Clipse’s Former Manager Sentenced to 32 Years

Bad news for the Clipse camp. After getting arrested for being the head of a $10 million drug ring last April, the Virginia duo’s former manager, Anthony “Geezy” Gonzales was sentenced to 32 years in jail yesterday (January 11), according to the The Virginia-Pilot.

The sentence comes after Gonzales, 34, struck a deal with prosecutors in November. He was facing an 82-count indictment for drug trafficking and allegedly distributing more than 100 pounds of cocaine.

During sentencing, a remorseful Gonzales said, “I just want to say that I’m sorry to my family and I’m sorry to the community.”

Although Gonzales took full responsibility for the charges he was still sentenced to 32 years, which is the minimum sentence based off federal guidelines. At press time neither Pusha T nor Malice were available for comments. —Anslem Samuel

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    “who knew them commas meant you could lose your common sense”

  • Gift


  • JAY

    The game is rigged. I keep tellin’ these young boys. This is not the glamorous life. He will spend his prime behind bars.. VA doesn’t play around!!!!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    30 blickas is a long time.

    Them Clipse dudes better not even look at an O…someone on that team is a leak.

    Remember “Blow”?

  • Jamal7Mile

    Pusha and Malice better hope the Feds don’t have something on them ALREADY. That guy in Blow was hooked as fuck to the game. Like Gift said, get in, get paid, get out.

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  • stuckfresh

    Life ia not a movie Dick!

  • sway-z

    I don’t care who you are, 32 joints is some heavy shit. When them alphabet boys come to get you, they ain’t fucking around

  • John Cochran

    How you strike a deal and get 32 years? The original sentence must’ve been letters. Crazy. Maybe that’s why their last album had a remorseful feel to it, cause they know it could’ve been them. My brother doing life off some shit a snitch nigga did,he 22, so I know it’s real.

  • Will E. Will

    damn 32 yrs was the MINIMUM? ouch. Didnt some cops get indicted as well? Thats probably why the shit was a 10 million doller drug ring.

    Fuck if someone “snitched” or not, niggas like this clown do the shit to themselves. U dumb enough to let money be your only goal, then there’s no hope for ya.

  • King Don G-Unit

    Damn…The Clipse been working with Officer Ricky lately…that snitch ass cop

  • doubleclutch95

    32 years? Wow! All for what he did to nostril.

    “I miss my Tony (Anthony “Geezy” Gonzales) hope you snitches burn in hell”

  • santonio mcduffie

    That’s how it ends for most cats in the game, i got a cousin with 20 yrs fed, his release date is 2025, got a brother that is finishing 7 yrs, of a 8 yr. 85% state time, got a patna tht just got 23 yrs. fed time he’s 32 yrs. old, do the math, Got another patna just came home he did 2 yrs. fed, and 14 yrs of 15 yrs. 85%, had anotha cousin kidnapped, robbed and killed and left in a ditch, me myself im a two-time convicted drug felon, made parole in 2002, parole board say if convicted again face 25yrs. to life so im out and all is well, currently in college obtaining a degree in buisness management, The point of my story is the prison doors are always open, for some people with no way out, its long prison sentences or death

    • Leroylove

      I know a lot of young cats who need to hear the truth from someone who has actually lived the life, and not what they see on t.v, in movies or on somebodies CD. I done heard time stands still behind them bars, where 32 years is going to really feel like 320. Hopefully bruh got enough stashed away to pay for a strong appeal. If I ever got hit up with numbers like that I would spend every living day trying to break out till i’m dead. period

    • Curtis

      You need some new “friends.”

  • gibran

    smh @ fake og’s tryin to spit street jewels

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      smh @ clowns who don’t know better.


    i like the response to this. All the sanna be’s ain’t comment. its some “real” and i hate to use that word stuff. thas ur life for tryin to buy some j’s , impress some b’s, tryin to be a g. the game ain’t just rigged. its just a game like life. and like most games, only a few master it.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “All the Wanna be’s ain’t comment.”

      ^^^ There’s one right above you.

  • NY to Chi

    In the words of Omar Little “Its All In The Game.”

  • Tony Grands

    Damn. I’m 33, & it took me a long ass time to get here, & that’s WITH my freedom fully intact.

    Hopefully the brother finds a way to make a positive from such a vast negative. If nothing else, that’s plenty of time to pray, find himself & provide some sage advice for the younger cats who look up to him.

    Sad situation, especially if he has kids. He’ll probably have grandchildren when he touches down.

    God bless his fam.

  • Tony Grands


    Yo, you get my email?

  • row

    yo fam, my nigga got hit wit 93 yrs behind some heavy shit like this. shit was all over the news.. sports center and hbo sports. I’m from the game too and this shit just aint worth it no more bruh! every nigga I looked up to or hustled wit is either dead, in jail or just broke as fuck wit war stories. these rap niggas spit all that dope shit but switch up when niggas start fallin. fuck the streets man!! just aint what it used to be.

  • caino

    You mean he cant go to a few schools, speak to a few kids about the dangers of drugs and just serve a year and 1 day?? (damn he needs to get in touch with T.I lawyer!)

    How do you make a deal with the feds and still get hit with 32 yrs?? thats messed up!

    • DetroitDraper

      Shout out to the Tipster.


  • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    that’s crazy. to be in jail for as long you been alive?! fuck!

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  • El Tico Loco

    32? Damn that’s an average lifetime worth of achievements (birth, elementary, high school, college n career) wasted to be stagnant in the system. All I can say if you don’t have to do it don’t, after all there’s J’s on clearance and whips depreciate, and they still got business grants and scholarships so that “rock mics, jumpshot or slang rocks to get out” shit is bs and I’m speaking from both sides of the coin.

  • +1

    “If the good die young, than the greats go to jail, I miss my Tony hope you snitches burn in hell, kiss and tell with sales on us ballers, all because them two doors comin’ with big spoilers, all because them bitches is actin’ like they jawless, and we don’t count money we way it like fish orders.”

  • Joe

    We still are not adressing the root of the problem, which is:

    Why is it that this ngga who ran a 10 MILLION dollar illegal enterprise is getting so much sympathy from yall??

    Dont get me wrong, i dont judge, but until we (the black community) sepearate ourselves from this shyt we will NEVER stop enrolling in State Penn U.

    All these cliche statements are makin me sick
    ‘The game fuked up’
    ‘Get in, git out’
    ‘Thats how the game go’

    GTFOH with that shyt and stop watching the Wire. I can see yall now, ready to put your lighters up and print out a FREE TONY shirt. Like this ngga some type of martyr or sumthn. Such dummies

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  • Ro

    So that means he’s cooperating? Doesn’t it?

  • Joe

    “So that means he’s cooperating? Doesn’t it?”

    No ngga u listen to too much rap. That means he plead his case, instead of pleaing not guilty and gettin a meatball (100 years), he plead guilty and got 32.

    I.E. Plaxico plead guilty and got 2yrs instead of 4

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  • Alisha Holder

    You have done it again. Incredible post.

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