date who’s know for being raunchy and looking trashy, and a silver Maybach? And people wonder why kids of today grow up to be spoiled, non appreciative, and disrespectful. That check donation look so staged and it probably wasn’t even his idea. His pops probably made him do it so his image can look good. Peep this kid’s speech. He didn’t know what to say and what he was saying. He was just laughing the whole time.

    I agree with the 1st comment cause I miss the 90′s as well. At least we know if this was 95′ he would’ve had some all stars perform and not these C list artists of today.

  • Capt. Obvious

    see how he was lookin @ nicki…

    • Rich-Porter

      He the same look his dad had the first time he seen his baby mommas. It’s that fertile combs stare

  • big chris

    I mean who give a fuck bout this bull shit, diddy wack and dont nobody give a fuck bout his son sweetsixteen birthday. and nikki aint shit i’ll fuck her and bust on her face and call it a rap.this some wack ass news

  • Chris

    Man this some wack bullshit and like the one above me said this aint no damn news!. dont nobody care bout no wack ass diddy and his wanna be cool son.ohand nikki aint shit i’ll fuck her and then bust on her face and call it a rap.lol

  • yoprince

    lol @ his middle name being Dior.

  • http://www.jango.com/music/EmCDL EmCDL

    Damn look at Nikki tryna do crowd participation….more like class participation. Looking like she tryna teach a pre-school class with all them damn hand motions she doing.

    But she got one phat taddy though…gotdayum…

  • Tonyto’sWay

    How is this bullshit even hip hop news?? SMH…goddamn is fucking P doodoo still even cosidered Hip Hop?!!