Cory Gunz Talks About His Upcoming MTV Reality Show

In a recent appearance on The Round Table Show [watch below], Cory Gunz shared some details about his upcoming reality show, Son of a Gun, that’s in the works with MTV.

“It’s on me and my pops,” the XXL Freshman alum said, “It’s about basically everything… life, where we from… my album, the struggle I’ve been going though …my pops, all of the stuff, just us period in general and more importantly the Bronx. Me and my father’s relationship, that’s what’s going to be interesting on the show too because it’s not father and son, it’s more like brothers.”

As previously reported, the reality show venture is being guided by Nick Cannon who has recently taken Gunz under his wing and is also overseeing the production of his debut album. —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Federal Ranga

    Pierzy!!! Yeah we back to that again… and what…

    I’ll check for this shit… Nick Cannon may be an idiot, but he’s a production threat behind those cameras…

    E-17 up!

  • Ladidadida

    good for cory im a fan smart move by nick cannon. MTV is the route of all evil and since i dont want to be brainwashed, Im not tuning in. i’ll buy that album tho but a no go as a viewer on the show. nothing gainst’ gunnz i just dont support the network

  • DetroitDraper

    Nick Cannon overseeing the production of a rap album? Not whats up and I like Cory dude got spits but Nick Cannon a corny ass dude. You grew up the son of a rapper so your street cred is in question already so the last thing you need is a corny mf like Nick craftin your sound or really being involved at all. Stick to the movies and tv shows Mr. Carey


    • AZ40

      Co-sign niggas in the BX been talkin’ bout they ain’t neva heard of him in the streets, but he’s pretty good on the mic, better than his pops

  • Makaveli 1671

    Man HOLD UP! What the fuck do street cred gotta do with talent? I’m from the “STREETS” & I aint never heard a nigga use the term street cred…lol “I would sell you this 8ball but your “SWAG” & your “STREET CRED” is in question”….lol GTFOH internet street blogger muthafucka’s

    • DetroitDraper

      I thought what was already known did’nt need to be said but Talent is talent. We all know that but you cant spit gangsta raps and not have lived that life. Or at least in my opinion you dumb bitch. So thats what street cred has to do with his talents. Any and everything you can think of Ive done bro but I just so happen to be a smart mf too and I have a career so no ethug beef for you but theres your answer.


  • Hunt

    They are street dudes, normally they just speak rude…

  • joe farver

    good move for gunz,smarter move for cannon. trying to establish a name for hisself by promoting a rapper who is totally different from what his career was. its all about money, shaq didnt help gunz out so hopefully cannon can

  • yo

    Cory is a nice. Good move. Tommy and Def Jam left the money on the table. Now he can make some thing happen

  • latino heat

    i’ve been hearing about Corey since 2004 when he was still rapping like Bone Thugs. and Shaq, his godfather apparently, was supposed to be putting him out. it’s now 2010 and still no album. i give up on dude.

    oh. and fuck a reality show. i think my neighbor even has one now. and i just got my application in the mail to get my own show too. it came with some credit card application’s that i’m also gonna tear up and throw away.

  • http://mine NIECY

    cory i dont care if you have a show or not im feeling you you are fly i always watch your freestyle whatever on the deal i love the way you look when you spit those rymes i could care less about a wack ass mtv show just keep spittin those rymes and looking good as whatever